HighOnAndroid LUX Test

This is a page dedicated to measuring the brightness of Android smartphones and tablets.  It will be updated as we get more results and new devices.

This test involves using a light LUX meter to measure the screen brightness.

LUX at Full Brightness

  • Galaxy S6 Edge – 1145 lux (in sunlight at auto brightness), 726 lux indoors – See Test
  • Galaxy S6 – 1070 lux(in sunlight at auto brightness), 670 lux indoors- See Test
  • Galaxy Note 8 – 1004 lux (in sunlight at auto brightness), 630 lux indoors – See Test
  • LG V30 – 882 lux(in sunlight at auto brightness),  659 lux indoors – See Test
  • OnePlus 3T – 785 lux
  • Pixel XL – 735 lux
  • iPhone 6 – 717 lux – See Test
  • Galaxy Note 4 – 545 lux – See Test
  • HTC One M9 – 453 lux – See Test
  • LG G3 – 422 lux – See Test

LUX at Average Brightness

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  1. kadir says:

    desire 500 s-0ff please help me

  2. sunny says:

    hey max.. would u please also provide the values of lux test on the nexus 6, im an outdoor person and planing to buy it. but i have read reviews saying nexus 6 screen is very dim under sunlight, i would deeply value ur recomendations..

  3. Chikiko Saotome says:

    have you or will you do one on the g flex 2?

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