HighOnAndroid.com Galaxy S3 Giveaway! Leaders

*Note – Points are updated every hour. If points are not posted yet don’t worry, it’s still updating.
Just to clarify, this leaderboard doesn’t represent the final outcome, users with more points have more chances of winning, they do not automatically win by being 1st. Being last still gives you “a chance” at winning, although your chances may be lower than others.

Galaxy S3 Winner – Murtuoso
10 High On Android T-shirts – missahg
5 High On Android T-shirts – fusuikan
2 High On Android T-shirts – mkeller96
1 High On Android T-shirts – jrmoreau

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41 Responses

  1. Gaspard de Moustier says:

    I Need to win this contest!

  2. Aaron says:

    The points dont work right for me cause i use different emails for each account 🙁

  3. PhilippeL91 says:

    Yo man!

    Thank you for your point of views on Android Stuff!



  4. eutanasio31 says:

    I hope i win I been suscribe to this chanel for a while plus I Realy want those shirts 😀

  5. eutanasio31 says:

    I didn’t get my Facebook points 🙁

  6. Michael says:

    #10 PEOPLE!!!!!!

  7. Mike says:

    Good luck to all!

  8. Michael says:

    make that #5 now xD

  9. Michael says:

    :O Wow! #3 lmao

  10. Mark Grzeda says:

    My points aren’t being added correctly! Ive been subscribed to your YouTube site for months and I didn’t get the 50 points for being a subscriber!
    Thank You

  11. Michael says:

    wtf, how the hell did they get ahead of me O_O

  12. jbilla713 says:

    Never got my 50 =[ been subcribed on youtube

  13. eutanasio31 says:

    Why I don’t get my 50 points for being subcrived to YouTube :l

  14. Kevin12334 says:

    wtf??? i only have 10 points, when i did EVERYTHING yesterday!!!

    • Kiano says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what is going on with the point system, I’ll do 30 points worth of shares everyday but only get 20 points a day and yesterday I did the same thing and only got 10 points :-((

  15. Carlos Davila says:

    Worth a shot for a free galaxy s3

  16. Steve bustillos says:

    Unsubscribe and subscribe it works trust me .

  17. Steve bustillos says:

    Need more friends lol

  18. brent says:

    I didnt get any points?????

  19. Steve bustillos says:

    I had to do it like 3 times . I had already been subscribed.

  20. eutanasio31 says:

    I should have 125 not 75 grrrrrr ! Max fix it!

  21. creative187 says:

    if I got twitter after I entered the giveaway. How do I link it to my current accout

  22. srik says:

    I really waiting to win rooted GS3!

  23. JayyP says:

    Man I really hope I win. I’d give my dad my sgs2! :)) thanks zedo for giving us all a chance to win one of these and I appreciate the videos bro!

  24. Mamdouh Alramadan says:

    I didn’t see NY name in the list?

  25. Jayyblaze says:

    Havent been getting my points in the last two days -__-

  26. Michael ( Kilokk ) says:

    When I went to check my points it said welcome Paul Bronzo?? Is he getting my points somehow??

  27. Rick says:

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me. But it’s been different names. So don’t think that different people been gaining points through me.

  28. IamBatman says:

    Where’s my point’s ???

  29. Kiano says:

    FUCK THIS, I’m not getting the points I share for, not speaking for everybody but I’m getting only 10 points everyday when I share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Gmail so basically it’s just free advertisement yall getting out of me. I really can’t complain cause it is free but I’m getting cheated out of points

  30. Mary Withrow says:

    I have my fingers crossed! Thanks and good luck everyone!

  31. Chris says:

    sure would be nice to win, but being this late in the game im sure im not going to, But that ok cuz Max puts out a lot of good vids and info, Im just getting started on rooting my Tmo s2 t989 just got it 2 days ago and yep looking for the best rom out there, good luck to yall in the contest, got to get back to getting hi on android lol

  32. Chris says:

    Thanks Max i got my 5 point im in to win lol

  33. rangerjoe says:

    Got to play to win!

  34. Ockher Villanueva-Cuellar says:

    I feel so sad… Wow…. I feel like I completely wasted my time getting everyone to sign up and like all these things. already felt like I wasn’t going to win because of the random drawing, but I thought I’d ad least win something else for being number one. None of the first 500 even won anything. I went through all that advertising and crap and had so many friends sign up for this. I’m not going to say anything mean, but what a load of bologni 🙁

  35. Murtuoso says:

    Loved the contest, and excited about the Galaxy S3.

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