How to Root Android!

This is a page dedicated to showing people how to root their Android smartphone or tablet device.  While 1-click root methods may works for many Android devices(and we recommend you to try them if there is no dedicated root method), you may want to stick with an Android root method that gives you full root along with a custom recovery like TWRP as it can give you ability to flash new custom ROMs.  All root methods listed here show you how to root and install custom recovery, custom-tailored to each Android device so you can get the most out of it.  Plus many 1-click root methods may contain spyware so we don’t advise using them unless you absolutely must do so.  This page will be updated frequently so please check back for updates!

WARNING: Rooting may void your warranty on some Android devices!  However if you are rooting an older Android devices, I wouldn’t worry about it since your warranty expired.  Also devices like Google Pixel or OnePlus Android devices DO NOT VOID WARRANTY so you can safely root them.

If you don’t see your device, please first try using Towelroot to root your Android device first.  (And let us know if Towelroot worked for you and we will update this page)

Root Pixel Android Devices

See How to Root Pixel or Pixel XL!

For Pixel 2 or Pixel 2XL, please see How to Root Pixel 2 or Pixel 2XL!(For Android 8.0 or 8.1 Oreo)

You can also root Android P 9.0 using our guide on How to Root Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel 2/Pixel 2XL on Android P!

Root Samsung Galaxy S-Series Android Devices

Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Root

Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Root

Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Galaxy S5

Galaxy S4

  • Galaxy S4 GT-i9500, GT-i9505, AT&T SGH-i337, T-Mobile SGH-M919, Sprint SPH-L720, Verizon SCH-i545, Canadian SGH-i337M, and Galaxy S4 Active – Please see How to Root Galaxy S4!

Galaxy S3

Galaxy S2

Root Samsung Galaxy Note-Series Android Devices

Galaxy Note 8 Root

Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge+

Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 4

Root OnePlus Android Devices

See How to Root OnePlus One!

Root LG Android Devices

Your LG device not listed?  See try our LG F Flex 2 root tutorial as it works for 98% of LG smartphones.

Root HTC Android Devices

Root Nexus Android Devices

Root Motorola Android Devices

  • Moto X and most Motorola devices – How to Root Moto X and Motorola Devices

 Root Sony Android Devices


Don’t see your device?  Please first try using Towelroot to root your Android device first.  (And let us know if Towelroot worked for you and we will update this page)

Also check out XDA forums as there are root methods for many Androids not listed on this page.  If you need a root method for a device, try e-mailing me at zedomax [at] and I will try to find one for you.  But most newer AT&T and Verizon devices have LOCKED BOOTLOADERS meaning most likely no root.



160 Responses

  1. jasen says:

    I tried towelroot said it doesn’t support my phone have a metro PCs zte concord 2 running 4.3

  2. bill says:


    I have really enjoyed your YT channel. My girlfriend bought me a galaxy tab 4 7.0 (sm-t230nu)

    I am having trouble finding a good root method. Can you help me out?

  3. Appy Matty says:

    HIGHHH ZedoMAX!! I followed your Towelroot instructions and was able to get my Sprint Note 3 SM-N900P rooted successfully without a hitch on my first try! AMAZING! Thanks!
    But I see your weekly rom vidz and you convinced me to totally want to custom boot (most notably Fre3 rom!)! Whats the best instructions to follow for my device:
    *Sprint SM-N900P / 4.4.2 / Build: N900PVPUCNC5 / Kernel 3.4.0-951486*?
    I saw your videos regarding SafeStrap & CWM & TWRP, and I feel best following what you feel would be the best/easiest/safest way for me to root&flash the Fre3 custom rom (especially since you mentioned Builds ending in NC2 and NC4, but not NC5 like mine. And I don’t mind starting from scratch again bc I’ll do a full wipe). Thanks!

