Gear VR w/ Controller Unboxing! [Fully Immersive Gear VR Experience Package]

Here’s unboxing of the new Gear VR w/ Controller, this is the $99 fully immersive Gear VR experience package I got for my pre-order.

The “Fully Immersive Gear VR Experience” package comes with the new Gear VR that works on Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6, S6 Edge along with AKG Y50BT headphones and 256GB Evo+ microSD card.

First impressions?

Gear VR definitely has improved and the latest is certainly the best that I’ve tried as resolution looks super crisp and the VR unit does not fog up at all.  While I have used anti-fog sprays in the past, the new Gear VR does not require any of that.  Plus, the controller now adds another dimension to your virtual reality experience.  While Samsung does not currently have many titles that support the new controller, it does help a great deal even when navigating through the menus.  Also I noticed that my phone does not heat up as much when using it with my Galaxy S8 Plus, mostly due to the fact that the S8 Plus has much powerful processor than its predecessors to handle VR much better.

Overall, this is definitely the “best” VR experience you will find on a smartphone as Samsung has been innovator in the VR market plus you will find many VR apps/games that have been developed over the last few years.

You can grab the new Gear VR w/ controller on Amazon here.

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