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221 Responses

  1. Dante Colon says:

    Awesome website Max. Keep up the good work.

  2. Robert Corsi says:

    Love your site, please keep me informed. I have a
    Galaxy Nexus and want to know if I should root it or

    • Max Lee says:

      ROOT IT!

      • anuj says:

        max where can i get lg g pro-2 custom roms and best deal between note3 vs lg g pro2

      • DEE says:

        hey can you help me to root my alcatel a574bl tracfone

      • Trevor says:

        Hey Max first I’d like to thank you for high on Android man I’ve been really needing to understand the whole concept of rooting I’m learning so much thanks to this website when before I was having a hard time understanding everything due to so many different tutorials on the subject but everyone of them being just a little of the truth anyways I’m needing to root my Galaxy j3 orbit SM-S367vl if there’s any advice you could give I’d really appreciate it

  3. Andreas says:

    Hi Max

    I have a issue, I hope you can help me.
    I followed your instruction and rooted my Galaxy tab 10.1 and it worked fine. Then I install busybox via clockworkmode and my tab crashed on my first reboot. I can reach clockworkmode but that´s it, my computer can´t find it (but I can hear how my computer “finds it), I can´t start up my tab. but I can reach it via odin3. What can I do? I made a factory reset, but nothing, I have “rooted” it a few times + installed busybox again (via clockworkmode). Can I format my Data and system from clockworkmode? Where can I download new software and reinstall “original” software?
    Can I somehow install ubuntu via Odin, so at least I have one (hopefully) working rom?

    Thanx for your support and great inspiring webpage.

  4. hien says:

    hello max
    you do good work continues
    it is thanks to people like you in advance
    I wanted to ask you if you just advise me on a cutom rom galaxy tab p1000
    if you like me it’s nice for your
    thank you and good day

  5. Rusty.gh says:

    Thx max love the info.

    Question about HTC EVO 3D ROM’s is there a rom that will still run the 3D camera?
    I’m hoping for a list but if I can get just one that would be awesome. I really fell in love with 3D and do not want to lose that on the phone.


  6. Matthew Daniel says:

    Hey have you tried Permissions Free inside BusyBox? It started restarting my Evo4g.. It restarted and then restarted again, I quickly uninstalled it asap on the 4th boot. 🙁

    love your videos.. Keep up the awesomeness!!

  7. Sky Kim says:

    Hi Max!

    I have a request to make to you! I was wondering if you can do a video for how to install midnote 2.2 from midnote 2.1. I really liked your instruction video to install midnote 2.1 on galaxy note. I actually follow your method to install any rom on my note and it works every time without a problem.

    Thanks in advanced.

  8. Rob Desisto says:

    Love your tee’s any 2x or 3x available?

  9. Abel Ramirez says:

    First of all THANKS!!! You made rooting my razr and galaxy tab 10.1 fast and mainly easy… I just found my old droid charge and I was hoping if you had a good method for rooting it. I can’t seem to find anything to root it, but we’ll not a good step by step method with good links.. I’m trying to get this working for my son..
    Please let me know and keep up the awesome work..

  10. snmax21 says:

    Hey Max! You have a lot of phones. Can give me one? 🙂 I’m poor, i’m young I cannot buy one by myself. Love a Galaxy Nexus 😡

  11. Maxcaos says:

    Hi max (Apple sucks) first off my back ground I’ve been rooting everything I can droid1, droid x, x2, droid 3, I’m addicted to ROMs wife won’t let me root her razr maxx. I’ve only had Motorola phones to root I’ve bricked and unbricked em 🙂 i am really comfortable with Motorola but can’t wait for the razr hd because of the Verizon unlimited data subsidized pricing crap going away so i preordered the galaxy s3 i535 and I just wanted to know your thoughts on Samsung and rooting.
    it looks easy like Motorola do they brick and unbrick similarly and how do you like the Samsung GS3 be honest I wont be offended.
    Thanks for your time

    • Max Lee says:

      I love motorola devices but lately it’s causing a lot of headaches for me because motorola SBFs can cause bricks, my droid razr is currently in fastboot failure mode, the only way to fix it is to make motorola factory cable plus Motorola SBFs are not backward compatible. For example, if you are on SBF v.5 you can’t flash SBF v.1. Which causes a lot of headaches and I am not buying any more Motorola devices again until they fix that issue. On the other hand, Samsung GS3 is awesome and GS2 also, you can flash GB to ICS, ICS to GB, unroot to GB or ICS, there’s no restrictions/limits that Samsung puts on the phone, in fact they do the opposite of what Moto has been doing.

      Well, at least Google bought moto so hopefully that will change and when that changes Motorola will regain a place in my heart again but for right now, take a look at my droid razr that cannot be unrooted without a moto factory cable for last 2 months, it’s a sad reality that’s happening to everyone else who doesn’t have the time to solder themselves a stupid cable.

      • maxcaos says:

        Wow glad i didn’t root the maxx yet thanks that really puts my mind at ease i was excited before but now i don’t know if i’ll have enough time in a day with the GS3 AWESOME Thanks max great website keep up the hard work

  12. Richard says:

    I was wondering if and why you haven’t done a review or video on the HTC rezound. My friend hasone and I’ve been talking about rooting it but haven’t found a lot of clear walk through like you do foe the other devices. Hope to hear from you soon keep up the good work.

  13. Wuufer001 says:

    Last flash was on WM6.5 on the touch pro, up until now, with great instructions and step by step guide, no reason to not start flashing again on the I9100. was going to get rid of it until i found out about ZEDOMAX on Youtube lol. Keep up the great work!!!

    quick question though, i have flashed the Resurrection Remix on the I9100.
    On my carrier in South Africa, i normally have to send a text message to the carrier for the model of my phone and they reply with a setting i use in order to activate the 3G network, but i can’t seem to receive that setting, have requested a few times but still didn’t receive. Wondering if maybe you know something that may cause this problem

  14. Rik Diamonds says:

    Do you have a root for the coby kyros 8127 to root into ics roms? Also are they any ics roms

  15. Pruthviraju says:

    Hi Maxx,
    Can i buy the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with 2 year contract from US and use it in India by unlock.

  16. Vi says:

    Hey Max, I have a HTC Amaze 4G for T-Mobile
    I unlocked it and everything but I don’t really know how to root it…not really sure about it…………Can you show me how to root it?? 😀

  17. Huat says:

    Max Lee can you do the samsung galaxy tab 2 (GT-P5100) The Andriod Rom!

