iPhone 5 – Magical and Revolutionary!

Here’s some highlights about the iPhone 5!

iPhone 5 comes with 4-inch 1136×640 pixel screen! Revolutionary!

At 1136×640, it will let you see things in clear, retina display with 326ppi, still one of the higest pixels-per-inch among smartphones.

Of course, you won’t be able to watch anything in full HD. If you need to watch REAL 720P HD YouTube videos or movies, just borrow your friend’s Galaxy S3!

It’s super-thin at 7.6mm it’s MAGICAL! Just like many other Android smartphones on the market. You no longer have to feel like carrying a brick!
You can finally carry a phone that’s thin like a Galaxy S3!

4G LTE? Yes, 4G LTE is finally here for iPhone users! REVOLUTIONARY!

It’s been exactly a year and a half since HTC Thunderbolt came out with the first 4G LTE phone on Verizon. Now, it’s available for your iPhone 5!

Of course, don’t forget that 4G LTE may be banned soon while you use it as Samsung is going to sue soon.

NFC? No NFC support for iPhone 5. You will have to wait at least another year for that just like you did with 4G LTE.

While you watch your friends check out at groceries, restaurants, and gas stations with NFC instantly and enjoy the future already, you can keep carrying your iPhone 5 along with your wallet full of plastics.

No worries, we all know you like being LAST, getting things at least a year behind everyone else.

If you expect the latest iPhone 5 to have anything new, you were probably expecting a little too much, you know what you are getting into when you bought an iPhone.

You will be stuck with an outdated iOS 6, no widgets and background animations for many more years.

“Hey, they’ve got bills to pay and people to sue, innovating is the last thing iPhone 5 needs right now.”

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  1. surs says:

    Sorry to say most Iphone users are dumb, they just buy the phone because of the hype. Apple can put out rubbish and people will still wait on line to buy. Samsung beat them at their own game now they wanna act like babies. Long Live Galaxy 3 HAHAHAHA

  2. Aayush says:

    i laughed like hell…….well written…..my favourite lines were“Hey, they’ve got bills to pay and people to sue, innovating is the last thing iPhone 5 needs right now.”…….and If you need to watch REAL 720P HD YouTube videos or movies, just borrow your friend’s Galaxy S3!…….Great job!!!! SAMSUNG TILL THE END OF MY LIFE…..

  3. RoTimi Waddy says:

    I definitely enjoyed this writeup!!! I waited until this phone was finally announced, researched all of the best phones available, & soon started to realize that Android fits the bill (especially my new GSM Galaxy Nexus)! I couldn’t be more happier with the ability of buying these devices directly from Google. All in all, I couldn’t be happier except when the next generation devices are announced! Until then, long live the S3 & the GN! 🙂

  4. The Don says:

    Long live android and Samsung. i converted to android a year ago and never looked back since. A year or 2 tops and the iphone will become a 2nd rated phone. the iphone only survives due to apple as a brand and its “dumb” followers who just buy it as a “bling” device. Thanks to Samsung and Google for taking us through this era of true innovation with the continuous release their affordable devices. Definitely, apple are behind on their bills due to obvious reasons and the only way out for them is to “beg” for a share of Samsung’s increasing profits by crying foul and suing. whatever they sue for is only chicken change for sammy anyways. 😉

  5. Kenny Barmarshi says:

    Sorry for double post

  6. Jason says:

    I was like, no Max, no :(…why would you write a article about how awesome the iPhone 5 is, then I laughed hysterically when I actually read the article :D. Good job!

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