How to Root Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus! [Exynos/SuperSU/Magisk]

For those of you who want to root your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to root your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus along with a full video tutorial you can follow.

UPDATE: This is for Android 8.0 Oreo, for Android 9.0 Pie, please see updated guide on How to Root Galaxy S9/S9+ on Android 9.0 Pie instead!

Why You Shoot Root Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus?

First, rooting allows you to have full “admin” access to your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus.  A full root also gives you custom recovery like TWRP recovery, which allows you to fully change software with custom ROMs.  You will also be able to run slew of rooted apps such as Titanium Backup app to backup all your apps, game apps that support game cheats, or maybe even upgrade to Galaxy S10 software next year when Samsung comes out with the Galaxy S10.

Does rooting make you lose SamsungPay and data?

Yes, rooting involves flashing custom recovery on your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, meaning you will most likely set off the Knox counter and SamsungPay will permanently be disabled.  However, you will still be able to use GooglePay(AndroidPay) by using Magisk to root when it is available(this root tutorial currently uses SuperSU).

UPDATE: You can now root using Magisk, if you already rooted using our root guide on this page, please see How to Install/Switch to Magisk Root on Galaxy S9/S9 Plus to switch easily from SuperSU to Magisk.  For everyone else, simply use the modified Magisk in place of SuperSU when rooting your S9/S9 Plus and everything else is the same.

UPDATE2: You will need to use updated RMM State Bypass, please use this file instead of RMM State Bypass.  See Step 19 for details.

Rooting also requires you to format data, meaning you will lose EVERYTHING on your phone including personal files and apps/app data.  You can use Samsung Switch app to backup most things including your apps and personal files as shown in this tutorial.

What is I mess up?  Then, you can always follow our guide on How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus w/ Stock Firmware to restore your Galaxy S9/S9 Plus completely back to stock.

This root method supports:

Galaxy S9 – SM-G960F, SM-G960F/DS, Korean SM-G960N

Galaxy S9 Plus – SM-G965F, SM-G965F/DS, Korean SM-G965N

Files you will need:

Download TWRP recovery for Galaxy S9 – Link

Download TWRP recovery for Galaxy S9 Plus – Link

Download ODIN – Link

Download Samsung USB drivers – Link

Download RMM State Bypass zip – Link

Download SuperSU – Link

OR if you want Magisk, download Modified Magisk v16.3 – Link [NEW]

Download Samsung Antiroot Removal Tool – Link

Download No Verify Encrypt zip – Link

Step 1. Make a backup of all your apps, app data, and all the rest of your stuff using Samsung’s Smart Switch app.  Rooting involves wiping data, which will ERASE EVERYTHING on your internal storage.   If you have important stuff to backup, back it up now.

Step 2. Go to Settings->About Phone and check your S9 or S9 Plus model number.  Make sure it is one of the supported models.

Step 3. Next, tap on “Software Information” and tap on “Build number” about 5 times until it says you are a developer.

Step 4. Tap on the back button twice, then tap on “Developer options”.

Step 5. If you have had your phone for 7 days(since first time you signed into the phone) you will see “OEM Unlock” option, turn it ON.  If you don’t see it, come back in exactly 7 days after the first time  you used the phone.

UPDATE: If your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus wants to do a factory reset, you can do it but DO NOT LET IT REBOOT!  Then you won’t be able to flash TWRP recovery and wait 7-days MORE!  This just happened to me on my new S9 so I have to wait 7-days AGAIN.    How to fix?  When your phone reboots after selecting factory reset, IMMEDIATELY HOLD DOWN Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen.  Again, if you miss this new crucial step on phones that ask the user for factory reset, YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT 7 MORE DAYS!

Step 6. Power off your S9 or S9 Plus then hold down Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons for about 5 seconds until you see a warning screen.

Step 7. Hit the Volume Up button to put into “Download mode” then connect a USB cable from your phone to a Windows computer.

Step 8. Make sure you have downloaded all the files.