  18. PaceyPimps says:

    Please come back f youtube not only did you help them sell Android & there Nexus products more than anyone just continue you video straight from you site or facebook video or even use dailymotion or ustream. There are so many options.

    • Max Lee says:

      There’s a saying in Korean, “You never step over shit, you walk around it.” I am doing that right now. I don’t need to step on shit, caz it’s gonna be the same shit all over. BUT you can check out http://AndroidRoot.org where I am posting all my new vids, still in works but running.

      And thx for the support PaceyPimps I remember you for sheezy!

  19. erikwu says:

    you’re awesome max ! thanks for sharing all thoese information to us …

  20. Jacob says:

    I’m really thinking about getting the galaxy note 2 or s 3 for Sprint carrier, but I’m not sure if I should hold off just in case a new phone comes out. Can you help me out with my decision, & do you know if there are any other android phones coming out soon?

  21. Sam says:

    Hey, Max..do you know how I can find out if Sprint is going lower the price of the galaxy note 2? & if so, what the price will be? Thanks.

  22. emil says:

    Hi max. I very happy that I found your guide for rooting my hox.
    But I have one problem. I upgraded my hboot for installning android revolution hd v13 based on stock jelly bean. Now I can’t install other roms as before and want back to my earlier hboot 1.12
    Is there a possible way to do this? With stock ruu?

    If you can help me with this problem, your helping more people then me.

    You are the best Max. Hope that you can help me!

  23. Kosta says:

    i have the skyrocket i727 unlocked. i cannot get out to the internet though. is there a way to fix this? if you have a video out already about this can you send me the link?

    thank you.

    • Agha says:

      Hi Max,

      Appreciate your guidance with ref to pixel 4a unrooting.

      Have been trying to achieve the same but I keep getting error on my mac that fastboot version is too old and download the newest version from SDK website whilst trying to flash stock rom using fastboot method and the commands for mac listed in one of your tutorials.

      I have downloaded latest SDK platform tools and tried with the fastboot files you’ve uploaded but it doesn’t work in either case. Any idea on where I’m going wrong ?

  24. Kosta says:

    forgot to mention in above post its a tmobile sim on ATT skyrocket.


  25. russell nordquist says:

    Hey Max know your busy bro but i just got the asus transformer infinity and was wondering if you will have a root video for it. So far i love the device super fast. Hope you can get back to until then ill just keep on getting high on android.

  26. Brett says:

    What up max. Can u send me the guide to rooting my phone please sir. I just got a new galaxy s3 and I also want to put jellybean on it. Can u show me how to do this please sir.

  27. Stephan says:

    Hi Guys,

    first of all a big thanks to your detailed root advice and video reviews of latest custom roms. You are the best out there! Saved me lots of time and worries!

    Now I just got a HTC ONE X + here in the UK and I cant find any root advice or custom roms? Is there anything good already? will there be something like onexplusroot.com?



  28. Kevin says:

    Yo Boom shaka lacka!

    I rooted my Galaxy S II and now the screen is broken 🙁 I just received my new phone!

    Is there a way to replicate all my settings apps etc…(including the root)?

    Thanks!!!!!!! 🙂

  29. Karl says:

    hey max, i have a question, i rooted my note 2 gsm using the 3.0.0 toolkit. whenever i flash any rom, i get no bootscreen and the flashscreen thats suppost to say samsung galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 sais this on half of the screen with white lines flashing across it( definitly abnormal) , do u have any idea what the problem might be ? i searched most threads on xda, none have my problem solution. i thought u might help! thanks!

  30. Doug says:

    Is there any way to connect an external (small) HD video camera (via USB) to an Android and record? A normal HD video camera it too big for my application….and a phone has the battery & space to save video. I’m guessing there’s probably some additional hardware and software required – is that correct? If so, I’d be interested in funding the hard/software development…let me know.

  31. Michael Falkson says:

    Hey. Great work!. I have just migrated from Blackberry 9900 to Samsung S2X and already its rooted and I have the latest rom on your site.
    One question which I am sure you can answer, but no one else seems able to. That is, how do you move apps to the REAL external SD card and not the Samsung internal which they call external? This has got me beat
    Looking forward to more adventure in the future

  32. Sam says:

    Hey max and anyone who may know. I have an htc sensation and needed to use it for international use. Will rooting solve that or does anyone else know a free way. Tmobile not giving up the code.

  33. Jason says:

    Love this site! Great work mate! Loving my S4 atm. Can I please suggest some tutorials for future consideration for the S4?

    – How to root the S4?
    – How to install CWM on the S4 and where to get the file?
    – How to flash other countries’ stock rom after flashing?
    – What does CSC, kernels, firmwares etc. mean? How does it affect your rooted / non rooted phone?


    Thanks again for the great contribution to the Android community.

  34. Sam says:

    hi max huge fan, may i ask have u experience overheating problems with ur s4 or battery problems, if u did did the update fix all this issues and does ur phone still become warm after update

  35. CJrazrhd says:

    Max, running cm 10.1 on xt926 but cant figure out how to get verizon voicemail to work? have tried everything, is there something i’m missing?


  36. UnK says:

    Hey Bro, digging the site,been following your page since I first bought the S3(bout 9 months ago)
    I was wondering if I could use the Init script I used on the S3 to give me more space by switching the intention space to external?
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with your informative videos Bro, is truly appreciated

  37. Brian Raab says:

    Hey max I just swapped over to the S4 so I’m kinda new to all this and just discovered your site and videos (awesome) and I just rooted my phone and needed some help with LMT on the S4 I pretty much followed all the steps you showed in your video but whenever I hold down the place where the pie is suppose to show up i just get the home screen pop up. pls hellpppppp 😀

  38. Joe P says:

    Hi Max,

    Love your site and appreciate all your info and videos been following you for a really long time. My question is I am about to buy a new phone soon and I’m looking at 3. They are the (Verizon)

    Galaxy 3 $30
    Galaxy 4 $200
    Droid Razr Max HD $100.

    Price is an issue but I really want a good phone, I always root and use custom roms but I’m not use to the Galaxy’s. I use to the Motorola’s but from what I’ve heard you say I’m thinking of trying something new. PLEASE help me I need your expertise!

  39. yavar says:

    how to set other wallpaper on galaxy s4r without cropping wallpaper under the status bar?

