Ask Max #1 – Why Don’t You Use Apple?


I have never been fond of Apple ever since I picked up my first computer back in 1989.  Also, I am an avid supporter of open source products such as Linux, which is what Android is built on, what auto-drives Tesla, and stands for everything that Apple doesn’t.   I don’t use Apple not because of its features rather it’s philosophical for me.  I’ve always been a fan of companies that support sharing of knowledge.  This all started with IBM-compatible PCs when I got my first computer back in 1989.  As a 9 year old kid, I saw that PCs offered a slew of different brands, thus much competitive prices and back then, PCs had like 10 times more games, which I was mainly interested in.  To me, Apple was evil as no one else but Apple could make Apple computers, meaning as a consumer you are limited to imagination of Apple engineers.  On the other hand, PCs had a wide range of features and you could even build your own custom computer.  With Apple. you couldn’t and the software selection was very poor back then.

Roll by another 10 years and I learned about Minix as one of my computer engineering classes in college.  Through Minix, I became a huge fan of Linux and Linus Torvalds, who revolutionized the open-source world by providing an operating system 100% free.  While many think Apple’s Steve Jobs was revolutionary, I tend to think differently and see him more as a greedy capitalist who cares nothing for future of our children.  Linus Torvalds could have made 100 times more money than Steve Jobs by licensing Linux but he didn’t.  He was a giving person and wanted to change the world by promoting open-source and collaboration from all over the world.

Roll another 5-6 years by and I heard about a new mobile operating system called Palm Pre that ran Linux.  I really loved the WebOS and the Palm Pre and it was the most advanced Linux mobile computer ever.  Unfortunately, Palm Pre and WebOS were WAY ahead of their time and the market simply could not absorb the advanced tech and Palm didn’t have enough funds to keep going.    That’s when I found out about Android, the mobile system that was forked from Linux and Google had recently bought it.

As an avid supporter of Linux, I knew Android was something that I wanted to support by making videos about it and making more people aware of open source and what it could do.  The rest is history.  While Apple is still milking consumers and virtually giving back nothing to the community(in form of free knowledge), Android has been continually evolving much faster with more features that Apple copies every year nowadays.  I think Apple will still be around but in about 10-20 years, Android will be so far more ahead thanks to open source and more people collaborating to make better products.

In short, I don’t use Apple because it’s not open source.  I am sure if Android didn’t exist I might be using Apple now but I am glad open source mobile computer is a great alternative to Apple, a company whose goals is solely to make money, not to benefit the world with open source and knowledge.  I know, this is deeper than most people think about tech but using open source products has been a dream I’ve had since I was in college.  In college back around year 2000, I predicted that Linux computers would take over the world in the next 10 years.  And boy, I am glad I was right.  Today, there are more Android smartphones on earth than I ever imagined possible.  If you live in New York City, I bet you there’s at least 100 people using an Android smartphone in a city block.  That’s YUUUUGE!

If you want to support the future of our children’s knowledge, support open source and switch to Android today.  Did you know more public schools now use Chromebooks thanks to low-cost and its Linux-derived OS?   It all started with open source and Linus Torvalds.

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Max Lee

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