How to Replace Screen Digitizer on Galaxy Note 3!

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For those of you who have broken your brand, new Galaxy Note 3 screen, you may want to learn how to replace the screen digitizer assembly yourself as it’s pretty easy to do.

First, check and see if your screen is working or not.  If your screen does not turn on, you can follow the guide here to replace the whole screen digitizer assembly.

Second, if your screen is working still and your touchscreen is working but just your glass is cracked, you may be able to replace just the glass only.  If that’s the case, see my video on How to Separate Glass Only on Galaxy Note 3 first.  If you crack your digitizer while removing the glass, you can always come back to this post and replace the whole screen digitizer assembly.

Third, if your screen works but touchscreen doesn’t, that means you need to also replace the whole screen digitizer assembly.  Don’t bother even trying to replace the glass only as that will be a waste of your time.

Now, if you are ready to replace your screen digitizer, follow along.

You can get Note 3 screen digitizer assembly on eBay or Amazon.  All Note 3 screens should be compatible. (e.g. AT&T Note 3 screen is compatible with Sprint Note 3 screen or SM-N900 screen is compatible with SM-N9005 screen.)

Step 1. You will have to disassemble your Note 3 first.  If you don’t know how to do this, please see How to Disassemble Galaxy Note 3 first then come back to this guide.

Step 2. Once your Note 3 has been disassembled, take a screw drive and push on one of the holes on the top-right of your Galaxy Note 3 as shown below.  This will make your screen digitizer pop out of the front.


Step 3. Once you have a small gap that’s formed, take a thin, plastic knife and slide it towards the bottom.  Do this until the whole screen digitizer comes off.




Step 4. Pull the film on your brand, new screen digitizer assembly.


Make sure you cut the end of the tape that’s attached to the LCD flex cable.  This will allow your LCD connector to move freely so you can easily connect it.  I found out the hard way (as shown in video) that leaving this tape on will cause headaches when you try to connect the LCD connector later.


Step 5. Make sure you have the home button on the new screen digitizer assembly.  Then put it on top of your frame while making sure the LCD connector goes through the hole.






Step 6. Once the screen is back on, the rest is easy as you just have to reassemble the Note 3 backwards.  If you have trouble, watch the latter part of my disassembly/assembly video while you do it.



Step 7. Before you put the screws back on, try putting the battery back on and make sure your screen, touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth, and other sensors are working.

Once done putting the new screen digitizer, your Note 3 will be like the day you got it!


28 Responses

  1. polak says: ?

  2. Jude says:

    i Broke my phones digitizer so I Replaced by screen.. i bought the entire holder with the digitizer and bezel, but when i replace all components it works except when i connect my back which holds the speaker. When that is done the phone shuts off.. any suggestions? Ill be greatful for any help. Thank You!

  3. tim says:

    I cracked my Samsung note 3 but everything seems to functioning correctly. I just wanted to ask whether replacing just the glass cover made a difference in the spen sensitivity. I tend to use my spen a lot especially when taking down notes etc. Was there a noticeable difference by just replacing the glass cover. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Ferdinan says:

    Hi, i have a Note 3 CLONE 5,7″ and i broke the outer / front glass. but everything is fine. i can use my phone till now. do you have any idea how to change my glass ? cause there is no tutorial for CLONE. please help me. thanks..

    • Max Lee says:

      Yeah not sure on clones, have you tried ebay for parts?

      • Ferdinan says:

        already searched for that and ZERO results :(..
        i’m so curious why there is no video about repairing clone ??? all of the videos is about performance, review, etc. do you have plan to make a video about clone ? thanks

  5. ankit says:

    i accideently damaged this part of my screen while trying to open galaxy note n7000. there is a small dent on that part. local repairing shop said i ll have to replace whole screen, costing around $230. is there anyway i could just replace that chip in red?

  6. Clint Hanley says:

    My note 3 proximity sensor isn’t working. Replace it with same problem. Apparently the issue is with the ic with is on a strip along with home and back touch sensor. Is their any tutorial on how to change it because I see the selling on eBay but tech guys says it easier to replace entire screen but screen is perfect otherwise?

  7. Dawn Dawn says:

    My note 3 N900 screen isn’t working but can power on.How many type of Note 3N900 screen?

    • Max Lee says:

      For N900 I would suggest getting N900 screen replacement. Most Note 3 screens are compatible but the N900 may need N900-specific screen.

  8. Alex says:

    I cracked my screen and lcd digitizer. Current model is the n900r4. Can I use a n900t or n900a lcd screen digitizer and frame to replace the broken one? Or do I have to buy the specific n900r4 model items?

    Also, would you recommend buying the whole frame and digitizer already assembled, or can i buy the digitizer and frame separate and still make it work?

  9. Henry says:

    How can I fix a unresponsive touch screen on my note 3 it only work on my s pen I’m struggling

  10. RAUL says:

    I have 2 note 3 phones. 1 works the other has a broken screen and digitalizer, if I took them both apart and connected just the ribbon wire which I believe belongs to the LCD digitalizer and connected it to the broken one to just access the screen so that I can get all my old pics off my broken phone, would that be possible? with out disconnecting anything else other than the 12 screws and the ribbon wire for the LCD screen

  11. brit says:

    i am doing a note 3 the LCD is fine just the digitizer is cracked i cant find and one who sells the digitizer with selling the LCD too i just want the digitizer only any recommendations on where too get one.

  12. roboz says:

    Does anyone know how to do this without destroying the LCD?

  13. Halloum says:

    I submerged my phone completely (minus removable parts) in alcohol after being exposed to water in a swimming pool. I must say, the phone was completely dead before submerging in alcohol. The results were promising at the beginning, the Camera failed but when I started a SKYPE video call. The camera worked! I had a 45 minutes call with video on, and then all of a sudden the screen did not work properly. It started with a little black vertical area and then now half the screen is black. The touch screen is still working even in the dark black area. I’m wondering, if it’s a matter of time for the screen to dry completely or should I replace the full screen assembly and get done with it

    • Luke says:

      Replace it sounds like the LCD is cracked. Could have had an impact at the pool, or possibly the alcohol + heating from the 45 mins runtime caused it to fracture

  14. bella says:

    hi i want to ask you something i hope you can help me.i’m having a problem w my samsung note 3 bc it started moving by itself, zooming out n in by itself and typing without my knowledge. were that a digitizer problem ?if yes i will just proceed with digitizer replacement

  15. Paul says:

    Recently changed my screen now the phone 8s getting HOT top area of the phone now and then…..?

    Please advise. .thank you

  16. thejackco says:

    Anyone know where I can get the note 2 lcd plate ? I got the digitizer and the front glass, I though that with the digitizer comes the lcd … but realized I still need the lcd and the polarizer filter

  17. Moumita Bagh says:

    The touch is working.. but d screen has blacked out due to a miniscule crack.. can I just replace d glass or I need to get d display assembly changed? Plz respond asap, as I am scared to death of loosing all my contacts..

  18. disqus_OSSZSYVdno says:

    hello there everyone, so my problem is , while on a heavy partying I was drunk enough to let my Galaxy note 3 get wet under the rain, now phone itself works (display) but problemis sensor doesn’t, so can I keep the original screen but change just the sensors? Or where can i find it’s owns screens,i knw there’s shit loads on ebay, but am affraid would chinese onesbe good enough, can i find koreans anywhere ?

  1. November 8, 2013

    […] If you broken your screen and your touchscreen is not working, please see How to Replace Screen Digitizer on Galaxy Note 3. […]

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