Android Root 101 Series! [HighOnAndroid]

This page is dedicated to the HighOnAndroid “Android Root 101 Series.  The Android Root 101 Series is designed to help average users without computer knowledge to learn how to root their Android smartphone or tablet.  Whether you are running the latest Galaxy S9 or trying to root an old Nexus 6, these tutorials in the series will help you understand better how rooting and custom ROMs work in Android.

Most of these tutorials are designed to be “moduler” so depending on what you are trying to do, you may have to follow one of several different tutorials.

This page is a WIP(Work In Progress), not a finished product.  So, check back often as it will be updated often until the whole series is finished.

Need to Root?  Start Here.

If you want to root and also install custom ROMs, we recommend you to install TWRP recovery and root your Android.  This is the “traditional”/preferred way of rooting as you have full-control and all the tools are ad-free.   However, sometimes this root method doesn’t work on every Android.  For those occasions, you may consider using a 1-click root methods but those do NOT install TWRP recoverly and you won’t be able to install custom ROM or hide root with Magisk.

Chapter 1. Unlock the Bootloader on your Android

In Chapter 1 of the Android Root 101 series, you will learn the “universal method” on how to unlock the bootloader on any Android device that has standard bootloader unlocking method.

Chapter 2. Install TWRP Recovery & Root w/ Magisk!

In Chapter 2 of the Android Root 101 series, you will learn how to install TWRP recovery on various different Android devices and root your Android with Magisk.  We will also cover the older and newer recovery partitions which have different methods of rooting.  Understanding the different methods to install TWRP recovery will make you a #HighOnAndroid expert.

UPDATE: For Android 10, you need to use How to Root Android 10 Tutorial!

Chapter 3. How to Install Custom ROM w/ TWRP!

Chapter 3 will cover how to install custom ROMs using TWRP recovery on various different Android devices.

WIP below…

Chapter 4. How to Backup & Restore ROM w/ TWRP!

Chapter 5. How to Backup & Restore Apps & App Data w/ Titanium Backup App!