Zenfone Zoom vs. Galaxy Note 5 Camera Comparison!


In this camera comparison, we take the Zenfone Zoom against current king of smartphone cameras, the Galaxy Note 5.

For back camera, the Zenfone Zoom actually faired pretty good against the Note 5, most photos taken did good in auto and HDR mode although details and sharpness was not as good as the Note 5.

We also compared the Zenfone Zoom’s 3X optical 3X zoom again Note 5’s 3X digital zoom. ┬áThe Note 5 surprisingly did fairly well although Zenfone Zoom clearly won out in overall details and quality.

While the Note 5 does full 4K, the Zenfone Zoom only does 1080P HD but the Zenfone Zoom proved itself useful for close-up shots.

For front camera, the Note 5’s 1440P and wide-angle lens was a bit too much for the Zenfone Zoom as Note 5 has much better dynamic range while the Zenfone Zoom suffered from not having the proper exposure levels especially with a bright background.

Overall though, the Zenfone Zoom is very impressive, especially considering all of that 3X optical zoom is embedded within a thin profile.

For detailed view, you can download the original photos used in my video comparison here: (Click on the photos to enlarge into original resolution!)

Note 5 in Auto Mode:



Zenfone Zoom in Auto Mode:



Note 5 in HDR:



Zenfone Zoom in HDR:


Note 5 3X digital zoom:



Zenfone Zoom 3X optical zoom:



Note 5 3X digital zoom:



Zenfone Zoom 3X optical zoom:


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