Google Glass Review and See-Through Demo!

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Google Glass is a new type of hands-free device that allows you to really experience augmented reality/virtual reality via a prism projector that projects a small screen in front of your eyes.

So, how does Google Glass work?

Google Glass uses a prism projector with 640 by 360 pixel resolution that is equivalent to 25-inches of screen real estate from 8 feet away.  All said and done, Google glass screen is like a PIP feature on a TV.  You will see a screen on top-right of your peripheral vision large enough to see all the while being able to still see.

To connect Google Glass to internet, you can use MyGlass available on Play Store to create QR code that will allow you to connect your Glass to your wifi network.  You can also pair Google Glass to MyGlass app via bluetooth to add new apps, contacts, and more.

Google Glass allows you to use voice commands, specifically “Okay Glass” to activate certain features like take a picture, record a video, call people, or even video conference using Google Hangouts app.

Google Glass comes with Google Search feature that is similar to Google Now on smartphones.  You will be able to quickly calculate math equations, look up who’s the President of country, watch YouTube videos, and much much more.

For camera, Google Glass comes with a 5 mega-pixel camera along with video recording at 720P HD.  The quality of photos are excellent while video recording could be improved.  Since current Google Glass is still beta and experimental, I could certainly see much better resolution coming in upcoming consumer versions.

The speakers on Google Glass uses bone conduction through a transducer that is located by the ear, this allows the user to hear perfectly while the sound is inaudible to others.

Google Glass isn’t for everyone but for those of you who really need an augmented reality attached to your eyes with voice commands.  I can already imagine many surgeons, atheletes, and others who can benefit from hands-free device like Google Glass.  Google Glass is a great alternative to GoPro cameras for those of you on the go.

Probably the coolest feature on Google Glass is its Google Maps Navigation.  It works just like the phone version except you can see the map in front of your eyes without having to take the eyes off the road.  There’s a woman who has recently gotten a ticket for wearing Google Glass but my honest opinion is that Google Glass makes driving safer than even on-board GPS car systems.  So, it’s definitely a go as far as full-featured navigation system and this may be for those of you who love to go off-track camping, hiking, etc… so you never get lost.

But seriously, would you want to wear Google Glass everywhere you go?  Google Glass does stand out like a sore thumb, you probably would not want to wear it to casinos in Las Vegas or strip clubs, where it’s banned already.   But, it can be great portable device for those of you who travel, play outdoor sports, and if you were disabled with one or no hands.  I personally prefer a smartwatch over a smartglasses but we will have another video on that.

Another cool feature on the Google Glass in my opinion is its Hangouts feature with more than 2 people.  When multiple people are talking on Hangouts app, you will see your Google Glass screen changing to the person talking at the moment.  You will have to try this yourself but I find it a great hands-free way to communicate while also having a video feed from people you are talking to.

Google Glass is still in “beta” and only invited members can buy them at $1500.  If you know anyone who has Google Glass, you can ask them for an invite.  Of course, if you don’t have a money tree growing in your backyard, you can probably wait for the consumer version which should be coming out in 2014.


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