  40. Billy Xu says:

    Hey Max
    I’m a big fan of you on Youtube!.
    I have a problem, with my HTC Sensation XE, i cannot flash my unlock token.bin, it turns out to be an error message after i tapped enter, Ive checked everything, such as devices and programs are needed, plugged in properly.., typed the command correctly.. they are all good, but i just cant flash unlock token.bin, to unlock my bootloader, so annoying!.

    Can you please help? Anything would be appreciated!.

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure you choose “all other devices” in htcdev.com and make sure no whitespaces in front of token when you copy.

  41. Cole says:

    MAX HELP!!!
    I am responsible for maintaining 18 ZTE Optik tablets. That means I have to restore each one then reinstall common apps on each one. I want (need) to root them so I can create and update a single ROM. The only blog I found to help me root them was very confusing and outdated. Can you help?

  42. Waleed says:

    Hey max
    I ordered a Samsung galaxy S4 and it is on the way most probably.
    i just wanna know what would be the best case for it cuz i have a small sister
    and definitely there would be many drops from her. so whats the best to protect it.

  43. Chuck Dukas says:


    Have 2 questions, First had a ATT S4 that they are replacing because of the constant rebooting. I have this rooted with motochopper how can I unroot cause I have to send it back. Second, my new S4 was rooted the same BUT I get a outdate binary su any thoughts what to do. Can I root a different way – much appreciated.

  44. LENIN FRANTZ says:

    I get the message “Unfortunately, Factory Test has stopped working”, I have no lock screen, and when i hold power, it just shuts down, there is no options.

    Please help
    Thanks in advance

  45. LENIN FRANTZ says:

    I get the message “Unfortunately, Factory Test has stopped working”, I have no lock screen, and when i hold power, it just shuts down, there is no options.



    Please help
    Thanks in advance

  46. elvis best says:

    max have you heard or have any ideas about any twrp or cwm for the galaxy tab 10.1 sph-1497 at@t models yet? cant fine anything on it as of yet

  47. alex rosz says:

    i am 70 years old; can not figure out how to do it.
    i have an at&t i437p gophone. i was able to unlock the phone. need the phone rooted and a custom room put on. please help i will pay for your efforts. thanks.

  48. Joseph Irons says:

    I have the new galaxy tab3 7.0 from sprint is there a root for it or the note 3?

  49. Cat says:

    Not sure what the deal is here. Got a recommendation to come here to downloadrom.com for downloadAtrix4g/rooting. As a non member the download kept timing out w/an est time of 4 hrs. So I signed up. Still got the Captcha and still got the time out w/an est time of 4 hrs. So I tried to search the site, but every search I put in for Atrix, Atrix4g, whatever comes up No Results. So I’ve been pretty much wasting the last 5 hrs trying to download a zip file that I’m thinking maybe doesn’t exist. If I don’t get a response in 24 hrs, I’ll know this is nothing more than an elaborate email spam game.

  50. Fırat says:

    Hi Max,

    how are you?

    how can root it LG G2 (D802) about safe method, please can u help me?

  51. Cat says:

    Firat, dont know if you’ll get a response. I havent found a lot of help here. It too me 2 days to figure out on my own how to download the rooting software. I’ve spent another day going thru a rooting process that seems to take everyone 10 min & has an anticipated fix for a hang up at step 10, but I hang up at step 9. I find the site very difficult to navigate. Having been soured on the iPhone, I’m pretty soured on the Atrix. I’m reading to go back to a regular dumb phone.
    If anybody out there’s reading, I cant root. Cant get step 9 adb… step. I need to root to do something about my touch screen digitizer. Pls help

  52. Nick says:

    Hey max, this is really important so I hope you reply.
    So i have the sprint galaxy s4 and I really need to unroot it and get it back to stock rom but every where I look, the only firmware to unroot is for 4.2.2, but I have a 4.3 galaxy s4. I really hope you can find an unroot for a sprint galaxy s4 android version 4.3. I really need it so can you reply ASAP.

    Btw, I’m stuck on cyanogenmod

  53. Nick says:

    Hey max, this is really important so I hope you reply.
    So i have the sprint galaxy s4 and I really need to unroot it and get it back to stock rom but every where I look, the only firmware to unroot is for 4.2.2, but I have a 4.3 galaxy s4. I really hope you can find an unroot for a sprint galaxy s4 android version 4.3. I really need it so can you reply ASAP.

    Btw, I’m stuck on cyanogenmod

  54. James says:

    Do you know and can you explain how to do a 4.3 OTA update with root on Sprint Samsung Galaxy s3?

  55. sanjay says:

    Max I used Kingoroot to root my Galaxy s4 i9500 but it installed a custom recovery and Supersu which forcecloses on bootup itself and also on opening and no app seem to be granted root access and triangle away doesnt work .. im in stock rom but custom recovery and no root access ! Can I use kies to go bacj to stock recovery?

  56. Ivan says:

    Hi Max, i’m in the U.K, i’ve just made the leap from apple IOS to android…. first i find it much more powerful than apples. I have a problem with one of my samsung note 2’s i317 imported from the states. It runs very laggy, so i did a stock firmware flash, it has’nt fixed the problem. The buttons are not responding the same either, power button when pressed does not hibernate the phone but can wake it up and power on, but hold it long enough it will power off menu, the home button does not bring up s voice but brings up app usage page, and gets really bogged down, even from a fresh firmware flash, i notice when in the download flash mode it has had a custom something installed previously. Any ideas??

    Many thanks Ivan ——– Great Site——— recommending to everybody i know!!!!

  57. ivan says:

    Finally sorted out the fix for this, might be usefull for other users, turned out to be incompatible or faulty buttons. Lucky I tested against another note 2 screen, as I though it was going to be the main board.

    Regards ivan

  58. Terrance says:

    Hi max can you please tell me if you know when I might be able to find a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition SM-P605M this has the 700MHz frequency that I need LTE for in my country

  59. Hastley Morelia says:

    Hey Max where can I get my “High on Android” shirt? I need a couple!

  60. kevin campa says:

    hi I just rooted my sph-l720t with official liquidsmooth 3.0 now screen flashes but wont light up. phone still works. any thoughts?

  61. Nick Goblirsch says:

    Hey Max! So i’ve been following you since i bought my S3 and was a subscriber to Galaxys3root.com for years, PLEASE tell me you’re gonna have a site for the new LG G3 very soon?! I just purchased my G3 today and am in love with it but already want to ROOT it. You have taken all the pain out of finding good roms and made the experience extremely easy. I hope i can continue to count on you for all my ROM’ing needs for the foreseeable future!

