Galaxy S5 Android 8.1 Oreo Review/Install Guide!

For those of you who want to revamp your old Galaxy S5 or want to buy a cheap Galaxy S5 on ebay and put the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, here’s a quick review/install guide.  No root required!

Installation is really easy, you do NOT need to root your phone.  Simply install TWRP recovery then install ROM/Gapps and reboot.  Will work on any Galaxy S5 supported below.  This is the Resurrection Remix ROM which comes with all the standard features of latest Android 8.1 Oreo along with slew of customization.  For example, you will be able to customize your status bar(center clock) or even customize your hardware buttons(e.g. back button become camera button).

Performance also much improved with Antutu scores nearing 70K so you will have lag-free performance.  Now, this is NOT a TouchWiz-based ROM, meaning you will get nearly pure Google OS just like on Nexus devices but even better since you get the added customization from Resurrection Remix team.   Also, camera works flawless and 4K video recording is supported.  In my testing, I found everything working out of the box including WiFi, calls, 4G LTE, etc…etc…  If you are still on laggy Samsung TouchWiz or older Android OS, this is definitely the best way to make your phone new and start over.

This will work on the following models:

  • SM-G900F, SM-G900M, SM-G900I
  • Canadian SM-G900W8
  • T-Mobile SM-G900T
  • Sprint SM-G900P

Download files:

  • (Latest April 5th)Resurrection Remix ROM for all S5 listed above – Link
  • (Unofficial Feb version)Resurrection Remix ROM for all S5 listed above – Link
  • TWRP Recovery – Link
  • Download Android 8.1 GappsLink
  • ODIN Program – Link
  • Samsung USB Drivers – Link
  • Download Magisk – Link (optional if you want root and also hide root)

Special Thanks to the Resurrection Remix Team, please hit Thanks here on XDA and donate!


Q: Does this work on AT&T SM-G900A?
A: Unfortunately no, the AT&T SM-G900A has a locked bootloader and no one has been able to figure out how to unlock the bootloader yet.  Your best bet is to sell your AT&T SM-G900A and grab the T-Mobile SM-G900T instead which will allow you to fully root and also use fully on AT&T 4G LTE network.

Q: Does this work on Verizon SM-G900V?
A: Yes, but you need to unlock the bootloader first.  Please see this post. Once bootloader has been unlocked, you can flash any S5 ROMs like a regular klte.

Q: Will this allow me to enjoy latest Android 8.1 Oreo?
A: Yes, you will be able to enjoy the latest Android Oreo along with slew of customization/features Resurrection Remix ROM brings.  Performance will be enhanced and also your battery life will improve with latest Android Oreo custom ROM.

Q: Does this ROM work on Korean SM-G900K, SM-G900S, or SM-G900L?
A: Korean models are not supported but there are ways you can make it work, see:

Q: Why do I need to flash Gapps?
A: You need to flash Android 8.0/8.1 Gapps since most custom ROMs do NOT come with Play Store.  It is easy to do, simply flash Gapps after flashing ROM with TWRP recovery, that’s it!

Q: Do I lose all my apps?
A: If you are coming from stock firmware, yes.  You will have to start over since custom ROMs like this are not usually compatible with stock firmware.  However, you will be able to update to newer versions of this custom ROM without losing apps by simply flashing over ROM and Gapps without factory reset.

Q: Do I need to root my Galaxy S5 to install this ROM?
A: No, you only need to flash TWRP recovery to install this ROM.  TWRP recovery allow you to flash any custom ROM and it is easy to install TWRP using ODIN as shown in the video above.

Q: I am a beginner, can I do this without problems?
A: Yes, anyone can indeed install this if you follow the video tutorial step-by-step.  Please only install ROMs on a phone you don’t use or at least have a backup phone so if something goes wrong, you will have another phone to make/receive calls.  Use your common sense and don’t install ROMs on a phone you absolutely need at the moment.  Also give yourself plenty of time(few hours) to install a ROM so you don’t hurry and miss a step.

68 Responses

  1. Max says:

    Can u do a tutortual for s5 sm-gooh international model plz

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Max
    Would this work on galaxy s4?

  3. Matt says:

    Is there an option for S6?

  4. Kevin Lehman says:

    Does anyone know if this works on the S5 SM-G900A as well ???

  5. Maine says:

    How can I install this to note5

  6. Reggie says:

    Everything works great but mobile data is greyed out. Error states: (No SIM card – 123456) in upper left part of the screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in Advanced.

  7. John says:

    Does your IR blaster work on your S5? Flashed this ROM today and noticed my AnyMote isn’t recognizing the ability.

  8. George says:

    I have problems with autorotate. Is not going back to portrait. I need to lock and unlock the phone to come back to portrait.

