LG Urbane Review! – Best Smartwatch of 2015?


I know many of you have asked me to do a full review of the LG Urbane watch for almost a few months so let me do a full review of my new favorite smartwatch, perhaps the best smartwatch of year 2015 so far.

First, I really love my LG Urbane watch as it uses standard 22mm watch bands. Although it comes with leather bands, I just wanted to use metal bands since I’ve never owned too many watches with metal bands. I do have a full tutorial guide on that so check that out. Having standard 22mm watch band means you can easily swap out for any watch bands you already own or perhaps purchase a new one to your liking.

Second, I really, really, really abused my LG Urbane watch over the last two months and a whole month during my vacation to Thailand and South Korea. I even took it underwater in warm sea salt water for a whole day for snorkeling in Phuket islands, Thailand. It has really held up well, I’ve pretty much wore it 24/7 for the last two months, even in my showers, and the stainless steel holds up very well. I do have several small scratches when viewed close-up but nothing major you can tell from normal distance. My Moto360 died on me after only 3 weeks of use without a reason. Defective? Maybe bad quality inspection? I don’t know but i’ve moved on.

Third, LG Urbane is probably the best smartwatch out there you can wear without looking like you actually looking like you are wearing a smartwatch. The design is not too far from different from traditional watches so it really blends in without screaming, “HEY MA LOOK AT ME, I GOT A NEW SMARTWATCH!”. I mean, if you like bling bling, this is still going to turn heads.

When I was in South Korea and visiting several of my friends, every one of them asked me, “what kind of watch is that?”.  And every time, I had to explain to them, “this is the latest smartwatch from LG”. And they are like, “OHHHH….” and it’s amazing that South Koreans don’t even know about the smartwatch that was designed right in front of their nose.  Even strangers always ask me what kind of watch I am wearing and sometimes they are like, “Is that the new Apple smartwatch?  I am like, “No, but you MUST SELL YOUR iPHONE and get Android if you want to use this watch and be cool like me”.

Okay, apart from having an actual smartwatch that does cool things like alert you on your latest SNS, read your e-mail, control music, monitor your security cameras, this watch is really cool because even if you don’t use any of those features, it can act like a regular watch. Honestly, I just wear this watch because it looks cool.

If you want to nitty gritty, yes the LG Urbane watch also does something better than other smartwatches.  First, the LG Urbane doesn’t have a flat tire like Moto 360, it actually gives you the full 360 degree circle screen.  Second, LG Urbane is the first Android Wear watch to support both WiFi and gesture navigation.  Third, battery life on the LG Urbane is excellent.  With the screen on, you can go a full day no problem and battery charges to 100 percent in less than 30 minutes.  You can also turn on Theator mode, which allows you to manually turn on the screen with the side button and get your up to 3 full days of battery life.

Overall, if you want the best Android Wear smartwatch “right now”, this is definitely it I think. Trust me, I loved my Gear S watch and it was my favorite before this one.  After buying the LG Urbane, I haven’t really gone back to it much.  I should have a full comparison video but for right now, this watch looks like a real watch, actually this is the only Android Wear watch right now that resembles a real watch.

At price point of $329.99 currently on Amazon, this is rather pricey for a smartwatch but I think it’s definitely worth the premium price. LG has really stepped up the game and shown the world that LG Urbane is one of the best smartwatches on the planet. Hey, if you don’t believe me, go read every other review of this device on the interwebs, I am sure most of them agree the LG Urbane is the way to go.  And for those of asking me, “which is the best Android smartwatch?”, just guess which watch I wear the most in my videos and you have your answer.


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