  4. daho says:

    Please’ how to root my PANTECH P9070, ICS 4.0.4

  5. jasen says:

    I tried towelroot and many others have searched XDA and nothing there so I figured I would ask the guru max about a zte Concord 2 metro PCs variant running 4.3 any ideas are welcome

  6. robb says:

    Any way to root a droid ultra 4.4.4? I didn’t see any videos

  7. Ahsan says:

    Hi max, i am using maximus ix and its running on kitkat (4.4.2) Plz let me know how to root it. Thnx

  8. faizal says:

    how to root galaxy s3 mini and how to flash rom… i need an instruction for noob

    • dat7476 says:

      head over to novafusion website click downloads at top of page select s3 mini and root plus roms ate there waiting, you can just doenload there cyanogenmod rom through odin and it comes pre rooted.

  9. Anom1 says:

    Can you make a tuto for SGS-I437Z from Cricket Wireless ,
    Android Ver. 4.1.2
    Baseband Ver. I437ZUCBNB1

    I was looking for 3 days, a method to root and install CM10 or 11…. but nothing about this phone.
    I have a week with this phone…!!!

    Sorry for my bad English.

  10. Alex says:

    Hi Max,

    Help required: I have a Micromax A350 running Android Version 4.2.3
    I want to root my device and install CM11. Please help.


  11. marllow says:

    Do u know how to fix the no service on the zopo zp998?

  12. Darryll Warford says:

    I am legally blind and have much computer and experience. I own the galaxy note 8 wifi gt-N5110. Do to my sight have been unable to find the files to root and install CMW clockwork mod. I have a dropbox. if you could find it in your heart to get all these files and maybe a tutorial together for this device and post it to my dropbox if its too large for gmail. please find iyour he\art to help me. if so reply and i will give you my dropbox info.


  13. Jhonatan says:

    Greetings, very good site I congratulate…….

  14. Manish thanki says:

    how can i install lohit.ttf font on moto g2 gen. mobile. plz guide me.

  15. Waseem says:

    dear Admin of this website, plz kindly help me.
    my problem is tht how can i root my Motorola electrify 2 xt881, and how can i get custom rom of android 4.4 kitkat? and how can i install the Rom kitkat.4.4 android on my phone.. plz response very sooooooonnn!!!!

  16. Anas says:

    Hi Max,
    i need a way to root my galaxy star duos gt-s7262 i tried alot of things but it failed
    can you help me with that?

  17. brandon says:

    Is the at&t galaxy note 8 I467 rootable? Do I use the galaxy l717 method?

  18. Jeff says:

    I tried towelroot said it doesn’t support my phone have a Verizon S5 . Any Idea what I can do?

  19. Allison says:

    I had my verizon samsung galaxy s4 phone rooted through towelroot and it samsung updated this morning and know I don’t have the root. I tried reinstalling it through towelroot but it says the phone is not supported. It updated the kernel to 3.4.0, dpi@SWDD5822 #1, dated august 28, 2014. The build number is VRUFNG6 How do I fix this? Thank you.

  20. mike D. says:

    i tried rooting my note SGH-I717 using odin with the cwm and it will not root can someone help

  21. Atomicglue says:

    I own a Moto X 1st Gen on Sprint. Towel Root does not work to root. But I also own a Galaxy Tab 3 tablet and Towel Root worked flawlessly.

  22. Luis Mendivil says:

    Hello Max I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-5113 i was trying to root it but something when wrong and I can’t turn it on it only appears like the battery when is charging but is not doing anything else can you please help to get it back to work. I been trying to download the original firmware for this tablet to see if I can restore the system on it. I appreciate if you can help me on what to do if can make it work again if you can give some links to download the original firmware and how to restore it please.

  23. Eric says:

    I have a galaxy s4 sch i545 vrufng6 is the biild number and it wont root with towelroot, any suggestions?

  24. alamdar says:

    Hi…i wanna root my sony xperia m2
    Plz tell me easy way
    With computer and

    Without computer?
    Thank u

  25. Sameer says:

    Hi buddy

    Can you please tell that will I able to make my Note 1 into Oneplus one and hoe can I root my phone, Plz help me I want to root as well as want to make it like Oneplus One.
    I will be very thankful to you.

