High On Android Show – Everyone Must Start Buying Android Smartphones!

Android smartphones now have 61% of U.S. smartphone market while iOS is at 29%.

“Why the heck would you want to use an iPhone?” Exactly.

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  1. Kareem says:

    The iPhone 5 will have a battery that has hydrogen in it so it will last for weeks. oh crap. they patented it

  2. briooooo says:


  3. Michael Fleming says:

    I carry an Android because I too support the open source and LInux communities. I’ve been running Ubuntu and many flavors of Linux longer than Android has been around. I carry An andriod because it organizes my life. I carry an Andriod because all of the cutting edge harware manufacturers are using Android in their best equiptment. Andriod is cutting edge and constantly shifting and evolving. I carry an android because it organizes all of the information that I would otherwise scribble on a piece of paper and lose. I carry an Android because there is no way that I can see myself ever carrying and Apple pruduct. I carry an Andriod because Max Lee carries and Android. I carry an Android because it is an amazing communication hub that gives me access to friends, news and information at the touch of a button. I carry an Andriod for all of the miscellaneous tools it offers. I could name a million reasons about why I carry an android, but I cannot come up with 1 reason why I would not carry an Android. I carry an Andriod because they are just plain cool. Thanks Max for keeping me High on Android. Your efforts and knowledge sharing is greatly appreciated.

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