Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 Unboxing! [Retail 3G]

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I just received my new Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 not in the mail (as I missed pickup) but at the San Francisco FedEx office. Well, I didn’t expect the new Galaxy Note 10.1 to comes with broadband/phone capabilities, but it does! That alone makes it better than any other tablet on the market.

I paid a TON of money ($750 to be exact) but I think the price will definitely go down to $599 or hopefully $499. If the price goes down to $499, this is going to be one of the best deals for a “phablet” device.

Of course, I didn’t buy it for the data/phone features on the Note 10.1, I bought it so I can jot down my notes/ideas on a larger 10.1-inch device instead of my 5.3-inch original Galaxy Note GT-N7000. That feature alone makes it worth while because the touch-sensitivity allows me to draw diagrams and even realistic art just like you were using a real pen or brush.

Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s a “niche” device catered to artists who want to draw digitally on the go, entrepreneurs who want more freedom to take ideas down without carrying a real physical notebook, and especially college students who want more efficient way of note-taking with today’s multi-media rich era. There’s probably more applications but I will let your imagination do the work.

Although Samsung hasn’t officially released the Galaxy Note 10.1, it is here already (Thanks to Negri Electronics where I got it). The biggest surprise is indeed its 3G/4G HSA+ capability and phone abilities. That certainly is useful for those of you with a SIM card. You can simply pop your SIM card in from your smartphone and turn your Note 10.1 into a phablet (Tablet/Phone) device.

Will Samsung have Wifi-only version?

They should have one for sure. I think the GT-N8000 is the 3G version so we will have to wait and see.

Overall, I think the Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 is the tablet of the year, due to its abilities to differentiate from its competition.

You can have all the resolution in the world but what good is it without special features the GT-N8000 brings? Resolution can be gimmcky, most HDTVs still do not have more than 1080P resolution and none of digital media support more than 1080P right now.

Compared to those large HDTVs, having a 720P HD is plenty capable of letting you enjoy crisp HD videos. Of course, if you need a higher-resolution tablet, you can always go with ASUS Transformer Infinity or new iPad. It’s good to have choices and as a consumer who has been consistently buying new smartphones and tablets every month, I too am tired of buying too many.

So this year? I only bought one 10.1″ tablet I “really” liked, the Galaxy Note 10.1.

17 Responses

  1. Rudy says:

    Awesome video as usual Max!! i only have one question, is it 3g and wifi or only 3g??


  2. David says:

    wondering how come Negri Electronics able to start selling Note 10.1 before Samsung officially announcement.
    Sorry if I miss out the official announcement from Samsung.

  3. Adam says:

    Do u think the usa one will have the same processor or the crappy snapdragon p s I hope it comes in a different color….idk if i can wait…just like i did with galaxy note gtn7000 i had to get that shit as soon as it came out in the uk…cant wait for the next video

  4. Rey Ford says:

    Awesome video and device sir,This may be my next tablet! But does it come in black or other color? I’m not a fan of the white and silver.

    and lol @ samsung for using an apple keyboard clone, I think they did it just to spite them now.

  5. UltimateEnd says:

    @02:12 – Thanks what she said !!!!!!!!

  6. hneine says:

    my tab 2 10.1 lags when put on 3 sides and smooth on only onside can u tell me how to fix that

  7. Robert says:

    Quadrant please, i am not sure, should i get this or the infinity? 😀

  8. Sistafixit says:

    Great video. I’m getting one.

  9. Andreas says:

    Nice video. This tablet really looks awesome. Would be nice to have for school. Too bad I used all my moneys to buy my s3 =P The note taking feature looks really nice and smooth too. And that 2 apps at the same time could be very useful. Btw I got a question about the note app. If you accidentally touches the screen with your hand while writing/doodling will it recognize it as a touch and make a mark there?

    PS. I like your bluewhite S3. Though its not as cool as your black & white S2 =P

  10. William Wu says:

    Hi Max,

    I have been doing bit of a research on the Galaxy Note 10.1, and somehow there is a loud message everywhare that Samsung was in a hurry to launch this product hence there are Lags in the application, could be there is another model in the plan with more stable ROM and maybe hardware tweak.

    What do you think?

    Best regards


    • Max Lee says:

      I think the lag is from a lot of new stuff that’s really for Tab 2 or Note 10.1, we should see some custom ROMs soon with it removed.

  11. Benny says:

    Hi Max,

    I recently dowloaded and installed the flash player apk from your download site. A very big thank you Max !!! 🙂
    Some one on a local forum was wondering why they get a nag message whilst trying to watch online yahoo
    T.V “Were sorry … This video format is not supported on this device.”
    Does the flash player on our Note 10.1 need a flash player upgrade ??

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s keep up the good work I really like your HD videos. 🙂

  12. yg says:

    Hi !

    Do yu have a new root for this tablet and newer versions of android ?


  13. nik says:

    cant seem to find the init.d zip file to use the micro sd swith a ru thanks dude

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