Sony Xperia Z Ultra Unboxing!

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Honestly I find smartphones with large screens more appealing than smaller ones due to the fact that they usually also come with a bigger battery and easier to type.  (My current daily driver is Note 2 although I own S4, HTC One, S3, S2, etc…etc…)

Well, I did order the latest Sony Xperia Z Ultra as it’s probably the biggest smartphone out there at 6.4 inches. Once unboxed, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra came to life, it is a HUGE phone!

After touching it for 30 seconds, the massive 6.4-inches screen instantly told my brain that Xperia Z Ultra is NOT a phone but a tablet device marketed as a phone.

Aside from my massive experience unboxing the Xperia Z Ultra, it is quite a nice device.

You will find a 6.4-inch full 1080P screen that’s crisp and clear along with a nice Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocking in at a zippy 2.2Ghz.

It’s certainly fast enough to last you the next couple years while the screen real estate can certainly be used as a full tablet device.

Also, I am enlightened that Sony decided to put an external microSD card slot, allowing you to put additional 64GB of storage on top of its 16GB internal storage space.

As far as camera, the Xperia Z Ultra packs an 8MP back-camera and 2MP front-camera. Camera and camcorder is its weak points as the camcorder does not have any special functions like slow-motion/time-lapse feature that I used often on my Note 2.  There’s NO FLASH on this phone, meaning you will most likely have to carry another digital camera whenever going out at night.  Camera is the definitely the weak link on the Xperia Z Ultra.  If you are going to make a large smartphone, you need to put a better camera.

Overall, I still do like the Xperia Z Ultra, it’s definitely not aimed for the average consumer but for those of you who need something bigger than a Note 2/Note 3.  If you are looking to replace both your larger-screen tablet and your smartphone plus you use both often for work, Xperia Z Ultra may be the right device for you (given that Note 2/Note 3 is too small for you).  Also, if you have massive hands (e.g. basketball player), Z Ultra may just fit perfectly in your hands.

As for me? I just find the Xperia Z Ultra too huge to hold with one hand, it’s definitely going to end up as a tablet device I use at home most.  I found that it’s really impossible to use the Z Ultra with one hand, I had to use two hands for stabilizing the device and safely using the phone without dropping.

This is my first Sony Android smartphone (or tablet) so far and I will have an update soon with a more, detailed review.


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