LiquidSmooth ROM

Here’s a list of LiquidSmooth ROM v3.2, these are stable milestone releases for LiquidSmooth ROM based on latest Android 4.4.4.

Don’t see your device?  Check LiquidSmooth ROM’s download servers here to see if you device is supported.

*Note – AOSP ROMS (What is AOSP?) like LiquidSmooth is NOT supported by SafeStrap recovery on S3, S4, S5, Note 2, and Note 3!

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  1. einjelhart says:

    sir, i have note i717 what rom do i need to use here, as you don’t have for i717 note. please help ..thanks

    • Android says:

      I want to start off by saying: IDefinitely think of this page as a helpful/well liked by all page/forum. I’m a self supporter of the website myself to family and friends and whoever else.

      So I am reaching out for help in hopes of getting some, thank you in advance.

      I have an at&t HTC ONE phone, currently running HTC SENSE 5.5 on ANDROID 4.4.2….

      I WANT TO ROOT W/O using à pc (which Ive done plenty of times on various phones in thé past)….
      I want to use (my favorite way… Which is) the ONE TOUCH ROOT APPLICATION, and so far NOTHINGS worked…

      I’ve tried
      FRAMAROOT 1.9.2 (& older)
      Z4ROOT 1.3.0.APK
      [ROOT] WEAKSAUCE-1.0.1.APK


      WHAT DO I DO?


  2. kvelez says:

    Had me salivating but it evidently it will not work on my SPH-L720, If anyone knows any different let me know.

  3. Daniel says:

    Do you Guns think that it could work on S5 SM-G900MD? Its a dual chip version of S5.

    • Unrelat3d says:

      Most likely it will work if it works on the G900M, besides it doesn’t say anything about exclusions, anyway better do a backup before committing to install.

      • Daniel says:

        But probably will work for Just one sim, right?

        • Unrelat3d says:

          Beats me bro! But if you do a backup with CWM before installing this one shouldn’t take you more then a couple minutes to go back to your current rom if it doesn’t work, just make sure you can restore the backup before wiping your device.

  4. Markku says:


    is there a version to Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8000)?

  5. josh says:

    Not installing on Sprint Note 3 via CWM

  6. angela says:

    i have a htc evo 4g and i havent updated my rom in so long its getting slow what rom do you recommend its already rooted but its been long long time since i changed my rom on it.

    • Unrelat3d says:

      I don’t see many roms that have the latest versions of android running for your device, which I guess it could be due to the fact that it was released in 2010, however if you want to update to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) you could try MazWoz Android for HTC Evo 4G, seems to have good acceptance. Good luck!

  7. Josh says:

    You should do a video on aosb, I use that on my sprint note 3, most stable ROM I used yet

  8. Flemming Knudsen says:

    Hi Max
    I installed this LS KK 3.2 on my Galaxy S5 GT-I9505. Keyboard died all the time.
    Went back to rooted stock.
    Strangely enough hasn’t passed 3.1 yet.

  9. slvakian says:

    does this work on my SPH-D710 i really want this rom

  10. fazil says:

    Mine is a indian(international) version of samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300 with android 4.3.
    Baseband version-I9300DDUGNB1.
    Kernel version-3.0.31-2363855.

    Can you please suggest me any video or link on how to flash custom roms( like LIQUID SMOOTH)..
    CAN YOU SHARE ME A LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE liquid smooth v3.2 compatible for my model….?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Unrelat3d says:

      Instructions on how to root:


  11. James says:

    So tried this on the Canadian version S4 i337m, but just gets stuck on a loop with the liquidsmooth bootup screen 🙁

  12. kim says:

    Does the fingerprint scanner on lockscreen work ?

  13. Mario says:

    What is the difference between milestone and nightly?
    I tried many custom rom finally I’m running LiquidSmooth 3.2 nightly and it’s the best rom for my nexus 7 2012.

    • Unrelat3d says:

      Stable is after all the features desired by the CM devs have been put in and the code has been tested. Snapshots (M builds or Milestone) are builds done roughly once a month that has had some testing to make sure things are mostly working and released to the public. These are the first builds that allow official bug reports on the project manager site,

      Nightlies are automated builds that are built, well, every night. There is no human interaction with these and they are largely there just to see if the code added throughout the day will compile. As far as the devs are concerned, there are no bad builds with the nightlies, because if it doesn’t build, that is news to let them know that something is screwed up in the code. They don’t accept any bug reports on these builds.

      Generally, the nightly builds, while extremely experimental and considered bleeding-edge, tend to be relatively stable and mostly bug-free. Many people use the nightlies as their so-called daily-driver, meaning that any bugs that they may have aren’t so severe that they want to switch to a different version. For my Nexus 4, as soon as I got it I switched to a nightly build and haven’t had any bugs pop up.

      – bassmadrigal

  14. Jhon Doe says:

    When i flashed liquid smooth (from a clean wipe) and then rebooted into it (after installing the proper gapps as well) it will reboot just fine then after the boot animation It gives me a grey screen and then a pop-up that says “unfortunately cyanogenmod account has stopped working” and when i press OK it just pushes the popup again and again in a constant loop. No matter what version i use! no matter how many times i factory reset! I even used different updates of liquid smooth(making sure that they were galaxy s5 versions first), inclusing the milestone update.

    I flashed the correct gapps and even installed other gapps packages just in case that was my problem, I tried formatting the system, and the only other plausible thing i can think is that I havent flashed a different kernel but i doubt that would help. This doesn’t happen when i clean flash cyanogenmod update. Its not the end of the world that i cant use liquid smooth rom but it would be nice if i could.

