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#CES2017 Vlog #2 – Honor 6X Unboxing, Mate 9, & Someone has my Spectacles!

Probably the best thing that happened at CES 2017 this year wasn’t actually any gadgets, but actually eating great food with friends and also checking out camera equipment. I will have another video covering my favorite things at the show but in this video, we will go over some of the food and reviews.


Top 10 Best of CES 2016!

This is my 4th trip to CES and CES 2016 was an exceptionally fun year where I got to meet a ton of other YouTubers. There were a ton of people and I literally got 4 hours of sleep everyday but I could feel the energy of the best tech of 2016. Let me give you my Top 10 Best of CES 2016.


Best of CES 2015 Interview w/ Tim Schofield from QBKing77!

Over at CES 2015, I got to meet up with Tim Schofield from Tim is a 22-year old Tech YouTuber who is currently making a living as a YouTuber/Blogger, a very promising young talent and one of my good YouTuber friends. I would not be surprised if Tim becomes of the top Tech YouTubers in the near future so don’t forget to check him out!