  62. Mehran says:

    the oneplus one Conversion kit was not work (install) on Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 P7500
    please Try to install this on my galaxy tab

    when i install this kit in TWRP recovery mode show me Failed
    i used Omni 4.4.4 Rom And install 4.4.4 Gapps
    Tank You

  63. ken says:

    Help, HTC one, my photo are jpg.locked can’t open anymore. Why are that locked ??

  64. Bradley Ferrell says:

    In a video on how to disassemble a Galaxy S4 Active, you mentioned that if the screen breaks, both the screen and the frame should be replaced, and you said you’d seen a good place to order this combo from, and that you’d look it up and put the information on the website. I tried using the search bar, but didn’t get any hits. Can you provide a link to this information? When I go to eBay, there are lots of different combinations and prices and I’m not confident about ordering – afraid I’ll get the wrong combination or an inferior product. Can the right stuff be ordered straight from Samsung?

  65. anuj says:

    max where can i get lg g pro-2 custom roms and best deal between note3 vs lg g pro2

  66. liviu florin says:

    Hi Max,
    How can we make S Pen features of note 4 to note 3 and functions ?

  67. RJ says:

    I have an 1:1 S5 copy MTK5682, Android 4.4., purchased new overseas. It reports am invalid IMEI. I’ve done quite a lot of reading into fixing it, and it appears that I need to root the phone and put it into “Engineer” mode from the keypad.

    So I rooted it with Kingo root. I have SuperSU in my Apps, and it does in fact say that Superuser is enabled. And by the way, just what exactly do I do with this App. I know that you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. People foam at the mouth about rooting a device for Administrator access. So what am I going access, change, tweak? People talk about optimizing the device, conserving battery, and on and on and on.

    Anyway, so I go to the keypad and enter in numbers that I found here. And here.

    Phone doesn’t go into Engineer mode. Instead, I see “USSD Code Running”. Then I get a “Connection problem or invalid MMI code.”

    Any suggestions? I really don’t want to mess with this anymore; just get it working for 3/4G data and MMS.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Your help is appreciated.


  68. RJ says:

    Follow-up to invalid IMEi….
    I set up a new APN profile and have mobile data working. I realize that my closing comment to the previous post was incongruous with my question, so let’s go back to that question: is there a fix for the invalid “IMEI 3G” that I see at the bottom of the screen from the pull-down settings menu, and when I ask for it from the keypad and get an “Invalid IMEI”?
    Thanks again.

  69. Dane says:

    can you use a digitizer LCD screen for smn900a samsung note 3 AT&T to replace a cracked digitizer LCD screen for smn900v samsung note 3 for Verizon phone?

  70. Dane says:

    Will a AT&T digitizer LCD screen for smn900a samsung note 3 work for a Verizon smn900v samsung note 3?

  71. Dan says:

    Love the site!
    Quick question: I just rooted my old Galaxy s3 Verizon! (Lucky for me i never took the upgrade stayed in 4.1)
    What would you recommend Mod wise?

    Battery life

    Main focus is going to be used oversea on vodafone Italy

  72. Henry F says:

    really just curious bought a nice tablet offbrand, bootloops,no command !error message when I try to go into recovery mode. is all my data lost? is it reparable? please help..im getting no menus and it has no volume buttons. this a great site and thank you so much!!!

  73. Dushan jay says:

    Hi Max.!
    I love this site so much.. i have learn a ton of things in this site. Now i just got a LG G2 Korean version. Its F320L and build number KOT49I.F320L21Y. i think this is the latest software version of the Android 4.4.2 In LG F320L. the thing is im not able to root this device correctly. i have tried so many ways in XDA and other sites. but nothing helped me. If you can provide a way to root this devise is highly appreciate. I know it’s nothing impossible in Android with you. You are the genius.

    Anyway we are always HIGH ON ANDROID….

  74. Ethan Hunt says:

    Help. I just bricked my n7005, will anyone recommend me what i should do? i tried to reboot it, but it’s just not responding to any button pressed. or even reboot combos.

  75. xnorphic says:

    hey what about samsung a3 and a5/7 ? Will you post roms and unboxing for them ?

  76. xnorphic says:

    what about galaxya3/5/7 . Will you be posting unboxing videos and roms for them too?

  77. Shawn Gilron says:

    Q1 is here and I have many new advertisers with significant budgets.
    I’m looking to buy high-volume traffic.
    How can I reach your sales/media department?

  78. rene says:

    hi max ihave a asus transformtf1010 i think i was root with kitkat an twrp it got stock and i try to do a hard reset but i think by mistek i erased the ios so if yo can help me on how to recovered step by step thankyou

  79. Nijoo says:

    Hi, I have question. I have Galaxy s6 G920FD, Android 5.1.1 is any way to root that device Without Tripping KNOX? and I dont want to lose my finger print as othet lost. Is any way to do it?

  80. gary langdon says:

    Hi Max, I Have a Question.
    I Just Bought a Lg g Flex 2 Unlocked and I am using it on T-Mobile. I can’t get my Mobile Hotspot to work. I of course rooted the flex 2 and I tried to Freeze Hotspot apps on Titanium But That doesn’t work. I tried download Hotspot apps, But that doesn’t work. I tried Downloading SQLite Editor and Followed that the best I can Read and it says it can’t continue giving me an error message. Is it possible to Unlock the Bootloader on this At&T phone Or Do you have something else I can try so I can use my 7gb of Tmobile Hotspot data.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  81. robert says:

    hey max….question?

    I have the zte grand x max plus. It wont boot up it will go to the main
    screen that says “ZTE” and then screen will go off. Screen will still be
    on just black. Phone will boot in FTM mode by pressing volume down and
    power. Phone will also boot in qshusb mode by pressing volume up and
    down and power. Phone will not boot into recovery with volume up and
    power will do the same thing and screen just go blank. Tried with android sdk/adb but since phone doesnt have usb debugging on. adb wont recognize and cant get into phone to set debugging on. Any help or
    advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  82. Frank Koniszewski says:

    Hi, I paid via Visa and the cahrge was approved. How long before I receive confirmation with my login and password?

    Frank Koniszewski

  83. Kg1 says:

    Hi Max, My Note 10.1 was rooted in 2012. It has Build Number JZO54K N8000ZSCMF1. When I press “Power” plus “Down Volume” it enters into ODIN MODE. Can I install TWRP?
    Regards Kevin Gordon.