  26. Jeannot says:

    I’m having trouble rooting a blu dash 5.0 running on 4.4.2.. Towel root didn’t work neither did framaroot or v root… Please help

  27. mats says:


    I downloaded towelroot om ny Samsung s3mini. I forgot to make sure other programs out of Google play was allowed, so during installation, i got the message that the installation could not finish. The problem is that i can not install it again cause it say it is already installed.. but i cant find the program anywhere either..

    What can I do? I really need this phone rooted so that i can find some textmessages i managed to delete..

  28. adriana says:

    HI, my HTC M7 was crepted and forgot password, I wipe with TWRP and I’m not able to flash with any rom, I got device error, now I do not have SO into my HTC M7, do you know any possible solution?

  29. Steven says:

    Towelroot does not work on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545, I’ve tried to use this method 3 times and it keeps saying my device is not supported.

  30. wojo71 says:

    please help me !!! loooooosing my mind I have SGS3 from boost mobile CDMA SPH-L710T I cant seem to find anyone that can help me root it. there all ind of info on the L710 but mine a
    different model… PLease help

  31. stephen says:

    Dude please a root for my Galaxy mega M819N running 4.4.4 I’ve tried everything and no root yet

  32. Zhivko says:

    Hi Max! I have Lenovo A606 how i can root it ? 🙂 Greeting’s from Bulgaria!

  33. Mel says:

    Hi Max,

    Can I root my sony experia d5103 running this Oneplus one

  34. Jamie says:

    Any way to root a Pantech Breakout ADR8995?

  35. chester archangel says:

    I wrote you a week ago about rooting some tablet for me. I need help bad and don’t know where to turn too. I just got into this tablet thing and now i’am hook.I have a nextbook 7″16gb tablet.I also put a 64gb external sd card and I don’t know why they would put so much memory in the tablet and i can’t use any of it on the external sd card and there no way to use it. I have two neutab one is a 7″ i7 neutab and the other is a neutab 9″ inch tablet. I have another neutab 4.2.2, but it;s rooted and i love it. I also has a 10.1 irulu with kitkat. My other tablet is kitkat aiso and i love the neutab 9 4.2.2 tablet. I have to have to get the nextbook rooted, because it dosen’ have any free memory.

    • chester archangel says:

      I’am still trying to find someone to root my tablets. I can’t believe that their nobody out there that can’t fix or repair my tablet. I’am willing to pay to compensate someone to help me. I’am desperate for some help. I will be waiting for a reply.

    • CJ Da Boss says:

      How did you root your neutab device? I’ve tried literally EVRYTHING, even Windows applications! Did you use a computer? And what app(s) did you use? Can you PLEASE tell me a way to root my Neutab i7 7″ tablet WITHOUT A PC? Also is there a way I could install a TWRP recovery on my Neutab i7 7″ tablet? Please respond EXTREMELY SOON!!! I can’t use my Windows 10 PC.

  36. chester archangel says:

    I already wrote so please send me a reply. If you don’t have an answer then send me a person that can help me

    • Annet Balboa says:

      Hey there. Im no expert, but I am a competent user w a few years working w a few different OS’s and devices. Please reply with details on your device make, model, android version, etc… and I can at least do some research to point you in a direction. As for compensation, I wouldn’t dream of charging someone for a few minutes of my time to help them. I can be reached either by replying to this post, or you can reach me directly by email at – johngaltsgirl@ If you have not found a solution yet i will keep an eye out for your message. Ok well have a good day.
      Sincerely, Annet

  37. Dave says:

    Hi could you help me, I have a CTC 4.2.2 I would like to root it so I can update to 4.4 or better.
    Thanks. Dave

  38. Mark says:

    Hey guys! I just updated my Note 3 at&t to 4.4.4 I lost root though. I’d like to follow an effective method to root it. I’ve tried towlroot, and notifies me that my device is not supported, Please help!

  39. Leon Davis says:

    I’ve got the Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 i527, and running 4.4.2 kitkat, I’ve tried towel root and it doesn’t support my device, please help me, I want to root my galaxy mega. Thanks keep up the good work!