Step 9. Unzip the ODIN zip file FIRST then run the ODIN EXE program.

Step 10. Make sure you see a blue-highlighted box like below.  If you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB driver EXE program to install drivers then unplug/plug your USB cable back into the phone.

Next, choose “AP”, and choose the TWRP recovery file you downloaded earlier.

Step 11. Hit “Start” and immediately after your phone reboots(screen goes blank) hold down Volume Up, Bixby, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds.  MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS RIGHT FIRST TIME OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE TO REFLASH STOCK FIRMWARE AND WAIT 7 DAYS!!!  Watch my video tutorial first if this is your first time and practice several times so you get it right.

Step 12. Once booted into TWRP, choose “Keep Read Only”.

Step 13. Format data using the Wipe menu.

Step 14. Reboot into recovery using the Recovery menu.

Step 15. Choose “Keep Read Only”.

Step 16. Copy over the files shown below over to your S9 or S9 Plus.

Step 17. Install No Verify Encrypt zip file using Install menu.

Step 18. Reboot into Recovery using the Reboot menu.

Step 19. Install the RMM State Bypass zip file using Install menu.  

UPDATE: With newer Samsung update, you will need to use the updated RMM State Bypass/Magisk combo here.

Step 20. Install SuperSU and Samsung Anti Root zip using Install menu.

UPDATE – There is a new modified Magisk v16.3 you can use now to get Magisk root, download the modified Magisk v16.3 in the download section of this page and install that instead of SuperSU.  DO NOT USE official versions of Magisk as they DO NOT support Galaxy S9/S9 Plus yet and will brick your phone.

Step 21. Reboot and you should see welcome screen like below after about 5 minutes.  Sign in.

Step 22. Once signed in, you should see SuperSU app in your app drawer.  Congrats!

Step 23. You can verify you have full root by running free Titanium Backup app from the Play Store.  If you see Superuser request window like below, CONGRATULATIONS, you have successfully rooted your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus!

Step 24. Using Smart Switch to restore all your apps and etc…

Credits – TWRP


Q: Galaxy S9/S9+ root snapdragon? – Can I use this root method on U.S. unlocked Galaxy S9  SM-G960U or Galaxy S9 Plus SM-G965U with Snapdragon?
A: Unfortunately no as this root method is ONLY for Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus that has locked bootloader.  All of U.S. models have locked bootloaders.  Now, there are a few international Snapdragon models that have unlocked bootloader, those have unlocked bootloader and you can follow this root method as an exception.  Otherwise you will want to grab the international models.  Also, there is SamFail root method you can use for the U.S. models and developers are working on Safestrap recovery which means custom ROMs may become a possibility.  However, SamFail root method will only allow you to re-charge your phone to 80%.

Q: I messed up Step 11 and getting this message, “only official binaries are allowed to be flashed”, what do I do!
A: If you missed Step 11, follow our guide on How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus w/ Stock Firmware to restore your Galaxy S9/S9 Plus completely back to stock.  Once that’s done, you will have to wait 7 days to try rooting your S9/S9 Plus again.  Unfortunately, Samsung is making it harder and harder for consumers to root their phone by putting 7-day OEM unlock on newer Samsung Galaxy phones.  If you don’t like it, please complain to Samsung as they are the ones putting these nasty locks on the phone.  Don’t worry, you are not alone, I messed up about 10 times on my first try and took me 6 months to root my phone when Samsung first introduce this OEM Lock 7-day jail.  But next time, please pay attention to Step 11 so you get it right the first time and don’t have to go through this nasty process.

Q: How to root Galaxy S9 without a PC?
A: Currently, there is no way to root the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus without a PC as rooting Galaxy devices usually require the use of ODIN, which is a Windows PC program.  However, in the near future, you may be able to root using 3rd party root programs like One Click Root or KingORoot.  Of course, we do not recommend those types of root methods as they sometimes can install unwanted spyware or adware.  This root method does not involve any spyware or adware so it is the best root method.