  84. JZ says:

    Hi, I have 2 questions regarding a Samsung Galaxy S4. First, I have done a software upgrade from kitkat to lollipop and after the phone restarted I got this message: “To start Android, enter you password” – What can I do, I can’t access my phone. Second, I downloaded Odin and installed the CWM on the phone, I’ve done a manual backup to the SD Card, but it stops at /data and says “can’t access /data” – So this means I can’t backup the content on the phone and I need the content (photos & videos) – Will you please help me. Thanks


    Hi,I have a Sprint galaxy s3 16gb currently running Wicked X v8.2 rom and I am trying to install the app2sd mod or your highonandroid rom v 0.3 I have a 64gb class 10 Samsung microsd card formatted as fat32 and exfatI’ve also tried smanager I have looked on your site as well as xda for instructions I can’t seem to get the mod to work any help is appreciated thank you in advance

  86. steve rawlings says:

    Please rooted my samsung galaxy s6 edge following your procedure and using your Kernel i downloaded from your site, i want to unroot it, but anytime i try to download the firmware, it does not download completely, it always ends or stop downloading. I tried downloading the firmware from other sites, it went through but anytime i try unrooting it with Odin it shows fail. Please advice.

  87. Mehdi Zadeh says:

    I have updated my Galaxy S5 to CM13 Android 6.0.1 and having issues with my t-mobile APN data connection. Out of the blue I lose connection or everytime I restart the device. Is there any suggestions you have to help resolve this issue? thank you.

  88. Ken says:

    Hello Max. Been a fan of your videos from the UK. I have got an issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 10.1 inches. I’ve had it for 3 years, it’s rooted and I have reloaded it a couple of times to correct errors or slow downs. But this last straw have proved really difficult. It started going off on it’s own after 2-3 minutes of booting. It keeps rebooting. Now, I have tried all the trick readily available out there; 1. rebooted into CWR mode and wiping all the cache, dalvik and even formatting!2. I have tried reloading another custom ROM. The last time it happened last year, I just loaded a new stock firmware using ODIN and that solved the problem. This time however, the same method does not help.
    After loading a new stock firmware and rebooting, it boots into the old environment, as if the wiping and formatting did not affect it. And the same problem persists i.e. rebooting after 2-3 minutes. It actually freezes before it reboots.
    That’s about as best information I can provide for now. What do you think it’s wrong. I gladly send you a bottle of wine if any solution you recommend fixes the tab.

  89. Ronald Coop says:

    is there any roms for the note 2 sch-r950?

  90. matt dog says:

    hi guys when i try to download android 5.1.1 gaps using IDM it stops at 60% or 90%. i couldn’t get the file.please please help…???

  91. Jacob Voss says:

    I have a Galaxy S6 and it is bricked/stuck in bootloop, something like that. I don’t know why this happened but my phone has been rooted for a couple months and it just randomly started freezing and acting up, and every time I’ve tried to reset it to stock firmware via Odin it fails, I will post below what Odin responds with. I’m not very tech savvy, I just follow the videos. PLEASE HELP.

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    G920PVPU1AOCF_G920PSPT1AOCF_G920PVPU1AOCF_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    • Tim Rix says:

      I had this earlier today on my Sprint Note 4, just flash the twrp recovery img with Odin and it will be fine

  92. Manny says:

    I have a tough question:

    I have a cheap chinese 7″ android Tab. I love it. I added a partitioned 8gig SDcard and moved my 75 apps to the 5gig partition. I still show over 700megs of internal app memory left because everything is on the SCcard. The app I used to move the apps to the SDcard is Apps2SD. It is rooted. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse connected, can stream video to the TV using Rocu and everything is perfect! It my my cheap laptop replacement (although nothing really replaces a laptop).

    I want to image everything in this system, and then restore it to all the other members exact same tablets. Will TWRP do this? If not, what can I use?

  93. Marshall says:

    Hey folks, after getting jammed up by att from an unwanted update on GS5, I lost my root and am now looking for a new phone to root and use on my att account.

    I am aware that att phones come with a locked bootloader and I have read that some other carriers don’t do this. I want to buy a new GS6 or GS6edge. When I go on ebay to look for a new Galaxy, what are the criteria? Carrier? Locked/Unlocked? International? OS version?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

  94. Tim Rix says:

    Is there anyway to flash Lollipop onto the SGH-I467 (ATT) I live in Korea and can’t even get the KitKat OTA update I’ve even tried on wi-fi sending it back to the US etc. I don’t care if the sim works but maybe the Korean variant of the same device (which has phone capabilities) will work? I think if I flashed the Korean variant firmware and radio it might work.

  95. Sher Nabi says:

    sir i want in information about Huawei Y6 pro and Infinix O3,,,which one is best for PAKISTANI users

  96. Dawar Mehmood says:

    Hello max, kindly share your video link in which your recovered android phone to stock rom without having backed up the stock rom

  97. BRAD CROSS says:

    Hey man. First off. Love the YouTube videos…. I enjoy the knowledge forsure…. I have a straight talk hauwei raven and I need to root it and start applying your knowledge to my device….. Its so slow anymore ….

  98. Cody Larocque says:

    Im having the worst problems trying to install xposed on my samsung galaxy s4 and would love some assistance i cant seem to get the installer to pop up once ive entered recovery mode its getting quite annoying. Any assistance would be fantastic its AMRv7 and the phone is v5.0.1

  99. Evan Clearman says:

    Trying to follow the Pokemon Go Hack. Sony Z3v Kingo Rooted, Android 5.1.1, Processor-Qualcomm Pro-AC. Not sure which Xposed build to use, and or how to backup and or if need be replace my rom. Any help is much appreciated.

  100. Sumit Kumar says:

    Hi Lee,
    I want to upgrade my samsung sgh-i527 to marshmallow. please provide me link to download custom rom & gapps

  101. Jeremy demetrioff says:

    Hello max. I’m here in canada and I am interested in purchasing the galaxy note 7. Unfortunately. Canada and the USA will only be getting the snapdragon 820 processor and I really want the exynos 8890. I’ve watched your sot video with the s7 edge 8890 vs s7 edge 820 vs mate 8 and could not believe the difference in battery life! I am a huge fan of you and your videos. I am on the wind network in canada and the note 7 version they will sell is the n930w8. Is there a way I could import a exynos 8890 version that will work on my network . IF SO. How do I find out what exynos note 7 model will work with my provider ? Where do I order the exynos note 7?? I appreciate any help and just wanted to let you know that you do a really good job with your videos. If it wasn’t for you i would have no clue that the exynos was that much more efficient. Thank you!

