Pixel 3 vs LG V40 Camera Comparison!

Over the weekend, I took the Pixel 3 and the LG V40 out to an ice rink in San Francisco and took many photos and videos.  This was actually pretty interesting comparison as I didn’t expect the LG V40 to come anywhere near the Pixel 3, which probably is the king of smartphone photography.  For videos, both seemed to do well with stabilization, I really didn’t see either cameras doing better than another other than LG V40 having 2 extra back cameras, which gives you a lot more options.

What’s interesting to me was that while I took many photos of my daughter and myself during ice skating, most of the photos looked clearer with the Pixel 3.  Now, while LG V40 photos weren’t as clear as Pixel 3 in most photos, I actually prefer the look of the LG V40, especially the skin tones and the V40 tends to bring out more details of the shadows.   This could be a personal preference but definitely the LG V40 kept up well to the Pixel 3.

Where Pixel 3 really shined was the back camera portrait mode.  While Pixel 3 portrait mode shots are cropped, they do give you that nice zoomed-in look and most of the portrait photos taken with Pixel 3 looked crisp and clear in comparison to the LG V40.  Now, the LG V40 does not crop at all using 2 extra cameras as depth sensors and if you need wider portrait shots in close-range quarters, the LG V40 may be the weapon of choice.

Overall I think both phones have advantages and disadvantages but I really liked how LG V40 brought out the shadows more, better skin tones, even if at the cost of more noise-reduction.    Yes, the V40 has very aggressive noise-reduction but seems to work wonders on people’s faces.  You can download the original images used in video here and compare them yourself, which one you guys like more?





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