OnePlus 6 Best Slow Motion Smartphone? [240fps Test]

In my OnePlus 6 Unboxing & Quickie Review, I was super-excited about the 1080P 240fps slow-motion on the OnePlus 6 camera.  Well, after taking some random shots throughout last week and looking at them in detail, I have confirmed my initial prediction, that OnePlus 6 may have the best slow motion smartphone!

While I own the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus both of which do much higher 960fps slow motion.  The quality you get from 960fps on the S9 vs 240fps on the OnePlus 6 is night and day.  Of course, you can also enable 240fps slow motion on Galaxy S9 and I should have another video using the S9 also.

While OnePlus wants to advertise its 480fps as selling point, I would say that’s good for advertising but bad for real user experience.  As a real user of OnePlus 6, I find 240fps much more useful since it can give you much higher quality and also you can use it in much less light than the 480fps.  The 240fps slow motion on the OnePlus 6 is limited to 1 minute but there is no need to capture the absolute moment unlike 960fps slow motion, which also makes it easy to capture slow motion shots.  In that regards, the 240fps is much more useful so you don’t “miss the moment”.  If you wanted to rely on 960fps for that “moment”, you have a chance of missing that moment while with 240fps you won’t have that problem.

Quality of the 240fps slow motion is superb in bright light and starts degrading anytime there is any shadow in your shoot.  To avoid noise in darker areas, try to shoot your slow motion where there is a lot of light and not too much shadow.  Although the shots from the dogsurfing scnene came out quite well, you can notice a good amount of noise in the shadows.  But overall, this is the best 240fps quality I have seen so far from a smartphone.

I should have an updated comparison between the OnePlus 6 vs. Galaxy S9 with 240fps slow motion but in the meanwhile, if you have not used 240fps, definitely check it out as it will give you some interesting shots and add spice to your life for sheezy.

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