Is Smartphone Car Magnetic Mount Worth It? [Top Smartphone Gadgets #2]


Last week someone asked me about a magnetic smartphone mount and I have been using the WizGear Vent Mount. This is a magnetic smartphone mount you can mount on your car’s air conditioning vent. It comes with 2 adhesive plates that can be attached to back of any smartphone along with an extra non-adhesive plate that you can place inside your smartphone case. I prefer the non-adhesive method since I switch phones often.

Once plate is installed, the magnetic mount easily attaches to your phone with very strong magnets. As you can see here, it picks up one of my biggest LG V20 phones with ease and grips on very tight. Inside your car, you can easily attach and detach your phone from the car holder. You can also easily rotate the phone vertically or horizontally. Worried about magnets interfering with GPS signals? I tested that too, my Google Maps GPS worked fine and should work fine without a problem.

While I was playing with this mount, I figured out this is also an excellent way to use it as a smartphone stand! Yes, if you need a magnetic stand that can be attached easily to your smartphone, this can do it also. While the product isn’t made for that, I found this works really well as you can also change the angles simply by moving the magnets. And wow, it also works in vertical mode! Amazing, if you want to get that 100% vertical look, this can do it easily.

Overall, at $7.99 on Amazon, the WizGear Vent Mount can do a lot of things including making your life easier when using the phone in the car and even as a cool smartphone stand when watching movies at the table or desk.

Get it here: WizGear Vent Mount on Amazon

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