Why Fanboys Are Fanboys!

In this edition of High On Android show, we explore the question, “why fanboys are fanboys” and why we cannot change them.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Hey MAX!!! Love the videos man!!! i love Apple, I love Android more. Ill never switch.

  2. Vinny says:

    Funny Stuff. Heard your youngster at the very end of video laughing like heck. just cracked me up. Great video, keep them coming.

  3. Janet says:

    ou rule ZedoMax, you r sooo right it is the DNA, people who enjoy the sensation of discovery & feel rewarded by cutting new pathways thru their brain are innovative/hackers/ & Android lovers. Appleheads are hooked on the ease of use thing, they do not feel rewarded by uncharted turf, & cannot begin to deal with the concept of ‘learning’ a new way of doing, and they do not enjoy discovering or trying out different path ways to interfacing with any device, the very idea that they might have to figure something out is terrifying, they want just sit down and surf the device with one click/swipe/poke like a 3 year old dancing with tellatubies or BigBird, I got a family full of both types, its hilarious how clueless & open to exploitation they are… Mac/Apple hooks its addicts through immersion/stimulus-repsonce subliminal rewards & easy to use interface. I own iPad3 and 7 Android devices,, all of my Androids are rooted except my 2 galaxy note, GT-N7000’s which I will root soon, I addicted to rooting, and the satisfaction from having control of my android toys, and I love the feeling of freedom Android has, rebels, innovators & people kike me who want to keep brain young need Android!

  4. CAESAR says:

    Max you are almost there, you know!!! I was a certify apple salesman and I almost garantee you that that the people who is buying APPLE it is why they DO NOT LIKE COMPUTERS AND SIMILAR MACHINES but they NEED the computerized services and that is why APPLE company charge them A LOT. Steve Jobs had this vision a lot of years ago. APPLE makes all the computer work and they only switch on and off those appliances.
    Many APPLE FAN boy people do not know that the MAS OSX is UNIX/LINUX debugged for the APPLE applications. I show them when I open the terminal program inside the MAC and I perform the LS command and I have to collect the friend’s jaw from the ground.
    Thank you Max for all your Android work
    it makes the computing more fun

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