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So, if you are watching this video, it’s because you are interested in buying a new smartwatch. I would presume so. Today, let me give you my thoughts on the Huawei Watch, which I really, really, really love.

When I first heard about the Huawei Watch, I thought, “Huawei watch?”, what kind of watch name is that? First of all, I’ve never heard of Huawei before. I know they make budget Android smartphones but I was like, Huawei Watch for $399? Serious?

So, I took a closer look at Huawei as a company and what they have been doing. According to Wikipedia, they are the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world. Okay, so they must have enough factories and enough money to hire world’s best designers to make a new smartwatch.

That’s great but what ultimately made me decide to buy the watch was its design. I think without a doubt, this is the best lookin’ smartwatch we have seen this year. No matter how you look at it, look at the photos, look at it in real life, look at it at like that, look at it like this, if you want a smartwatch that looks like a luxury watch, Huawei Watch comes the closest.

Huawei Watch also comes in different flavors, I got the silver one with stainless steel silver band but you can grab one with a stainless steel mesh band, one with leather strap, or even the stainless steel black, which costs an extra $50 more. There’s even gold-plated version for $800.

Now, let’s talk about the features of the Huawei Watch.

First, the Huawei Watch comes with 1.4-inch circle screen with 400 by 400 pixels. This is the smartwatch with the highest resolution this year eclipsing all others including the Moto 360, LG Urbane, and Gear S2. If you are looking for the biggest screen with highest resolution, the Huawei Watch certainly beats all others.

Second, the Huawei Watch comes with a 300mAh battery that’s plenty for a full day of use with “Always On” setting. Since this watch looks so nice, I have the watch at its “Always-On” setting at all times. And while wearing this watch, I felt like, what’s the point of wearing a watch if it’s not on at all times? What if your friends ask you for the time, is it better to flick your watch and wait 100 milliseconds or should you just show them your watch and it shows you the current time like a real watch? Battery life is plenty good for this watch and having all day battery with the screen always on is a pleasant feature without worrying about running out of battery.

Third, Huawei Watch runs Android Wear and can be used with any Android or iOS smartphone. You can do all things that you can do with any Android Wear and does include the latest Android Wear along with Android 5.1.1 OS including standalone WiFi capability and wrist gestures. As far as apps you can run with it, there’s hundreds of Android Apps you can already use with it. For example, you could hook up your security cameras and monitor them using the TinyCam app, this may be very useful if you work in security. Monitor your cameras 24/7 right there on your wrist!

Fourth, Huawei Watch ships with 40 watch faces so you can transform it easily into the watch of your liking nevermind you can download a gazillion more watch faces on the Play Store.

Fifth, the Huawei Watch comes with an IP67 rating which pretty much says you can wear it in the water. I’ve continually showered with it for the last 2 weeks and had no problems whatsoever. This isn’t exactly a sports fitness watch (I would probably get the Gear S2 instead for that) but there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from enjoying it while running, hiking, or even swimming.

Only thing missing? The Huawei Watch comes with charger that is poorly designed and its magnets work well but the charger pins don’t line up sometimes. In fact, everytime I charge my watch, I have to fiddle the charger left and right until I see that it’s charging. Compared to my LG Urbane, charging on the Huawei Watch is simply a pain in the ass.

Huawei Watch also does not include an Ambient Light sensor but I haven’t had too many problems with it since the battery does go full day and I would want it on full brightness anyways to show off my new beautiful watch.

Other than those problems, the Huawei Watch is undeniably the best designed smartwatch this year that you can wear without yelling, “LOOK MA LOOK AT MY WATCH FROM 2020!”. It’s sleek design and high resolution circle screen will impress you while giving you the latest and best Android Wear experience. If you ask me one watch I would buy over all others like the LG Urbane, Gear S2 or Moto 360?  This is definitely it folks.

*Note – This review is based on my personal opinion, you may or may not agree but Huawei Watch is an awesome watch regardless.

Get it here: Huawei Watch

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