New iPad 3rd gen vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1!

If you have been wondering if New iPad is “magical”, you might want to take a look at this video comparison between the New iPad 3rd generation and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a reality check.

Yes, the New iPad 3rd gen comes with a higher-resolution screen but that’s about it and there’s virtually zero apps that can support that resolution. Worst of all, in our tests we found out that the apps on the New iPad such as Netflix or other video streaming apps still streamed in same/lower resolution as its Android rivals like Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Transformer Prime.

Apart from the resolution upgrade, the New iPad “still” falls far behind the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system in user experience including live, animated wallpapers, re-sizable widgets, and really, apps aren’t that much better.

So, you are not getting anything “magical” after all, just a degenerated tablet device with a better screen.

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  1. Walt says:

    I agree 100 percent with your review. I just got an IPAD free from my ex-employer but have been a Droid user for a few years. The first thing I noticed is that the app store sucks as compared to the Market aka Play Store, like you said a lot more apps are available free on Droid. I thought I would network attach a 2TB NAS I have in the house to make up for the small about of storage 16GB in the IPad, hell My Droid Razer came with 16 + the 16 from my old X for a 32GB phone. I hate how Apple plays the memory / storage game. This memory is cheap stuff and they lock it up inside and make you play through the nose for storage. Anyway great review!

  2. bob says:

    im a total android fan and love the OS! i actually switched over from being a fan boy, so i still do have my respect for apple but believe that android is far superior. however, for tablets I’m still unsure which is better. feature-wise, and spec wise i know that there are much greater tablets that beat the iPad, but I’ve heard that the apps on android tablets just aren’t as great to use because they aren’t redesigned for the tablet itself. Many apps on the iPad are exclusively built for a larger tablet display so it doesn’t look like a stretched out version of a cell phone app. is this true?

  3. Aron says:

    Well dude i have an andriod nexus s and it better than the iphone UI i mean not hardware but i had the samsung tablet and i got a new ipad and its nothing of what you are saying dude the ipad is the best thing out there and nothing compares to it
    And about heating its a joke i live in malta and its 40 degrees and nothing is that hot on the ipad … For the ios yes your a bit right but ios6 is coming out soon….. But as per performance the ipad is a monster

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