  102. Jamey Sewell says:

    Please, for the love of God…Or maybe just Android, tell me you have figured out a way to wifi tether with NOTE 7? Switched from a Verizon unlimited grandfathered plan to AT&T Unlimited (Directv) plan. Unfortunately, the didn’t tell me I couldn’t tether….AT ALL. Not even if I wanted to pay for a tether subscription. They don’t allow it. Please tell me there’s a real work around?

  103. Panot Mahmutaj says:

    Hi Max, do you know how to root Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 model. I would be so happy if you make a video how to root the J5 2016. It would help me a lot.
    The Model number is: SM-J510FN

  104. Gordon Claridge says:

    Just installed the Note 7 ROM for Note 3. My SIM card is not being recognized. I think it may have someting to do with the CSC code. I am on Rogers in Canada. Anybody know what CSC code I should use?

  105. masi says:

    HI….I was rooted my galaxy note n920c then again installed unathorised os now my battery consuming 30% to 40% battery in the night then i contact samsung care they said to buy new motherboard i dont want to spend the money on the motherboard please help me from this issue…my email is masi7752@gmail.com

  106. Novel says:

    Hey, I really need some help with my Alcatel One touch P360x. Its stuck on Bootloop, i think i might have soft bricked i. I tried everything possible, tried to wipe all data, wipe cache several times but nothing helped. I tried to look for the stock rom but couldn’t find anything, HELP

  107. george mateos says:

    hi max, can you me upgrade my zenfone 2 to marsmallow 6.1, i tried manually but so far i falied. whenever i paste the user zip to the internal storage there is no notification about the new firmware.

  108. Randell Jackman says:

    Hi, I was looking at your vid on installing a custom ROM on the Note 7. I have the dual sim version. Does this then mean that I can no longer use both slots for my sim cards as one has to have the SD card with the ROM? Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

  109. Jay Gill says:

    hey how’s it going Max
    first off I just wanted to say great job on all your videos on YouTube I just subscribed I learn about your channel from Albert Torres aka thacooloser. Anyways I got a quick question have you ever made any custom ROMs for the bluboo Maya max if so I’m just curious if you have any info on that.

    Thanks, Jay

  110. Gavin Wickham says:

    Hi Max Thanks a ton. Used your tutorial to root S5 range (S5 and Note5) Worked perfectly! Now need to root galaxy Note 6. Can you help? My email triadgw@gmail.com

  111. Kaya Johnson says:

    Hello. I’ve been looking through your website and found it pretty captivating. I was wondering whether it is possible to publish an article here (guest posting for example). Please e-mail me soon to inform about such opportunity. I’ll gladly discuss any details related!

  112. Michael says:

    Max I have a At&t note 4. going to be getting another phone to be able to have root. I am looking at the best phone to replace it with what do you suggest? I want to keep the 5.7′ screen and SD port and i have found the Honor 8 Pro what are your thoughts on that specific phone?

  113. Michael Ferro says:

    The Data fix link seems to not be working. Can you fix it? Thanks


  114. Mikey says:

    Hi Max..do you know if it is possible to root Korean V20 F800K ?

  115. Dandachi says:

    Please Max i need help right now my phone has nothing on it no TWRP no nothing using huawie p9 plus.
    I tried force update but it starts at 5% then directly fails i even tried DC phoenix but still it detects it with 5% then directly fails as well if you have any solution for me that would be great.
    Thank you

  116. Richard R. says:

    Do you know if there is a way to install Android Nougat on a Nexus 10 tablet? If so can you point me in the direction of how to do it? Thanks

  117. Rolando says:

    Hey Maxx….. Can you please make a vdeo tutorial explaining on how to change splash screen (bootlogo) on Note 5 ??????…. THX

  118. Joe says:


    I have found an issue with 2 Samsung S8 pluses, and of course Samsung denies and is not helpful in trouble shooting. Maybe you can help investigate or trouble shoot.

    I had purchased a Samsung s8 plus, and never had an issue with it. I had always kept the phone in an otter box case, and zagg glass screen protec5or. I have never dripped or mistreated the phone. Perfectly flawless.
    The note 8 came out, and I had decided to make the upgrade to the Note, and had intended to keep the s8 plus as a backup phone, or be able to cha ge on the fly between the 2 phones when I wanted.

    I fully charged the s8, powered the phone off and placed back in the factory box and in a safe place in my closet. 3 weeks after sitting in my closet, in touched I decided to mess with the phone. I found that the phone was completely dead and would not take a charge. I connected to both wired and wireless chargers, the charging indicators, led lights and phone do no respond. After 3 solid days on the charger, nothing. I called Samsung and sent the phone out to be repaired or replaced.

    3 weeks later got the phone back perfectly working. I did the same thing, placed the phone back in the box and into my closet. 2 weeks later, the same thing happened. Phone is completely unresponsive and again not taking a charge.

    This makes no sense. I am now 2 for 2, with the identical issue. I was wondering if you have heard or seen this, as Google has not been helpful. I can send the phone back to Samsung, but I’m afraid that it will happen again as I plan to only use the phone as a back up.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Sincerely, one of your biggest fans. JOE.

  119. Cat says:

    My Note 2 is stuck on the Samsung logo. I tried what I can find online to get the phone working. I think it is the motherboard. At this point, all I want is to save my data. Is there any way for my PC to see the data on the phone? Tried several data recovery software, and all of them need my phone to turn on usb debugging. I can’t access the phone. So how can I do this? Any help? Thanks!

  120. Daniel Hofford says:

    I’d like to see you do a piece on wifi in cell phones and why there is such a high failure rate. Would like to see all the hardware that makes up the wifi circuitry [also bluetooth] and how to replace them. I’ve watched a couple of videos on replacing the wifi chip but the people don’t talk in them so it’s always a ‘guess’ as to what they are doing. Also would like to see some database of new parts.

  121. Chris says:

    Mr. Lee,
    I have an unlocked LG G5 RS988, Nougat. I am using an MVNO–Boom Mobile–for data. I unlocked the bootloader successfully, however my APN settings went back to factory. There is no option for creating or adding another APN. When I tried to modify the factory APN and save it, the APN disappears until I exit and reenter the mobile data functions. Can you help me with this issue? Is there a way around this, or will I have to re-lock the bootloader and leave is as is?

