Slim One Power Bank Unboxing & Review!


Looking for a USB portable charger/power bank you can actually fit in your jean pockets along with your smartphone?

I own a bunch of USB portable chargers and wanted to find a super-slim and light power bank that I could actually carry on those days I am not wearing a jacket.  Well, I ordered the Slim One Power Bank on Amazon and this is a pretty nifty power bank that will get you the emergency charge you need when you run out of battery.

Of course, this is going to be very useful for those of you with no removable battery on your smartphone such as the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, HTC One, etc…etc…

Don’t wait until that time you need a power bank when your phone runs out of battery then buy an overpriced crappy power bank at your local drug store.  Believe me, that happened to me before and it’s economically much wiser to buy it online before you get into that situation.

Slim One power bank provides full 2000mAh of power, which can recharge your Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 or HTC One up to near 75% and Note 3/Note 4 up to 65%.  I’ve tested the power bank for couple days and the capacity is pretty accurate.

This isn’t probably the best power bank for your money I admit but it is definitely the most portable and light enough to carry in your jean pockets along with your phone.

The only bad part about this power bank is that it takes around 6 hours to charge it fully from empty.  Not a deal breaker but this is probably because of its super-slim profile.

If portability is an important issue, definitely check it out as it’s only $19.99 on Amazon.

UPDATE: I also found another power bank that’s similarly thin but with a larger 3500mAh capacity, see here.

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