Q: Should I root my Galaxy S9 or S9+?
A: That is entirely up to you.  But rooting your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ involves installing TWRP recovery, which will set off the KNOX flag and disable Samsung Pay forever.  Samsung Pay is very convenient feature and a lot of users depend on this for their credit card purchases.   However, rooting does still give you ability to use Google Pay with Magisk(and hiding root from Google Pay), which can work for some people.  Before you decide to root, make sure rooting the S9/S9+ gives you the features you need.  For example, I personally like to root so I can easily backup and restore apps along with app data, which allows me to easily switch to new phone and have all my apps restored from a previous phone.  You can use SmartSwitch but it does NOT save all your app data.

Q: My 4G LTE data is NOT WORKING!
A: You can try setting 4G LTE manually by following our tutorial here.

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  1. Normen says:

    Works perfect for my S9+ with 256GB – already tried several other tutorials (which doesn’t) work
    Many Thanks

    • Fernando says:

      hi, i did everything but my phone is stuck in reboot. please help

      • kumar says:

        Hi did you find a solution. I just followed the steps and my phone is stuck in the startup screen “Samsung Galaxy S9 +” After restarting if you have found a solution please let me know thanks.

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    Super, Thank you very much!
    It works on my german g960f/ds .
    Really a good guide

  7. RamiAgonites says:

    Jessec on XDA has a modified Magisk that works plus a new official Magisk just came out today. IDK if that one will work but the Jessec version does for sure. IDK what’s better though Magisk or SuperSU

  8. Håvard Skjold says:

    Is a version of magisk root out yet for s9 +?

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  11. John Ken says:

    Need some help with rooting my Samsung S9. Can I please email you to ask for multiple question I have about it? For example, how do I turn on OEM unlock? It appeared after the 7 days as you said yet turning it on required me to do a factory reset and now I’ve a reset phone with no clue if the unlock is even on since I have to reset my 7 days again. (I’ve already made a backup just in case)

    But please, emailing would feel more comfortable than waiting for a reply to my comment here.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can turn it on, it shouldn’t make you do factory reset. There must be another reason for that. Just try again. It should work.

  12. Borik says:

    Thanks it helped for me

  13. joe says:

    FAIL when install TWRP on Odin 🙁 can i know why thats happen?.

  14. yarcan says:

    Hi I have bought this 17 day phone but still OEM LOCK is not active developer options open but do not look why?

    • Max Lee says:

      Some models may not have OEM Lock jail, that could be the case for you, try following the rest of the root guide. If you can flash TWRP recovery, you are good. If not, maybe you did not start your phone more than 7 days ago and have to wait a few days more. At the worst, TWRP will not flash, which won’t affect your phone so you have nothing to lose so just try it.

  15. eden says:

    MY PHONE GOT STUCK ON DOWNLOAD MODE !!!! what can i do ???????

  16. eden says:

    and i get a red line that sais “only official binaries are allowed to be flashed (RECOVERY)”

  17. Angelo says:

    I used the Modded Magisk and its going good so far, when I open Magisk it says Magisk not installed ? and it keeps asking if I want to install MagiskManager-v5.7.0(115).apk ? What do I need to do ? Greetz

  18. Sushant Kamble says:

    Does S health and secure folder working after rooting? and can we get ota update?

  19. nezzo says:

    which one works best ?? superSU or Magisk ??

  20. Stefan says:

    Does this guide still work? When I toggle on OEM unlock I get a message saying that I have to factory reset the phone. Does this have any impact on the above guide?

  21. RadiikaL says:

    Okay so I’ve rooted my Exynos S9+ with Odin and SuperSU since it gives me an error when I try to install magisk.
    And after that my phone is annoyingly turning off and it also even stops charging when this happens. This happens a few seconds after i press the power button to lock the screen as everybody usually does, the phone doesnt respond to any buttons or charging and I have to FORCE restart it by holding Power + volume down for +-7 seconds.
    Any help please? The phone is brand new, got it a week ago (the time I have to wait in order to be able to enable OEM Unlock feature).
    Should I try disabling OEM Unlock, will it fix it or try another rooting method? I need really urgent help please.
    Thank you in advance.