  40. irshad says:

    how to root my intex aqua style 4.0 plz help me i try many types of app but they cannot work plz plz plz help me or email me.

  41. Rob says:

    I have the Moster M7 with 4.1.1 does anybody know a way to root i? I tried Towel root but it did not work.
    I want to expand the internal memory and with root.
    Thanks if anybody who can help.

  42. Austin says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 inch version 4.4.2 and I’m having major trouble finding a safe easy root method to use without a computer . Can you please help me,

  43. foreigner says:

    I need a root for samsung galaxy avant…

  44. mike says:

    AT&T pushed a new update today for the galaxy s4 active I537ucucnh3 and my son decided to do the update so i lost my root. my phone was previously rooted with towel root. i still get the custom on boot but i don’t have root access. do you have any suggestions on how to get root back?

  45. kez says:

    Need help on how to root Motorola e xt1021

  46. kez says:

    Tried kingo said waiting for device all time

  47. sopranord says:

    Quisiera que me ayudaran a ser root en mi droid ultra que por supuesto nobtiene bootloader desbloqueado y quiero probar cyanogenmod por favor ayudebme

  48. lovkesh says:

    Sir plz help me to root and install cm12 ak in Samsung galaxy grand prime and how to overclock its performance mail me once you done

  49. Bobby says:

    I have a galaxy mega 6.3 and I’ve tried all the root methods and I have no luck what should I do? Please advise me the best way to root my phone with out using a computer. .. thanks! !!!

  50. MeMoLee says:

    Hei Max
    How too root s4 zoom SM-C101? is it possible? i am looking for that since 5 month over internet and phone services but nobody can solved yet. i am not able to use more the 1 simcard and and everyone is says ur device UMTS mode is limited ( i even dont know what is that ) that why they cant do anything PLS HELP ME OUT OR SHOW ME A WAY !!! atleast for unlock Thank you hope you can help me out
    Best regards

  51. Robert P. says:

    I rooted my samsung galaxy S3 4.4.2 (from but the problem is, i can open an app but when i want to open another one it wont let me. The stauts bar starts to blink. So i click the center button and close the app and try it agin but the samething happens. Ive rebooted it too. Please Help!

  52. jonathan says:

    My other phone is a galaxy discover and towel root doesnt work. Can someone help

  53. paul moran says:

    hi there,
    I just want to ask on how to root my samsung galaxy ace 4,
    I seached into google regarding this, but sad to say I did’nt find any answer,
    hopefully someones out there can give me solutions.
    by the way here is my phones info..

    Device Name: SM-G313HU
    Android Version: 4.4.2
    Baseband Version: G313HUXXU0ANG3
    Kernel Version: 3.10.177-2140379 dpi@SWDD3914 #1 Fri Aug.1 13:41:15 KST 2014
    Build Number: KOT49H.G313HU0ANH1

    I really really appriciate all of your good suggestions..

    Thank you in advance, more power.!

  54. Dave says:

    Towelroot doesn’t work on galaxy prevail lte 4.4.4

    • vincent says:

      I tried as well and towel didn’t work i been looking for day’s and can’t find ANY ways to root my galaxy prevail LTE. Sill looking does anyone know were i can root my phone thank you. Vincent

  55. Tez says:

    Thanks for all the info , I was wondering is there any way to use Sprint note 4 on Verizon network ? Sprint services sucks so bad that the unlimited data plan doesn’t matter I can’t get 3g let alone 4g LTE anywhere so I want to go back to Vzw..

  56. jay tee says:

    How to root Samsung Galaxy prevail LTE no luck on one click options. Hlp anyone

    • KidKrazz says:

      I can’t find nothing either dude. I think samsung really on top of their stuff now that nobody can hack it. If you found anything please post it, would be very appreciated!

