Pixel vs. LG V20 Camera Test in Low Light!


In this comparison, we take up the Google Pixel smartphone vs. LG V20 in low-light camera comparison.

For the first test, we used 4K video recording mode for both phones on “auto” mode and the results are interesting as LG V20 outperformed the Pixel in modest to very dim situations.  Although Pixel was able to display more details in complete darkness, the image was filled with noise and basically unusable.

In the second test, we did an indoor low-light test with both phones on “auto” and LG V20 seemed to actually do a tad better.  With LG V20’s RAW mode, we were able to reduce the noise and get much cleaner photo than the Pixel.  So if you know how to use RAW mode, the LG V20 might be better choice.

In the third test, we took both phones out during trick-or-treating on Halloween night and boy, the Pixel outperformed the LG V20 by a large margin, showing its JPEG processing powers.  The Pixel was able to process the lights and darks much better with ton more detail while LG V20 simply struggled.  While LG V20 may have been able to match Pixel using its RAW mode, the Pixel’s HDR On mode is really one of the best on the market and for real-world low-light, Pixel is simply hard to beat.

Overall, both phones are very impressive as they could both their own.  While LG V20 excelled at low-light video, the Pixel did much better with real-world low-light photography.

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