Here’s a list of Gummy ROM “M3” releases, these are stable milestone releases for Gummy ROM based on latest Android 4.4.4.  Don’t see your device?  Check Gummy ROM’s download servers here to see if you device is supported.


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  1. Akram Khan says:

    Does this support N7100 Variant ?

  2. Darko says:

    Does this support HTC One x international?

  3. brion says:

    Hey max! Always high on android with ya! Jus wondering… I tried the new gummy ROM for my galaxy S4(m919)tmo version and absolutely love it. however, I was wondering if there was a way to get the all black gapps like the dirty unicorns rom has?

  4. fishyni says:

    Do you know when your going to do it for the N7100.

  5. motoxdamage says:

    Hey Max, the link for the Note 2 At&t t0lte 7105 (i317) doesn’t seem to be working…?

  6. kamal mohan says:

    What about Note 1 N7000 International.

  7. Shamir Omer says:

    Max, please work on note 2 N7100 variant…. i want to try this rom.. seriously..

  8. Rich Shwe says:

    Hey Max, Im running Gummy 4.4.4 on my SPH L900 everything is smooth like my 2 year olds bottom…except when Im charging my phone while powered off the battery animation gets frozen and I have to pull the battery to turn it on. Any fixes for this?

  9. Totus says:

    N7100 support would be very nice. Hopefull you’ll have the time some day.

  10. Stephane says:

    why this rom only have 235 mb instead of other that are all between 1.2 an 19 GB?

  11. aboutb says:

    I can’t find the international unlock option, is it missing from this rom?

  12. Lakhan Bhandare says:

    Please release rom for GT-N7100.. .

  13. Danl Hall says:

    I have been with you since the Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4 now t-mo Note 3. I have Gummy with Stock Gapps, and audio fix. My audio gives me error messages but the my audio works, My Bluetooth that worked well with Stock and rooted is glitch now, it keeps asking me to pair it multiple times and the audio tells me that it has stopped or something like that. Do you sound like any issues that came up before?

  14. Craig says:

    Firstly the rom is sweet does everything i want but come to a problem. When the phone is plugged into charge via wall plug it doesnt charge properly after 9 hours on charge it has gone from empty to 23%, But if i plug into my ps4 it charges as it should.

  15. CodyG says:

    Well I installed this on my Tmobile Note3. While i do love the interface and speed, it is buggy as heck on mine. Force closes, locks when phone is being used, have to reboot to use music apps, etc. And I cant remove it as if I reboot into just does a constant restart loop. Ive posted in the XDa forums but no one seems to know how to fix I am now STUCK with a buggy Gummy rom and thats all that I can choose. UGH~

  16. Mario says:

    Does this support oppo find 7a?

  17. David says:

    I have installed gummy but for some reason shows many errors, such keyboard has stopped working, google, and some more staff, so basically I cant do anything, i have instelled again but nothing changes, how can i go back to the recovering part, to fully format it, because even thought i have formated, thats what gummy says..
    please help

    • Ryan says:

      Have you installed a theme? Certain themes have caused issues with WiFi for example. I would factory reset, clean the cache, and reinstall gummy rom and Gapps.

  18. teja says:

    support for note i717?

  19. Albert says:

    Does it work for galaxy s5?

  20. jeff says:

    Hello from Canada Max
    Do you have a ROM that supports the Oppo R5?

  21. miguel garcia says:

    What is good for ZTE sonata 4G what rom is good for me

  22. angel says:

    Does it support noye 3 tmobil sm-N900T? Cause iam trying to intal it and its not working

  23. angel says:

    Does it support noye 3 tmobil sm-N900T? …Cause iam trying to intal it and its not working…

  24. Lee Zaal says:

    Hi Max luv the YT vids been subbed for a long time, Do u have a working link for the Gummy ROM for Oneplus one?? can’t find it on XDA just dead links???

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