  57. bro.samie says:

    Towelroot doesn’t work on s4 mini android 4.4.4

  58. jose lira says:

    i tried root my htc desire 510 sense virgin today, but it says, this phone isnt currently supported.
    any help is appreciate. thanks

  59. Kyle says:

    Help I can’t root my BLU life play 4.2.2
    most popular root methods aren’t working help!

  60. Kyle says:

    Help I can’t root my BLU life play 4.4.2
    most popular root methods aren’t working help!


  61. Nando says:

    Tengo un samsung galaxy prevail modelo sm-g360p vecion 4.4.4. y el towelroot no lo soporta y e buscado todos los que e visto y nada gracias

  62. temo says:

    I tried everything,but I can’t seem to root my device… I am trying to root my Samsung galaxy core prime…sm-g360p and it doesn’t work

  63. Sujit says:

    Towelroot doesn’t work on my Micromax canvas engage.
    Please help me rooting it…

  64. Dawn Varney says:

    Towelroot: “device not supported”
    Sprint Galaxy Note 2

  65. Thomas says:

    Towelroot: “device not supported”
    Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

  66. A DiGeneral Enuh says:

    Towelroot doesn’t work for me I have an samsung galaxy avant

  67. E.R. Mq says:

    help… i have a Cricket Wireless LTE Samsung Galaxy S4 running 4.4.2 (their newly migrated system–as you know it used to be CMDA). i need to be at a 4.4.3 or higher, yet i need to stick with the same carrier i have. i’m not so concerned with warranty… i just need step by step instructions so i dont jackup my phone any suggestions?
    It’s SGH-i337Z

  68. Megaman X says:

    Not supported android rca KitKat 4.2.2

  69. michael wells says:

    Is there a method to Root Galaxy S4 GT-I9506. Towelroot doesnt seem to support it and all others are for GT-I9505???

  70. impetuyactitud says:

    Hi Max. I rooted my sm-g900h with your method. Can u tell me how to unroot to upload to 5.0.2 please?

  71. Tippbrownsfan says:

    I need a way to update the supersu binary.I have a lg g2 with cm12 but it won’t let me do the nightly updates 3 of 4 root checkers say I am rooted but when I went to flashify it said no root/supersu

  72. KidKrazz says:

    Anybody have luck rooting the samsung galaxy prevail lte? Can’t find anything on it.

  73. Happydog says:

    towelroot isn’t support on Samsung Note Pro 12.2 (SM-P900) WiFi tablet. I have knox tripped at 1 since I tried ODIN and ODIN failed to flash. ODIN with Stock ROM didn’t help – still failed. Able to get soft brick back with Recovery 2 method with ODIN and it brought me back into my ROM. Running 4.4.2 KK.
    Anyone successfully rooted the WiFI version of SM-P900 tablet?

  74. Jeff Schwab says:

    Can’t find anything for the Galaxy 5S SM-G900V from Verizon. Any help out there? Running 5.0 an having trouble finding a root method for this model.

  75. Anthony Rodriguez says:

    Hey Max any root method for sprint note edge?

  76. Sujith kumar says:

    how to root SM-G360G

  77. Romy says:

    How to root oppo using android 4.4.4?

  78. Will Nolan says:

    Hey Max, when will there be a method to root the LG G4?

  79. Jim James says:

    I have an lg l bello D335.its updated to lollipop,now i can root it.
    CAn you plz help me to root it ?

  80. Kirito kun says:

    Xperia z device not supported

  81. Mark Antonio says:

    how to root lenovo a328

  82. Atif Awan says:

    how to root HTC desire 510 cricket

  83. DSunshyne says:

    Hey Max thanks a billion for all the videos and root options. I however am in need of finding root for my current phone a Samsung Galaxy grand prime g530t t-mobile 5.1.1 version. I have searched XDA, AndroidCentral, google, & YouTube all I have found is the root methods for g530t NO clue which phone carrier that’s for or if I can Odin those files to my g530T. I’ve tried kingroot, towelroot, oneclickroot, along a few others nothing happens. Kingroot loaded to 36% and downloaded files to my phone system but then fails to finish. Any help you can offer would be GRRRRRREAT!!! Thanks in advance for taking time out your VERY BUSY SCHEDULE to offer any advice Ms. Dee