    Any help would be appreciated…

    I have t mobile galaxy s5 varient
    and I use philz touch recovery
    *thank you so much you have helped me alot before :DDDDDDD*

  15. leroyce says:

    doesnt work for note 1

  16. Derrish says:

    I am on International S3 i9300.
    Been waiting on a stable LS KK for sometime as almost all nightlies have a few bugs.

    Would you suggest flashing Milestone over the previous nightlies? Or wait for the final stable.

  17. Asher says:

    Hiiigh Max,
    So yea i downloaded LiquidSmooth right here and installed it on my Samsung S3 GT-i9300.
    Everything looks fine and it works smooth and everything.
    Accept for some reason my device is not rooted anymore after install. And to make that worse my pc wotn see my phone anymore. So im kind of stuck between a rock and hard place. Cant root without usb and cant fix usb with usb apps since they require your device to be rooted. I cant get superSU working without root acces either.
    I allready tried unintall samsung drivers and reinstall them. Did not help either.
    I turned on root acces true my roms settings but its still not rooted when i test it.
    I was hoping you would know what to do cause i have been looking for solutions for 2 days and cant seem to find anything.

    • Asher says:

      Hiiigh again, ive been trying stuff for hours…
      So i restored my phone from a backup to stock firmware and than intalles LS fresh from there and that fixed my problem.
      So thx anyway but everything works fine now.
      The only problem left is when i check if my phone is rooted i find that its not..
      Any tips or sugestions on that are still welcome :)))

  18. Ash says:

    I successfully rooted and flashed liquid smooth onto my phone, it all seems great ad pretty and easy to use, but HOW do I get my contacts on there??

  19. aizad says:

    liquid smooth rom for oppo joy please

  20. shad says:

    what about s2?? :((

  21. jeff says:

    GPS not working on my sprint s4 ….I’ve flashed 4 different builds and gps didn’t work on either one

  22. Estefano says:

    My cell phone off does not show the battery status can help ? using liquidsmotth rom

  23. hamid says:

    Hey are you guys going to make this ROM for Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well? thank you.

  24. Ricardo says:

    Installed LS with Gaps 4.4. have some errors saying google services have stopped, youtube doesn’t work and whatsup can’t be installed. I have Galaxy S4 sgh-m919v. What’s the recomendation? I was thinking on installing an older version of gaps.

    Thanx for any advice

  25. alan says:

    thanks for the root and LiquidSmooth tutorial. It helped a lot and now my S3 works smoothly with LS custom ROM.
    I have one question about the camera. I have a google camera installed with downloaded google apps.
    It works normally but I can’t find a way to make it store photos and videos to external SD card.
    Can someone help me with this problem, please.

  26. Don smouse says:

    I was kind of looking for the Android lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4 on US Cellular

  27. Subaron says:

    I tried installed the rom on Note 2 (T889v) and noticed that even though I am connected to a data network and can go to websites, I am not seeing the data type icon (G,E,H,H+,3G,4G etc).

    Is there a fix for this?

  28. teja says:

    I want liquid smooth rom for Samsung galaxy grand 2 ……pls develop the roms for Samsung galaxy grand 2. ….

  29. ismael kede says:

    I’ve installed liquidsworth ROM on my galaxt note i717 at&t but it does not exist ” mobile network” option. That’s to say i can’t set ” access point name”. What to do with a smartphone if you can’t access internet ? Please help me !!!!!!!

  30. Harris Papaetis says:

    Hello, i have a problem if someone can help me..i have liquidsmooth for the last 2 months on my galaxy note 3 n9005 and i am really very very happy with this rom..the only problem that i have is that when i turn on my 3g and the screen is off,then the 3g are also getting switched off. can anyone help me?

  31. Samwise says:

    I am using liquid smooth ROM on my note 2 n7100 but the camera doesn’t work. It gives me a message “Camera doesn’t connect”. Please help with it.

  32. Twelve Kanaw says:

    Thanks for pointing me to liquid smooth. I like it.

    One small thing is bugging me. Total blackout. Some setting I’ve changed now causes the error message “automatic light conditionn change mode is enabled” to be displayed when I try to turn on total blackout. Or turn it off. It’s on or not according to it’s own mood now, seemingly. I’ve looked in the obvious place (brightness control) and the obscure (everywhere) and not found how to alter this situation. I’ll bet you know how though. Thanks.

  33. Twelve Kanaw says:

    Tmobile galaxy s3. Left that out.

    Excellent rom. Wonderful website.

  34. Dziurson says:

    s3 9300, gps dont work, game “ingress” like other “gps fix” has problems

  35. MOOzE says:

    Can someone assist how to fix my phone apps, when i hit the phone icon on my homescreen the screen will take me straight to recent names contacted “speedial” , instead i want it to go straight into call history log!
    Can someone tell me how to allow this to happen?

  36. Ilija Trifunovic says:

    How to upgrade on s3 Neo GT-i9301

  37. Ivan Alho says:

    Hello my galaxy note 2 GT 7100 never been updated its 4.1.2 but its rooted I can’t install recovery on twrp. can I just install new ROM?

  38. Daniel says:

    my s3 i747 is using d2att will the d2lte work on it?

  39. cyberianhuzki says:

    is this liquidsmoothrom needing a gapps …. sir?

  40. Temporary android user says:

    Not for on5?

  41. Kris says:

    Any idea if this going to work for Acer Predator gt 810 tablet ???

    • Kris says:

      By mistake i wiped (deleted my inv storage ) and now i cant start my tablet.Any idea what rom i can download for Acer Predator gt 810 tablet or i need OS to install so i can start it ???

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