  9. Jayjay says:

    How about sm g900k?

  10. GERMAN says:

    Hi Max, tried to install it with TWRP on a SM-G900M and got a message saying the ROM is not intended for this device. Any suggestions?

  11. Dejan says:

    Hi Max, is there any custom rom for Samsung Galaxy s5 Neo SM-G903F?

  12. ionel says:

    Hi Max,

    I succedd to install the version on my SM-G900F phone and almost evreything works fine except the camera. The pictures mode works fine but I am not able to take a video. I start the recording and when I press stop the application crash.

    Thanks for your help,


    • Saad Sidz says:

      same thing happens with me SM-G900P phone , video recording crases or says do not support video format, even other apps cant record but can take pictures can you help please MAX ?

  13. Tobgay says:

    Can i do it on sm-g900j

  14. DE Real Christian says:

    Please can this rom work on my s5 SM-G900H ????
    Please reply before I start to download.

  15. Eric Reichard says:

    The 4/5 release of RR Oreo v8.1 (RR-O-v6.0.0-20180405-klte-Official) is good but has several flaws that make it not ready for day-to-day use.

    1. Boot time (on SM-G900T) is 50 seconds compared to 20 seconds on Samsung’s Marshmallow v6.0.1 or 33 seconds on LineageOS-UnOfficial Oreo v8.1

    2. Video is sluggish (compared to Samsung or LineageOS) – Play BallZ and you will see the difference

    3. Battery drains dramatically fast compared to Samsung or LineageOS. A full battery lasts 12 hours on Samsung, 8 hours on LineageOS and 3 hours on RR.

    4. No support for T-Mobile’s WiFi-Calling. Lineage OS also has no support for WiFi-Calling.

  16. Anthony says:

    What about smg 900A?

  17. Daniel says:

    Hi Max
    I have a problem with camera because when I finish recording I can not find where is the move saved. I don’t have it in my gallery.

  18. Michael Mildner says:

    I flashed Resurrection Remix Oreo released /klte/ to my galaxy s5.
    I cannot get sidesync to work and there is no app file you can place on the home screen to contain other apps instead of just listing them on a page. Finally, what is the best way to update oreo, where do I go for future updates. Your help is appreciated.

  19. Michael Mildner says:

    Correction, sidesync does work. You must change some app settings on sidesync to work. On marshamallo galaxy s5 you can install with no app setting change.

    In marshamallo you could create an app folder from the three dots where all the apps are listed. Then you can put all your communication apps in one folder, all your astro apps in another folder, all your photo apps , also in another folder, etc. Whereas in Oreo you have just one folder or page that list all your apps in alphabetical order. You need to remember the apps name to scroll the Oreo app page alphabetically. I have not found an application that can make an app folder described above.

    The people working on Oreo updates might review all the tried and true features of KitKat to marshamallo and incorporate them into future updates. Not an easy task to do a proper analysis

    I like Oreo a lot, especially the missing memory hogging battery draining applications from other vendors and tmobile, lookout and Samsung apps that everyone hated, but could not delete because it might cause other system apps not to function properly.

    What a joy to be able to put Oreo on galaxy S5 that was headed for the bone yard and give economically deprived individuals a chance to pick up a great Samsung smartphone with a current operating system for under a hundred dollars.on ebay, instead of paying much higher prices. This is a major breakthrough. A font forget the Galaxy S5 has a micro SD slot allowing you to insert a 128 mb (or more) that can be partitioned to increase your internal memory far beyond 32 gb , and give many GB of external memory use such apps as app2sd program.

    Some one concepts mentioned above are going to revolutionize the smartphone industry.

    My sincire appreciation to all the Oreo team members that worked hard on this project. Also, a special thanks to Max.

  20. Michael Mildner says:

    Correction on a orrection. You can create an app folder that can contain other apps on Oreo by simply placing one app directly over another app. I missed this feature because I did not see a direction to create a circular app folder. In marshamallo you have a direction to create an app folder when you press the three dots you will see create folder. Oreo allows you to name that new group of apps below the circular app folder.

    Also, I thought I solved the problem to get sidesync working on Oreo, but now back to the drawing board. On marshamallo I used sidesync on my phone to connect by USB to my Lenovo T520. I like using a USB connection for a more stable video than using WiFi with its static interference and sometimes shaky picture. I like sidesync, but looking for another alternative using USB.

  21. bosko says:

    What about Galaxy s5 At&t version sm-g900a ?

  22. Sonny says:

    Just flashed my S5 and it works just fine for the most of the time, but the videocam is not working for me either, has someone got it to work?
    And how about new releases, how do i get hol of them?

  23. AJ says:

    Can I do this to the SM G900H?