  84. slim marveli says:

    Hi I have a tablet ADVANCE AT PRIME – A16B 4.4.2 ( Pr4356 ) and rooting desire and tried some roots and nothing if I would be grateful help please

  85. imran aziz says:

    Max i cant find HTC DNA Droid…. Plz help…

  86. Aj says:

    Samsung tab3 4.4.2 kitkat
    Towelroot : device not supported. What should i do

  87. Ranbir Singh says:

    htc d526g+how to root

  88. Miguel Flores says:

    Towelroot: “device not supported” also, AT&T Galaxy S SGH-I897

  89. Kilo Alas says:

    how do you root a lg g4?

  90. john morris says:

    Anyone know the root method for Irulu V3?

  91. terry says:

    im being told that a rooted phone is not good. so my question do want my phone rooted or not

  92. Kevin Kirby says:

    *PLEASE HELP* How to root my Verizon HTC Desire 626 and get the S lock off as well.

  93. Milan LeDuc says:

    Could you write a root for zte n9132 with 5.1.1 or direct me to one, please?

  94. Hansmukh Sharma says:

    can i install lollipop(gapps) 5.1 in micromax canvas juice a177

  95. Paul Redmond says:

    towel root “device not supported” htc desire 620 single sim phone
    used king root which said successful but when i use any root checker to make sure they say my phones not rooted plz help as i need this done for a vr setup

    • Darco93 says:

      that’s because even with unlocked bootloader the desire 620 still is on S-ON and we need S-OFF.
      I’m having the same problem and wasn’t able to find a solution for it so far

  96. Tony Montoya says:

    How to root HTC desire 626s

  97. Huawai User says:

    Can you root huawei? Tried towelroot, did not work

  98. Looku says:

    No have Root Prestigio 5453 andorid 4.4.2

  99. Geraldine Robinson says:

    BLU Life Play 2 Android 4.4.2 KitKat, Towelroot doesn’t work; “device not supported”

  100. Bacca Gaming Central says:

    Can you add the Samsung Galaxy On5

  101. Louis Royal says:

    Towelroot: “device not supported”
    At&t Go Phone ZTE Maven
    there is no root available for this device apparently

  102. xXPyro NinjaXx (PyroNinja) says:

    My SM-G361F with Android 5.1.1 was not successfully rooted by Towelroot and it’s not listed on the top so any help would be appreciated guys!

  103. Michael VB says:

    Hi all, im having issues rooting my Xperia Z5 dual E6633 – last time i tried it got stuck in a boot loop, fortunately my mate was able to help me flash android 5.1.1 back on it. i haven’t tried since as i didn’t want to break my phone. i have tried going through XDA developers but i’ve had no luck with it

  104. BabyGirl says:

    Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 Gingerbread isn’t supported.

  105. Amritayan Mukherjee says:

    I have a HTC Desire 626g+ dual sim. I had rooted it successfully a couple of days back. Things were working pretty good. However, when I tried to flash linux.img using TWRP, I sort of bricked my phone.
    Now, all it does is flashes the screen light and attempts reboot (unending process).
    Kindly help.

  106. Yanno says:

    Hi. I just got myself a new Samsung note 4 t-mobile version.
    My question is, what do I do?
    I want to get the latest android syste or what’s best for my phone and root it.
    Where do I get the files needed for it.
    If I want to flash a custom rom… Which one is the best with all of Touchwiz functions?

  107. Justin says:

    Hey Max, thanks for all your hard work and get videos/tutorials! LG v20 is allowed to unlock bootloader thru LG smart world now and some other LG devices are listed. Links to LG development sdk links as well. What are some good Roms and root stuff for that device? I don’t see a dedicated page like you have for the Samsung phones

  108. Junie Arcement says:

    hi!,I like your writing very much! share we communicate more about your post on AOL? I require an expert on this area to solve my problem. May be that’s you! Looking forward to see you.

