G-Boom Review – Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100!


If you are looking for the best portable bluetooth speakers under $100 with the loudest sound and most bass, you will definitely want to check out the G-Boom speakers.

Last month, I had the pleasure of checking out many different portable speakers at my local Target store including JBL, Jambox (both mini and big version), Bose Soundlink, and many others.  Specifically I wanted a portable speaker that wouldn’t break my bank while giving me the most bass possible.

Well, in the end, I found the G-Boom speakers had the most bass out of all of them.  One of the main reasons why this one has the most bass is because of its larger design.  The larger design allows G-Boom to really get the nice full sound out of the subwoofers, G-Boom actually has two bass ports while others have none.

The G-Boom is also very rugged and durable in design.  According to the manufacturer, you can even sit on it.  And yes, it is very rugged, you can sit on it just fine, throw it around, it’s made to be rugged and portable.  In fact, I was doing some push-ups and sitting on it fine.

It’s definitely not the most portable speakers in terms of size but it’s definitely a great trade-off for the extra bass you get.  Of course, these portable speakers will never get as loud as your custom subs in your car but if you like taking your music to the beach, parks, or even your backyard, G-Boom does the job just great.

Battery life is also excellent, you get nice full 5-hours at full-blast.  It does also have a USB charging port for charging your devices while listening to music.

Also, bluetooth range is awesome on the G-Boom and pairing multiple devices is easy.  I would say roughly the range is twice/triple that of my older bluetooth speakers plus I can pair multiple devices easily without resetting the bluetooth, something which I had trouble with earlier devices.

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Max Lee

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1 Response

  1. Miss Merciless says:

    This thing sounds great at first, but try using it for a few months. I bet you can’t! Why? Because they’re just not built to last. The customer service department is non exsistant as well so good luck trying to get a replacement under warranty. Very disappointed in the way G Project does business.