AMAZING 4K Video with Drone and Nexus 5X Camera!


Here’s AMAZING 4K video footage with my Phantom drone and Nexus 5X Camera!

I used Adobe Premiere warp stabilizer to stabilize some of the shots since Nexus 5X has no OIS or stabilization of any sort. But the raw version doesn’t look bad either, you can see the non-stabilized version here.

Also let me note OIS on certain phones like LG V10 and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium actually interferes with smooth footage while Note 5 OIS worked great with the drone. It might also be a good idea to turn off OIS (you can turn off OIS on rooted phones) then stabilize the shot later with warp stabilizer in Premiere.

Getting the drone to work with my Android smartphones actually took me weeks of work/tweaking as you get a lot of jello effect. I didn’t get a gimbal on purpose so I can use the drone to test out the stability of smartphone cameras but I may get one in the future.

If you want to replicate what I did and fly your smartphone, here’s all the parts I used:

Phantom 2 – Link

Anti-vibration mount – Link

Earplugs – Link (you stuff the rubber grommets of anti-vibration mount with these to reduce vibration, these are also the best earplugs I have ever used! I used them in my ears nightly also.)

Dr. Scholl’s In-Soles: Link (I put these sandwiched between the anti-vibration plates. I have used memory foam, moon gel but these work the best to reduce vibration)

Extended Landing Gear: Link (You will need extended landing gear to fit a smartphone since it’s much larger than a gopro.)

Gopro Tripod Mount – Link (You will need these to mount a smartphone mount to the Phantom 2.)

Vastar Smartphone Mount – Link (I usually use Reticam mount but for mounting on drone, you will need something lighter and shorter. Also you need a mount that won’t let your phone fall! I have tested around 5 different mounts and this one is the best, just slap on your smartphone and fly it over the ocean no problem.)

Prop Balancer – Link (You MUST balance your props otherwise you will get JELLO!)

Balance Rod – Link (For Phantom 2 or 3, you will also need this specific rod to balance your props.)

Smartphone ND Mount: Link (You will need an ND filter to get rid of jello during the day!!!)

37mm ND filters: Link (The variable filter is not dark enough so you will need these ND filters to work with the ND mount above.)

37mm hood: Link (You will need a hood so light doesn’t get into the lens when shooting in the sun.)

Now, if you don’t need to mount your smartphone to the drone, I recommend getting the Phantom 3, I only go the Phantom 2 because it’s easier to mount GoPro or a smartphone.

Get the Phantom 3 – Link


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