    • RadiikaL says:

      Nvm, now it lets me install magisk but at the moment I install any SuperSU or Magisk 16.3 (Modified) the phone gets the same issue (I have already tried disabling AOD and still no result)

  22. Holy AL says:

    can I root SM-G965U? because I havent seen it in the list!!!

    • Max Lee says:

      You can but you must use SamFail, which is not full root method as it does not give you TWRP which is required for flashing custom ROMs.

  23. RadiikaL says:

    Hi Max, I’d like you to please help me with the issue i stated in my previous comment (June 21). Still having the problem. I tried to apply every single thing but the SuperSu or Magisk .rar and theres no problem until i install the root file itself. Thank you in advance.

  24. Gabriel says:

    Been following for years Max…love your stuff. I successfully rooted my S9 but when my phone goes into lock screen, I can not get the screen to illuminate. The only thing I can do is go to WARNING screen (hold Bixby, Vol dn, power) and restart phone. I turned off screen lock on phone and TWRP with same result. Ideas? Thank you, sir!

    • Gabriel says:

      Does same thing with lock screen on Always Display…no phone reaction or unlock.

    • Gabriel says:

      Update – it seems to only lock out with the SIM card installed. Would T-Mobile recognize a rooted phone?

    • Gabriel says:

      I did try reinstalling stock firmware and then re-rooting with the same result. It looks like T-mobile can see a rooted S9 and lock it. Anyone experience the same or have a work around?

      • Anthe says:

        Gabriel, did you fix this? I have the same problem. My phone isn’t a T-mobile.I need help to fix this issue..

    • Oozey says:

      I found a temporary fix for the freezes thanks to a comment made by Erin Deerhart on the youtube for this guide, download SOD Killer from the PlayStore and run it in foreground mode

      • Gabriel says:

        Sounds nice. Any grips on the temp fix?

        • Oozey says:

          I’ve noticed after using this temp fix that if I leave my phone alone for a while (like charging overnight) it completely disables the root of the device. Magisk says it isn’t installed and gives me an option to install the 16.0 version and root checker says I’m not properly rooted. This is all fixed by a restart but I’m thinking this might be the cause of the sleep issue

    • Andy says:

      I have the same problem… Root seems to be sucessful (Root checker says so), but after few minutes in lock screen, phone is frozen. I don’t have SIM card in it, so I don’t think that its gets locked because of my provider (which is Meteor Ireland).

  25. Mehmet Güneş says:

    root for s9 plus (exynos), it seems to be a dream. When the lock screen is 10 seconds out, the phone freezes. SuperSU never opens and does not make root. magisk is root but has a lock screen problem.

    • Mehmet Güneş says:

      I tried it on the PDA G965FXXU1BRE6 software version. I have returned to the G965FXXU1ARB3 software version. I will try again after 1 week when the oem lock is opened.

      • Mehmet Güneş says:

        Wrong again. I have installed magisk for root. The phone did not boot. black screen, red text on top, did not open. With the same software, this time I will try to root with SuperSU, next week.

      • Mehmet Güneş says:

        I have returned to the G965FXXU1ARB3 software version. Supersu root. 2 days running smoothly. screen lock is smooth. no problem when the phone is restarted. shealth is smooth.

      • Mehmet Güneş says:

        we have not seen any help from our friend who opened this internet page. thanks anyway.

  26. Oozey says:

    Using the Magisk v16.3 method I ran into this error that freeze up my phone when the display turns off for long enough, have to hold the power button and volume down to reboot.

  27. RadiikaL says:

    Thank you Max for helping or answering people who are in trouble… 🙁 If you have no idea of how to fix the freezing issue you should at least answer our comments…

  28. Humble Kazh says:

    Thanks Max. I successfully rooted my S9+ using magisk, however on a lock screen it crashes/freezes. Then having to head restart. It happens every often.
    Can you help me out with that please?.