  24. Dorryl says:

    hey man I absolutely love this update to my slow and laggy phone, But I have a new issue I have no moble data on my phone Im live in ontairo,canada and im with chat-r wireless the runs off the rogers network. I call both chatr and rogers but no help when it comes to that so i was wondering if you know any solutions i can use to fix this. for some reason i can change any of the apn names, please help.

  25. Kevin Pasanski says:

    If I have AT&T unlock my SM-G900A, will it then work?

  26. Anthony says:

    Can it be installed with safestrap??I av a Cid 11.. smg900v

  27. m says:

    can i use this on the g900fd?

  28. Mark says:

    How can I post a screenshot….when I boot into Recovery mode….I can’t reboot to proceed with the installation…..Can someone post what files go in what Odin fields?? I have the T-Mobile S5. Thanks

  29. swaroop says:

    will sm-g9006v work? pls reply …. I have tried and it went into a boot loop ….

  30. Alin says:

    Everything works great on S5 SM900F.thanks.

  31. TAMIM says:

    I am now a 4.4.2 system that can prove ROM

  32. Mark says:

    Finally got it downloaded and working like a charm…..much thanks!!

  33. 박용준 says:

    하이 맥스~ sm-g906l 버전은 안돼나요?

  34. Rob says:

    anyone having NFC problems like it not even starting??? SM-G900I

  35. jay says:

    Hi Max will this rom work for this model SM-G9001 and can you tell me if any bugs .
    Does everything work??? boot time still same? bluetooth ,rec video? any known compatibility issues with this model???
    Most importantly please tell me Max after I install the rom and some things dont work can I do a factory reset and restore my previous O/S Android Marshmellow???

  36. jay says:

    Jay – hi rob i got the same S5 model as you did you some issues with the rom? . If i cant restore my original O/S I wont install this Rom.

  37. Praj says:

    will this work on sm-g900h please reply

  38. hannah says:

    Max, how safe is this for my phone? Thanks!

  39. Ieslei says:

    That is great to know, but does it work with SM-G900MD model????

  40. joe says:

    Hi Maxx,

    Great video, do you have any solutions for my phone not recognizing my sim card? It’s a sm-g900p.

    Looking forward to your response!

  41. Abdulahad says:

    Can i install this on sm-g900t1?

  42. Rowan says:

    I’ve had my SM-G900F since mid-2014, when I bought it new. Started on KitKat and it has seen every major version of Android since. Now on Oreo, RR-O-v6.1.0.20180711.

    It is still going strong, and even though phones more superior (in some ways!) are being released, I’ve been happy holding on to my S5. It’s also nice to see how cheaply a second-hand S5 can be picked up for now, and that the latest OS and security patches are still available for it, through custom ROM’s.

    If there’s one gripe I have with the Resurrection Remix ROM, it’s that my bluetooth gamepads do not work. I have an 8bitdo NES30 Pro, as well as 2x 8bitdo Zero controllers. They pair just fine to the phone, but nothing happens when buttons are pressed. Bluetooth audio works fine, it’s just gamepad input. I moved to an RR Oreo ROM from a LOS Nougat one, and it worked fine with that.
    Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and know of a solution? If not, no worries. I just hope that the issue will be resolved in a future update.

  43. Martin F says:

    Hello, first thank you for the tutorial. I cannot seem to get past the recover.img in Odin3. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    • Robin Son says:

      You need to post more info. Start with type of phone you have!
      And maybe someone with the same will help you.

  44. Robin Son says:

    I have SM-G900V Running. Nice JoB Max and AptLogic on XDA

  45. William says:

    Hi Maxx I followed all steps to install Oreo but unfortunately, my phone reinitiates again and again and without no success.
    What can be done?
    Thanks for your help

  46. William says:

    Here again Maxx, sorry I forgot to mention that I have Galaxy 5 G900M

  47. Brad says:

    Hey I got as far as installing twrp. When it rebooted I tried volume up, power and centre button bt it just loaded normally. Poppwed battery out like you said in video and now my phone won’t turn back on. Looks completely stuff. Nothing works. Any ideas?

  48. Kefilwe Ncube says:

    I just did this and it was mainly because the phone was malfunctioning and wouldnt take screenshots. Now Im back in business thank you so much. Its easy to follow tutorial. Thanks a bunch

  49. Matias says:

    Works in SM-G900H

  50. Przemysław Danielewski says:

    i have a small problem / i ve got glaxy s 5 that shows it self up as 900t . i tried to flash youre rom but it says its not compatible . instead of that it just bring me back to factory settings . Any ideas why ?

  51. Mamoon Farooq says:

    how to get this rom for sm-g903f

  52. Elise says:

    Can you do this for the Samsung s5 Neo

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