Why You Should Use a Tablet Bed Stand!



Do you use your smartphone or tablet before you go to sleep?

Do you use it when you watch TV?

If you are like many people today, you probably use your smartphone or tablet before you go to sleep.

Watching movies or even just surfing the web in these awkward positions for more than 10 minutes may cause aching in your neck, hands, and arms.   Personally, I watch many hours of Korean dramas while holding my tablet and my whole arms get numb.  Even then, I keep watching it because it’s so addicting.

In worst cases, they can even cause permanent bent-necks, I have close friends who have this because they are constantly on their smartphone, in the infamous “bent neck” position.

Of course, you can probably prevent it by just by using smartphone less or better yet, get some gadgets that can help you.

So, what’s the solution to this?

I’ve researched many different tablet stands and found that most of them work and give you a better viewing angle but they don’t actually fix the inherent problem of bad angles and positions. For bed surfing and couch surfing though, I found a gadget that could help, iCraze.

There’s many similar products on the market by the way, they are probably all the same but I got this one since it has more stars on Amazon.

It’s made pretty nicely with annodized aluminum for frame and plastic hinges with accurate angle so you can adjust it exactly symmetric on both sides.  And literally, you can put this guy into 20 different positions.

This thing is pretty awesome, it’s an adjustable bed stand that you can use to connect any type of tablet with its universal tablet mount.  You can even mount your smartphone.

You can use it on your bed while watching Korean dramas.  Use it even when laying down at 90 degrees.  Use it for getting some work done with your computer.  Use it for eating breakfast or dinner at the bed.

If you are a hardcore couch potatoe, you can use it to watch TV and use your tablet at the perfect view angle without sacrificing your body.  Of course, there’s also many flimpsy wire-tablet bed stands, I don’t recommend them as much as they are flimpsy and shaky, making it nearly impossible to type on.

So, I want you to really think about how many times you’ve ended up in an awkward position with your smartphone or tablet.  If you tend to watch movies or play games often, definitely you can benefit from getting a dedicated tablet stand.

You can get the iCraze tablet stand here.

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