How to Identify Smartphone Whores! [The HighOnAndroid Show]


In this tutorial, we show you how to identify smartphone whores (including SamWhores, LGWhores, NexusWhores, HTCWhores, and iWhores).

Please refer to the following Smartphone Whore Identification Guide:

Smartphone Whore Identification Guide

SamWhores – People who love Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

SamWhores usually are people who swear buy Samsung Galaxy smartphones like Galaxy Note 5, S6, S7, S7 Edge, etc…etc…  They can be seen showing off their shiny new phones with glass on front/back of the phone or playing with their Gear VR in public, taunting others with all the cool things they can do with their phone.  They are usually nice going but be aware of a few SamWhores that may be showing off too much.  You can also find them crying when they drop their phone and the front/back glass breaks.

LGWhores – People who love LG smartphones.

LGWhores usually show off their power button on the back of the phone with a quick draw of their phone.  LGWhores usually have the fastest time from pocket to unlocking their phone.  LGWhores can be often found arguing with SamWhores on how their phone is better but they often lose out with their LCD display, which are not as bright and lack in battery efficiency.

SonyWhores – People who love Sony Xperia smartphones.

SonyWhores usually own a PlayStation 4 and can be found playing PlayStation right on their Xperia smartphone.  You can also tell they usually carry a bricked phone even from far away.  They have a tendency to drop their phone in the toilet and that is why SonyWhores absolutely need a waterproof phone.

HTCWhores – People who love HTC smartphones.

HTCWhores usually are crazy, avid fans of HTC.  Although HTC has pretty much kicked themselves out of the race, HTCWhores still swear by outdated HTC One’s design that was used for the last 3 years and UltraPixels that actually don’t have that many pixels.  HTC Whores are usually very stubborn since they love their brand so try to not hurt their ego as you will not reach an agreement.

iWhores – People who love iPhones.

The worst of the bunch, iWhores are made up mostly of zombie-like mass who have never tried Android.  Most of them are not good at technology and want something that any dumbass can use.  Not all but the masses love iPhones simply because it’s simple and even zombies can use iPhones.   You DO NOT want to ever tell iWhores as they will activate their inner zombie and eat your brain out.

*Note – By using this identification guide, you will be able to survive in the real world better and avoid conflicts.  Also, watch out for dual-sim sluts, they are one of the worst as they carry two SIMs.

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