  29. Gabriel says:

    I used SOD Killer and my alarm didn’t wake me up this morning. My phone locked again. It seems fine through the day but an overnight lock situation seems to continue. This made for an assumed restart…I just check for root and I am still rooted. I will try again tonight but I will have a backup alarm.

    • Gabriel says:

      The past two days have been great! I did perform a reboot and since then, with SOD Killer, all’s been well. I don’t worry much about battery life with a Zerolemon 8000mAh battery case.

  30. jarek says:

    black screen frozen! Repair: Installation of an older rom: R16NW.G960FXXU1ARC5.
    For me, it works without a black screen with the supersu root. Two days of sitting, and only this solution worked for me 🙂

  31. Slawek says:

    google for sammobile

  32. Mehmet Güneş says:

    I have returned to the G965FXXU1ARB3 software version. Supersu root. 2 days running smoothly. screen lock is smooth. no problem when the phone is restarted. shealth is smooth.

  33. s9sa says:

    Hi everytime i open Su a black screen loads and crushes. any fix

  34. Murat Yilmaz says:

    I have a little Problemm after Rooting my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus SM-G965F when I’m rooting with your tutorial after the root I have Black Lock Screen Problemm after locking the screen I can’t do any thing no buttons are working no touch screen nothing it works only the LED Lamps why is this happening? gives any kind of solution? (Pls dont say to me Push Wolume Down and Energy button for 10sec.) it’s temporary after roboot it happens again in 10mins.

  35. Elbis says:

    How can I install older rom and then root the phone?

  36. Jarek says:

    Murat Yilmaz I wrote you above. You need to install an older rom. As of now nothing else works, and Max probably does not see the problem. Maybe with his processor there is no problem.

  37. Jona says:

    Will this root allow to shoot 4k at 120fps ? In fact, the Exynos 9810 supposedly supports such high framerate. Of course shooting through stock app may not allow this, but I wonder if AFTER root anyone has been able to shoot 4k at 120fps using a third-party camera app like Filmic Pro, Cinema 4k or Open Camera ??

  38. Robert Ryan says:

    think you max lee your rooting method was spot on i had no issues rooting my Samsung galaxy s9 plus with your method thinks again i used magisk manger.

  39. Golan Shalhov says:

    Hi Max ,
    Thanks for this great Tutorial!
    after I succeed rooting my S9+ using Magisk, when the phone goes to screen lock, it freezes, only restarts brings him back, but on the next screen lock, it freezes again. Do you have any solution for that ?

  40. ryan says:

    worked a charm thanks 😉

  41. Tony says:

    This is my first time rooting. I have an unlocked phone. The OEM Unlock option is not showing on the DEVELOPER OPTIONS list. Is it due to me already Unlocking my phone or is it the 7 days thing? Ive had it past 7 days. Does the phone need to actually be turned on for 7 days straight or just 7 days after my first Turn on? I’ve had it turned OFF for the most part. Going to start using it soon and want to start the root process. Do I have to wait until the OEM UNLOCK switch shows up even if my phone is already unlocked from a service provider? How does the OEM UNLOCK differentiate from the Unlocking from a service provider? hope you can help

  42. Boba says:

    Hi there, this worked for me with Magisk following these instructions – Thank you! Question though…I bought this phone for my son in order to install spyfone on it to keep an eye on his activities (we had some problems before with inappropriate substances). Can I uninstall the Magisk manager, so he does not know it was rooted, and will the root still be valid for installing the spyfone software?

  43. Jim says:

    I went through all the processes. Everything worked. Booted up and was installing updates when the phone froze. I had to do a hard reset by holding Volume Up+Volume Down+Power to get it to turn off. I restarted it and now I’m getting a “only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed”. Why did this happen?

    • jonathan says:

      Hi I also got the “only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed” after I successfully rooted my s9+ with modified magisk.

  44. Elio says:

    There telling me that only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed (RECOVERY)
    What can i do?