    By the way, your information over the past few years has been very helpful. Thank you.

  122. Khanh nguyen says:

    Hey max lee…. need a little help…

    I have a note 8 android with verizon. I want to use my 4g lte data …to netgear wndr3400 router. I been having trouble trying to use my data for home use. Please if this is possible let me know what i need todo … a video would be awsome if you have one setup. Thanks in advance. Your the best

  123. ahmed says:

    hi max lee,

    please help me to unlock bootloader for zenfone 3 deluxe zs570kl

  124. Luis Pineda says:

    The Samsung driver is blocking me. What can I do to unblock it?

  125. Sateesh says:

    Hi Max, I tried installing android 8.1 on my sm-910T note 4 and getting ‘could not mount /data and unable to find cypto footer.’ ‘Failed to mount ‘/data’ (Invalid arguments) error. Now I can’t use my phone completely. Is there any step I was missing? Any help would be appreciated.

  126. M Moore says:

    Is it possible for me to root my 1st gen moto 360 and install the newest version of wear OS.

  127. Lee Phung says:

    How are you making money these days? PPC? Or straight YT? Thanks

  128. joseph sisto says:

    Hello Max,
    I just wanted to know if you can install the Pixel 2/3 rom on mi8?
    If so how much would it cost?
    I could unlock the bootloader, i have permissions but after that it drives me crazy to install a rom and twrp.
    If so, please let me know.

  129. Amin Taghi Pour says:

    Hi men.
    My phone is LG G3 beat.
    My phone is very slow.
    How can I upgrade my Android?
    Help me,please.

  130. android says:

    hi max,

    your forum site is down…and dr. ketan is also not responding (see post below) ….
    so can you please put this post on your board (feel free to exchange dr. ketan with max) and preferably give me some quick hints?
    if all goes well i promise to buy a t-shirt 🙂

    greetings from the old dominion to the golden state!


    p.s.: happy new year!



    Rooting problems IMEI – CAMERA etc. and solutions / 8.1 –> 9.0
    dr. ketan – ur the boss! i have rootet my SM-960F (Oreo 8.1) with
    * twrp-3.2.3-0-crownlte_UNOFFICIAL recovery.tar and
    * N9_S9_Root_for_OEM_issue_devices_V3.zip
    and have (partially solved) the following issues:
    * IMEI numbers turned to zero after rooting which I solved by wiping, and repeating the root procedure without my SIM card inserted!
    * Samsung camera app crashes and device immediate reboots when opening the camera app – solved by clearing the camera cache !
    * Samsung camera app crashes and device immediate reboots when opening it from 3rd party app such as Skype!!! This couldn’t been solved by re-installing the app, clearing all caches even with TWRP!
    –> What is the solution here???
    Secondly, can I upgrade to Pie with the already installed TWRP 3.2.3-0 by flashing latest N960 (Pie) firmware and your new “N960F_DS_N_PIE_Root_for_OEM_issue_devices_V5. zip” file ??
    Should I then flash Magisk manually with your “magisk_for_pie.apk” ??
    Would this solve the 3rd party camera app /system crash??
    Finally can I change afterards IMEIs with your tool “IMEI_Tool_N9_XDA_1.1.apk” without any software/hardware problems??
    Thanks a lot, boss !

  131. Dj says:

    How can someone get contact info with any of you guys to have a real conversation.

  132. rohit pandey says:


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    Your website. We are specially interested in the link placement in existing post. How much do you charge for the link placement in existing posts?

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    Looking forward to building long-term business opportunities with you.

    Best Regards,


  133. BOWSER1533 says:

    Nice site bro. I got a
    Lg stylo 4 and so far i haven’t any method to substitute for the lg developer method. Any gu7u

  134. Kevin Kirby says:

    Thank you for having this site it’s simple and most of all it’s not full of clutter and links that go to other links. Your how to tutorials are done to where anyone can learn how to do things that are otherwise intimidating. I found you on YouTube and now I’m proudly HIGH ON ANDROID.

  135. Kevin Kirby says:

    I need an app that can root my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that has 512gb of ram. I don’t have access to my computer no more and need to root my phone for many reasons. I’m going to jump right into Android Development in hopes of being a self taught developer.

  136. Mark Perez says:

    Hi Max,

    Thank you for all of the tutorials you’ve made. I learned so much more about Android that I needed to haha.
    Keep up the great content

  137. sajid khan says:

    hello sir g my motorola xt1254 droid turbo sir not working bootunlock pls pls solve my problem sir

  138. Harry rice says:

    I was wandering what I can do I’m stuck I have been going back and forth on iphone and my note 8 I would like to stay with android but no hotspot cant root snapdragon please help

  139. Quresh bodla says:

    Heyyy max
    U can made any videos regardin how to install proper ios rom with siri software on android cell phones that can be an awsome idea to work up on……


  140. Sébastien says:

    Hi Max I would like to root my S9 Plus but I’m not sure if the model can. It’s a SM-G965W.

  141. William Hagan says:

    Hello Max any root options for LG M154 (Risio 2) I have looked everywhere
    I have Rooted several devices but no luck on Lg

  142. Amine says:

    Hi Max
    please help me to find unlock code bootloader for my huawei p10 plus I would root but huawei web site unlock bootloader is ended
    Is there a new way to unlock bootloader huawei phone?

  143. Mizraim says:

    Hi, I have being following you and using your tutorials to roots my phones for a long time, tanks a lot.
    I recently rooted my galaxy s8+, using your tutorial, everything worked perfectly but I have been noticing that some apps that require root don’t work, for example adway doesn’t block ads, wifi recovery doesn’t work and keeps asking for root permissions (all really granted) and doesn’t reveals the password of the wifi o have connected before. Any suggestion?

  144. Zeke says:

    hey max need help unrooting my samsung s9 sm-g960f

  145. Ryan W. says:

    What’s up Max L,

    Question for you… Could you possibly consider doing a step-by-step video/tutorial on how to change the boot animation on SM-G935W8, please?? (if it matters, w/ported SM-G960F ROM ) I also want to thank you and your entire team for the clear and very informative tutorials you folks produce.
    Thanks again!!

  146. Cordelle says:

    Max. Longtime viewer,and phone on real. I have an LG Rebel 4 model LML211BL that I have tried everything to root…..feom towelroot,kingroot, etc.. With no success even after enabling all USB debugging/OEMunlock features. Am I missing something ? Or is this cheap Tracphone unit my match ? All advice is appreciated.

