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If you want to protect your Android smartphone and also make it feel really smooth in your hands, check out Archan Nair cases designed by Archan Nair, a renowned visual artist/illustrator based out of New Delhi, India.  He’s been making some excellent art for companies like Nike, RollingStone, and more.

When I first got this case, I didn’t think much of it but as I used it more, I can appreciate the sturdier case with Android artwork that seem to really be “fused” into the case, it’s as if someone actually painted the case.

Definitely, this is one of a kind case you won’t find elsewhere so if you are looking for a great case that turns your phone into a piece of art, check them out at here. (Available for Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, and Nexus 4)

5 Responses

  1. Julie kula says:

    Does the nfc still work when using these cases? I had a case recently that had to be taken off every time I wanted to use the nfc. Just don’t want to spend 30 bucks after shipping to not be able to use it properly.

  2. DanteSpec says:

    I bought 2 for a friend Nexus 4 and mine, damn.. those cases are pretty crap =(

    The painting felt off just in a few days… now they are all white..

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