OnePlus Two vs Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 Camera In-Depth Comparison!


In today’s video, we will be comparing the cameras of the OnePlus Two vs. LG G4 and the Galaxy S6.  Since the LG G4 and Galaxy S6 are the two best cameras on the market, this should show you real world performance differences between the OnePlus Two and best of the market right now.  And since Note 5 has the same camera as the Galaxy S6, you can assume the results of S6 are nearly identical for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus.

In the first test, we will be testing the 4K cameras. Let’s do a quick hand-held walking test.  (see video for comparison)

I felt like the OnePlus Two was the worst of them all, very jittery and auto focus is moving constantly followed by LG G4, which did fairly well but Galaxy S6 seemed to have the best overall stable focus and OIS.  Of course, we would never recommend you to record a video while walking unless you absolutely had to.

In the next test, we will be testing the panning abilities of the cameras, let’s do a quick hand-held panning test. (see video for comparison)

I feel like the results were about the same, OnePlus Two was a bit more jittery and auto focus was okay but nowhere near the LG G4.  And I felt the Galaxy S6 was a bit better than the LG G4 with a higher bitrate, you get more details and less noise.  (Note: LG G4 has a bitrate of around 35Mbps while the Galaxy S6 has around 50Mbps and can be extended to 75Mbps with camera mod.)

Okay, in this next test, let’s actually use my Lanparte Smartphone stabilizer and do the same test!  (see video for comparison)

Wow, the OnePlus Two is still jittery as hell while LG G4 and Galaxy S6 both did fairly well.  I felt like the LG G4 had slightly more real colors while the Galaxy S6 did have more saturated colors while being a tad smoother than the LG G4.

In this next test, we will do a quick longboard test around the parking lot with my Lanparte gimbal. (see video for comparison)

The longboard test proves how bad the auto focus is on the OnePlus Two while it LG G4 and S6 handles them like pros.  In real world testing, I found that the auto focus is really bad on the OnePlus Two, it’s not suitable for anything but when using a tripod or held very still on a flat surface.

Next, let’s do a quick front camera test. (see video for comparison)

Galaxy S6 definitely has an edge over both OnePlus Two and LG G4 due to its wider angle lens and also higher 2K recording option.  There’s no doubt that for vloggers who want to use the front camera often, you will get the best video and audio by using the Galaxy S6.

Overall, video recording and optical image stabilization seems to be clearly much better on the LG G4 and Galaxy S6, with S6 edging out the LG G4 in terms of smoother videos with its higher bitrate.  OnePlus Two’s OIS capabilities are not bad but they are still jittery even when using a smartphone stabilizer. I am a bit disappointed at OnePlus Two’s video recording capabilities but let’s go take a look at some of the still shots.

In this first test, let’s have a quick look at what I had for lunch today, taken indoors in good lighting.


I think in good lighting, all the cameras perform pretty decent. Although I would give a slight edge to Galaxy S6 for more details when zoomed in, I would say all of them take pretty decent shots in good lighting.

In the next test, I did a quick shot of In-N-Out and Krespy Kreme signs in bright California sunlight. They all do pretty good but when zoomed in, you can see that the LG G4 comes out on top with smoother lines followed by Galaxy S6 which does pretty much just as well and the OnePlus Two showing much less crispyness. May it doesn’t like Krespy Kreme, damn…


Okay, here’s another test of a bird and owl on the roof of Krepsy Kreme.


(With all of the cameras focused on the top of the building, the LG G4 has the least amount of noise and the real colors with more details in the roof along with better shadows.)

In this example, I think the LG G4 comes out on top again with ever-so-slightly more details in the colors over the Galaxy S6 while the OnePlus Two seems a bit more pixellated along with darker shadows and you can’t see the colors as well.

In this final test, we take it to the limit and do our low-light test with a minimal LED light in complete darkness. We try to see which phone has the best low-light sensor, this should be fun.


(I did this low-light test in complete darkness using just one LED light as light source.  After doing them multiple times, I can confirm that the LG G4 beats out both OnePlus Two and Galaxy S6.  Picture quality for both clarity and noise was much better with the LG G4 while OnePlus One had a ton of noise and Galaxy S6 did not bad but still had more noise than the G4.)

As you can see, the LG G4 did the best out of them all, giving you more clearer photo with more detail and less noise while the OnePlus Two and Galaxy S6 suffered lots of noise.

So, what does this test tell you?

OnePlus One’s camera for videos and photos are not going to be better than the LG G4 nor the Galaxy S6.  But don’t be disappointed because it’s still got a pretty decent still camera and 4K recording should be pretty good so long as you use a tripod.

However, if you absolutely need to take great stable 4K videos, you might want to consider the Galaxy S6 followed by LG G4 and avoid the OnePlus Two.

If you need the best still camera on a smartphone rather than video, you probably can’t go wrong with the LG G4 as it does a tad better over the Galaxy S6, especially in low-light and bright sun.

Hey, maybe you don’t use the camera often, you really don’t take much photos and videos and want to get a phablet device under $400, you can’t go wrong with the OnePlus Two. Even though the OnePlus Two does not hold up to an LG G4 nor Galaxy S6, I still love using it due to other features like being easy to root and install custom ROMs, full dual-SIM support, and you can buy two LG G4 or Galaxy S6 for the same money spent. Besides that, I carry my Canon 6D for still photos, which beats any of these smartphone cameras and my Panasonic GH4/Black Magic 4K cameras, which beat any of these smartphone camera 4K videos. If that’s the case for you, you don’t need a smartphone with the best camera, I am just showing you which one is better though.   I hope this helps you in deciding your next smartphone and I should have more comparison videos coming soon.

Remember, a perfect smartphone is the one that has the features you need.  Smartphones still have its limits, they are nowhere near the quality of consumer DSLR/mirrorless cameras or 4K camcorders.   But if you use your smartphone mostly for your photos/videos, you may want to get the Galaxy S6 or the LG G4 instead of OnePlus One.

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