    • Dj says:

      Yea your missing a lot of your trying to use an app to root your devices. Most apps instal viruses and honestly you can root your device by changing a simple file you can create yourself but the majority do not want to tell the simple code instructions to enter.

  147. K says:

    Cordelle. No one answers these posts anymore. Previously asked a series of questions that went ignored. I would suggest turning on Developer options; etc…and then install and retry King Root. Some companies go the extra mile to lock down their phones.

    • Dj says:

      None of this Android phones can be locked down. The entire system is open source. The developers are not going to tell all the secrets for job security sake. You basically have to learn basic Linux commands and use one of their operating systems to get into any phone. Most androids are still vulnerable to the stage-fright exploit so just create a super user account for yourself and block out the rest of the users controlling your Android phone. No apps needed just a bunch of time and coding!

  148. Emmy Trussell says:

    Hi HighOnAndriod,
    My name is Emmy and I’m with CleanMedia. I’m reaching out because I took a look at your site and think we could help HighOnAndroid further monetize your traffic. We’re currently offering a guaranteed $3 CPM for all desktop US impressions on a 400×255 side-adhering ad unit.
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    What do you think? I’d love to set up a call to give you more details if so.
    Thanks and I look forward to chatting!

  149. E says:

    hello Mark, i have seen your yt video -s8 rooted.
    what are the advantages of rooting an android phone?

    kind regards

  150. K. Friedrich says:

    Hello Mr. Lee,

    I watched your Video about rooting the Samsung Galaxy S10. My question ist, could you do a Video on upadting (OTA) the rooted Samsung S10 and do I always have to root the S10 after updating it?

  151. Hish says:

    Hi I in outside us I’m in South Asia . I recently bought a sprint LG G8 on eBay but unfortunately I can’t use my country sim. No any popup when I insert my SIM card. It’s locked sprint only. Do you have any idea how to unlock bootloader or root? How can I change sprint based firmware? How answer soon as possible

  152. RogerW17 says:

    Hi, the link to the forum doesn’t seem to work. I get the error “This site can’t be reached
    forum.highonandroid.com took too long to respond.”
    I have just installed Android 9 Pie and Gapps on my Oneplus One. Android 9 works fine but the Gapps install fails with error code 7. Any idea what causes this? (I had intended to search the forum for this problem but can’t get to the forum page)

  153. Tyler Webster says:

    I just used your great YouTube video on upgrading the Note 4 to Oreo, but now there is no network connection

  154. Harry says:

    Hey Max I have the Android Samsung Galaxy A50 that see if exynos I was wandering if u could do a root just for it I tried to follow messed up please help me k really want this phone rooted sm-a505g

  155. Asghar says:

    Dear Sir my phone T Mobile Revvl plus C3701A Coolpad bootloader is blocked I have unlocked bootloader please inform me what is link bootloader unblock and I want this device is Root I request you please reply via email

  156. Emmy Trussell says:


    My name is Emmy and I’m with CleanMedia. We’re a full-service ad management platform and publisher representative that helps sites maximize their ad revenue with clean ads.

    We’re currently offering guaranteed monthly minimums for new publishers and would love to chat about representing HighOnAndroid as a publisher.

    If you’re interested, I would love to set up a time to chat this week. What day works for you?


  157. Tony says:

    Hi there please i need ur help i have rooted my s8+ with ur root method magisk version 20.3 my phone running latest android pie i cant create secure folder is there a way to get it to work again it keeps telling me unauthorized thing on the phone please help thanks in advance

  158. Tony says:

    And 1 more thing if u reflashed the the stock rom can i run secure folder again or it will stay knox tripped forever on my device samsung s8+ thank you

  159. MJ says:

    bro i hve rooted my device in the same method u did it on oneplus 8 pro and by mistakely i hve uninstalled magisk and it just went worng it displyed flashing and it when to reboot and nothing is cuming in my phone bro plz hlep with it i got devices few months ago oly and i dont no what do Max bro reply me

  160. waleed butt says:

    Hey max,

    I am from Pakistan, a big fan of you, recently I updated my s8 plus with custom ROM of a9 plus after seen your video but there is a problem after that and that is my fingerprint is working but when I press power on button then it is working to unlock, it is not working instantly like before they are working with off-screen. I really need your help please assist me as soon as possible…. 05-06-2020

    Waleed butt

  161. BCorrect says:

    Hi Max,

    I found your site and Youtube how to’s for Android. Please bear with me as I am older and not so tech savvy. Any any rate, I have a Verizon Samsung A50 and watched your video as well as others on how to root because I would like to take back my privacy from bloated apps forced upon users from both Samsung and Google. Sadly, Android’s most recent software update 5/2/20 has not only disabled the OEM feature, but also disabled the ability to revert dates backwards for gaining access to the OEM. I’ve already dl’d Odin 3, and SDK but can’t find the Firmware for my A505U. That said, I tried to reach you on Twitter w/a follow but you don’t have Messaging enabled, therefore I was wondering if you could contact me, and walk me through the rooting process for which I am more than happy to pay you for your time because rooting my phone is that important to me.

    Keep up the good work.



  162. Harry says:

    Hi Max, my s10 exynos is stuck in the ‘Downloading…Do not turn off target’ screen. I followed the on-screen instruction for restarting phone (Volume down key + Power key for more than 7 secs) . It goes to the black screen with red and yellow briefly but just loops back to teal screen without shutting off. How do I get out of this? Thanks.

  163. Ja'afar bin Sarbani says:

    Hello Max. How are you? I am curious: Do you have a used phone that has been rooted with Magisk that you could sell? I don’t care about the brand, but the RAM is at least 3GB and the ROM is at least 32GB.

  164. Alireza.a.v says:

    Hi I have a leagoo t8s please tell me how can I root it? It’s necessary for me to root my phone so I will be grateful if you tell me, thank you

  165. Murtuza says:

    Hi Max, your videos are really nice.
    I still have a old Oneplus One, which I Rooted and Installed TWRP…. but the older version ( bacon)
    I saw your vdo for installing 9.0 Pie on OPO, in which we need TWRP (3.0 and above)
    The problem I am facing now is that my phone is not booting. Its only going to TWRP or fastboot mode but am i not able to do anything more …..
    When i connect my phone to pc by USB, and go to TWRP, it disconnect so am not able to copy any files from PC to Phone.

    Please suggest how should i go forward and update the TWRP and get my phone started.
    Thanks in Advance

  166. Ethan Andrews says:


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