Pixel 2 4K Cinematic Camera Test! [HandHeld]

In this 4K cinematic camera test, I took the Pixel 2 on a trip to the beach with my daughter Peony to see how well it worked during sunset hours.  To my surprise, the Pixel 2 has an “amazing” stabilization using its OIS/EIS combo.  Now, the original Pixel also had OIS/EIS combo but wasn’t as good as the Pixel 2.  With better processor and better electronic stabilization algorithms, the Pixel 2 behaves like it is on a gimbal during good lighting.   Now, I did find stability does not work as well in low light and I assume this is due to the fact EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) works by cropping out the mistakes.

Overall, I am amazed at the stability of Pixel 2, especially with wide field-of-view (e.g. take video of the whole front, not just the face).  For colors, Pixel 2 camera seems to like add extra orange to the image for both stills and videos.  Not a huge deal but on some shots, getting rid of the orange can be tough to do.  I did color grade my footage just a little, mainly to get rid of the extra orange but you can check out the non-graded version straight from the Pixel  below.

Same video NOT graded:

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