ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Smartphone Unboxing!

The most innovative Android smartphone of the year?  It is definitely the ZTE Axon M, a dual-screen smartphone with two 5.2-inch 1080P screens built for super multi-tasking.   If you have grown to love multi-window feature on phablet phones, you will love the double-screen that is built for multi-tasking without multi-windows.  While Samsung is still working on a new dual-screen phone, ZTE has snatched the first place for dual-screen phones with the introduction of their Axon M.

First impressions?  The ZTE Axon M is built like a tank with a metal unibody design.  Not the most sexy device I’ve held in my hands but it feels premium and solid.   One of my worries that the hinge between the dual screens may break easily but it is definitely built well.

Once folded out, the ZTE Axon M gives you super, sturdy hinge so you won’t easily break it.

Because the fingerprint sensor is on the left, you can use your left thumb or your right middle finger(if holding phone with right) to unlock the phone.

Axon M gives you several default modes where you can simply leave second screen off, mirror your screen, multi-task by using both screens with different apps, or even use both screens for the same app.  The modes are very intuitive and I was able to get the hang of it in matter of minutes.

Probably one really cool feature is that this phone features only a single 20MP back camera that can also be used as front camera since you can use both of the screens.  If you want to take great selfies, this is going to help a ton since back camera photos are always better than front.

Having two screens for one app could also prove to be very useful for stuff like document reading/editing or even playing multi-player games.   The ideas for using two screens are endless and ZTE has really showed off they can pull off a premium smartphone with two screens.

Overall, ZTE Axon M is a very-well built device that will give you true multi-tasking using two screens.   For entrepreneurs, students, or anyone who needs to use two screens often, this is the ultimate phone to get.  Of course, the only downside to this phone is that currently it is exclusive to AT&T only.  You should be able to unlock SIM and use it on other GSM works though.

I should have a full review eventually but Axon M is definitely my new favorite and built quality is simply amazing.  If you are on the fence about getting this phone, I do highly recommend you make that jump.



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