High On Android Show – iHate Patent Trolls! [iTROLL ALERT]


I didn’t hate Apple before I just loved Android more but NOW? I REALLY HATE APPLE! DON’T TOUCH MY PHONES GODDAMMIT!

It’s time to stand up for our rights.

Here’s some facts about Apple.

Apple did not make their partner Foxconn factories better until the media reported suicides.

Apple did not make a single dime contribution to charity until Febuary of this year until media reported how Apple did not make charitable donations

Apple did not invent touchscreen nor multi-touch devices.

Apple did not invent the code that brings up the dialer when you tap on a phone number.

Maybe they patent it it first but definitely that’s a grey area, it’s not magical nor innovative to patent something stupid as swipe to unlock.

However, Face Unlock is definitely worthy of patent, that’s innovation.

Apple did not invent iOS, it’s based off unix.

Apple did not design a new iPhone for 2 years.

It’s most likely Apple’s new iPhone will “steal” Android’s designs like the numerous 4.3 to 5.3 inch devices on Android.

Apple did make misleading commercials when iPhone first came out. I remember watching commercials showing how “fast” iPhone is when in reality, everything lagged on AT&T’s 3G network couple with dropped calls. I knew right away then Apple’s aggresive marketing wouldn’t last forever, people will eventually buy something more “honest”.

BUT Apple did lose major market share of the world smartphone market because they rather spend more time suing then innovating.

Apple did start a flaming patent war with Samsung, HTC, and many other companies that make Android.

Apple likes to stab its partners in the back.

Apple is like your worst nightmare, planning every little dirty trick in the lawbook to slow you down.

Apple did stop the free market from being a really free by stopping shipments of HTC One X smartphones at the customs.

Apple did prove itself to be a horrible, selfish company that only cares about themselves.

It’s time to stop Apple from ruining capitalism.

It’s time to tell Apple patent trolling is not a good idea.

It’s time to say something to Apple.

It’s time to be innovative and let the tech companies spend more time developing not suing each other.

Everyone has a choice to buy what they want. But don’t let Apple take control over government laws.

This is getting out of hand.

I am just tired of these idiots calling themselves “Mac Geniuses”.

In short, as a wise young man named Steve Jobs said, “Good artists copy, and great artists steal.”

Apple stabs you in the back.

Apple wants your money.

Apple wants control over your phone you already paid $500-600 for.

Apple is simply rotten and evil.

It’s time to Boycott Apple.

It’s time for our voices to be heard.

I know a ton of people who are switching to Android from Apple.

I don’t know that many who are switching to Apple from Android.

I hate Apple facebook page has 21,136 likes.

I hate Android facebook page has 164 likes.

More People hate Apple.

Very few hate Android.

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