YotaPhone 2 Unboxing – World’s First E-Ink Smartphone!


If you thought flexible screen on the Galaxy Note Edge was cool, check out YotaPhone 2, which is world’s first smartphone with E-ink display.

YotaPhone 2 combines two screens, one regular 1080P front screen and one E-ink back screen (960×540 pixels).  When I first heard about the YotaPhone 2, I had to have one, this seemed like a unique smartphone that could allow you to do more things like reading books in the sun while saving battery life.  If you own a Kindle E-reader, you may want this phone.  In fact, I am surprised it’s not made by Amazon, they should have made the Kindle Fire phone like this.

This phone is not a slouch when it comes to performance, it packs a Snapdragon 801 processor (just like Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8, and OnePlus One).  One of the highlights of YotaPhone 2 is that it runs near-stock Android 4.4.3 KitKat, meaning you will be able to enjoy lag-free pure Google experience along with the E-ink edition.

Now, the E-ink display is really cool as E-ink uses very little energy while your phone is turned off.  If you tend to leave your display on often for things like Google Maps or like to read a ton of books/websites, the YotaPhone may give you exactly that.  In fact, if you only use the E-ink display, the phone can last up to 100 hours (around 4.16 days) on 2500mAh battery.  I would say that’s a pretty cool accomplishment for a smartphone.

Overall, YotaPhone 2 is definitely worth taking a look, if you need a phone that can allow you to read for hours, would be a great gift to any of your student children.  I should have a detailed review in a week or two but in the meanwhile, enjoy my unboxing video.

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