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Ask Max #1 – Why Don’t You Use Apple?


I have never been fond of Apple ever since I picked up my first computer back in 1989.  Also, I am an avid supporter of open source products such as Linux, which is what Android is built on, what auto-drives Tesla, and stands for everything that Apple doesn’t.   I don’t use Apple not because of its features rather it’s philosophical for me.  I’ve always been a fan of companies that support sharing of knowledge.  This all started with IBM-compatible PCs when I got my first computer back in 1989.  As a 9 year old kid, I saw that PCs offered a slew of different brands, thus much competitive prices and back then, PCs had like 10 times more games, which I was mainly interested in.  To me, Apple was evil as no one else but Apple could make Apple computers, meaning as a consumer you are limited to imagination of Apple engineers.  On the other hand, PCs had a wide range of features and you could even build your own custom computer.  With Apple. you couldn’t and the software selection was very poor back then.