MeE Robot Review! – Home Security Surveillance Robot w/ Camera

Recently I became obsessed with home security in my house.  Although I have about a dozen cameras all over my house, they are useless in terms of being able to see what my daughter is doing when I am away from home as she is usually hanging out in her bedroom where there are no security cameras.  Well, I thought it would be great to purchase a robot with a camera and upon doing some research on Amazon, I ended up buying the MeE robot, which is exactly that.  I also wanted the ability to talk to my daughter from the camera robot and this one does that also.

While the camera resolution isn’t out of the world, it is good enough where I can clearly see what my daughter is doing or even check out what my dog (Bowie) is doing when I am away from home.  The MeE robot also comes with obstacle sensor in the front so you won’t run into objects.  If you want to use it as a full home surveillance robot, there is also auto patrol mode so you can have the robot automatically patrol your whole house several times a day.

Setup was really easy, all I did was use the app to setup my home WiFi and within 10 minutes, I was able to control the robot with everything set including internet settings so you can easily control it whenever you are away from your home.  This is definitely a good robot that serves its purpose and now I can freely roam around my house without actually being there!   If you wanted something like this, I highly recommend it and if you know of a similar product do let me know also as I want to get more robots for my home.

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