  109. Adeniyi says:

    Towelroot does not work for Sm-J727P.

    Kindly assist.
    I also Have issue with unlocking my phone after installing update.

  110. martins says:

    hi, i try using your youtude video to unlock my bluboo S3, when i get to the fastboot OEM unlock, then my s3 we show fastboot, on my theminal comand it will write, waiting for devices,since 2 days am still waiting, Q2
    Have try all app to root my s3, some app will say know access comand,access denied, or no access root,

  111. freeman says:

    why is there no tecno phone or is it that its unrootable. try tecno pop 1. tried many times was unable.

  112. RAM says:

    help me to root or bootloader install in alcatel model TCL/9015B/Pixi4-7_4G_Bell.
    6.0.1 / MMB29m/vRC4-0

  113. Rio says:

    can you help me to root vivo devices.?

  114. Tamer says:

    Hi can I help me to root my galaxy tab s4 sm-t835

  115. Kyle AKA Cheddar says:

    hey buddy I’m wondering about rooting a nokia 3.1 plus and I had some troubles with an alcatel idol 4 any hints tricks or layout of steps I would greatly appreciate it thanks

  116. Mayss says:

    Hi, I just tried your way to root my Galaxy Note 8 step by step but at end i could not find Magisk app on the phone? please I need urgent help.Thanks

  117. sparkie says:

    i have a tecno wx3pro andriod versoin 7.0 i have managed to unlock my bootloader but i can’t find a way to install a TWRP for my device please help me

  118. Venkatesh says:

    Please tell 10or d and Asus Zenfone Max M1 X00PD mobile how to Root… please tell me Android 8.0

  119. Milkesa says:

    I want to root infinix hot 7(x624b) please help I’m from Ethiopia please.

  120. Rick Kemp says:

    Towel root did not work for me brother I have a supersonic tablet it’s running 8.1 any help will be honored from you keep up the kick ass work

  121. ZACK says:

    i cant find a Stable CUSTOM RECOVERY for my INFIINIX HOT 8 (X650C)
    4/64GB 2GzOCTACORE-Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 chipset..
    i want to remove Bloatwares but cant due to no ROOT ACCESS..
    i cant FLASH SuperSU or MAGISK without a custom recovery….
    any Help will be greatly APPRECIATED..

  122. Satyam upadhyay says:

    Not able to find rooting process for vivo v11 pro .. Please help me .

  123. boonyarid says:


  124. jason says:

    how to root samnsung j4 core

  125. Carolanne says:

    hello. i would like to attempt to root my nokia 3.1 plus using a usb and computer. this is my first time and i dont want to mess up my phone. it was just newly upgraded so any tips id greatly appreciate it. i want to root and unlock my phone if possible

  126. frank says:

    grrrr on my experia when i use towelroot the program ends, when i use easyroottool its says: error device not rooted, on my nokia when i use fastboot it says oem unlocking not allowed and i have the oem unlock enabled also on my experia xa1 🙁

  127. frank says:

    owkee Sony fixed :D, used fastboot but whem device rebooted nothing came on screen but try it anyway, first you have to go to sony website to get unlock code the type fastboot oem unlock 0x(here comes code), that was it . one to go :p

  128. BCorrect says:

    Hi Max,

    I left a message several days ago and it appears to have been removed, so I don’t know whether or not I’ve said something wrong or violated some type of policy.

    At any rate, in making another attempt and treading lightly, I have a Samsung A50 that I’d like to root and since I’m an older gentlemen with limited knowledge, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me? I am very much willing to compensate you for your time because taking back my privacy is that important to me.

    Thank you

  129. mouhamadou dia says:

    hi Max,
    i have a aoyodkg tablet and i want to root it. I try many manners but i can’t do it.
    Help me pls

  130. Ananth S says:

    hi I’m having a headache on unlocking the bootloader in Lenovo vibe k5 note in marshmallow version
    please help me with this problem

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  132. mike says:

    is the bbpriv able to be rooted. the phone is slow and gets hot quick

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