  45. Jonathan says:

    Hi I rooted my s9+ with magisk successfully following your guide. But after using for half hour its frozen so I have to force restart. Now I got the only official binaries allowed to flash. What to do please help. Anyone here have the same situation with me? Please share your solution. Tnx

  46. Ruslan Yermakov says:

    Hey Max, please please help!!!!!!!!! I do everything according this tutorial and get the message after reboot: only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed Bro i waited 7 days 4 times now thinking that i am doing something wrong by keep following your guide! Still no luck? Olease help bro!!1

  47. Ted says:

    so is this method outdated or what? is there any stable root procedures out there?
    i would really like to root my s9 🙁

    • Ruslan Yermakov says:

      From what i understand once you update boot loader to U2, it blocks this method every time! Wont be able to start your phone at all. Forces to flash stock firmware!

  48. Tom Reames says:

    Samsung usb driver installer says blocked by samsung when trying to install on windows

  49. Ruslan Yermakov says:

    Max buddy we all waiting for your responds! We need you bro!

  50. Beno says:

    Help we need something that works!!

  51. Kami says:

    I managed to root (G960FXXU1BRE7) as it is written here but I also have issue to turn on the display after 10 sec sleep. I’m downloading the old firmware (G960FXXU1ARC5) and will try with that. It’s interesting if it is connected to the PC with USB plugged in no issue with turning the screen on.

  52. Philip says:

    I restore mine using stock firmware downloaded in the Sammobile site. after checking I found out that I only have 32 GB of memory instead of 64GB anyone have similar problem?

  53. Juan Fer says:

    Hello, this page is wonderful but I need this for my Samsung S9 SMG9600 If anybody have the solution I really happy

  54. mihhail says:

    cant install any rom. wont do anything on my s9 just boots with first samsung firmware logo and after that nohting. waited for 1h and still nothing. when i root my phone i have root but i cant install any custom rom on my s9. can u please help me what to do? before i installed lineage rom now it wont do anything exept root and use original firmware from samsung. please help me how to install custom roms again. before it was installing lineage rom now the same rom wont boot up. nor pixel rom. phone does not show anythning paranormal or custom rom not allowed oem lock is off and button is there in developer options. do i really have to wait 7 days or is there something i can do before to make it working again? thank you

  55. Markus Bing says:

    My samsung s9+ sm-g965f frezzes on the aod after rooting, and i need to restart the phone when it happens

  56. Vanyó Miklós says:

    Have you anybody for Samsung S9 reliable bulid number R16NW.960FXXS2BRJ6?

  57. Jake Sarmiento says:

    Hi there i want to root my s9+ SM-G965W its compatible? Thanks.

  58. Jordan Warne says:

    My s9 is stuck on samsung galaxy s9 secured by knox screen

  59. Jordan Warne says:

    Do you have issues on android pie?

  60. jeffrey tryi says:

    if you having problems with SOD (like me) you need download elementalx kernel version 1.15 if you flashed it on twrp then you don’t have the screen of death (SOD) problem.

  61. Ian says:

    When I try to flash TWRP using Odin I see “FAILED” error on ODIN instead of PASS!!
    And I see this error on my phone in download mode “only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed”.
    My phone: samsung galaxy s9 plus g960f/ds
    OEM unlocked
    Please give me a solution for this!!

  62. seba says:

    hello, I made copies of data and Galaxy S9 Plus after clicking OEM UNLOCK has restored the factory data, I could not stop it so I restored the copies of data and appeared to me OEM unlocked unlocked whether I have to wait 7 days or just restore backup and repeat installation of twrp

  63. seba says:

    photo of OEM lock – PROGRAM IS UNLOCKED, I am uploading twrp and appears for a moment and resets the phone and how it tries again the same

  64. fxbeee says:

    Hello Max,

    I did everything according to your tutorial but now I’m stuck with the “Samsung Galaxy S9+” screen while booting. There is no animation just the font. What should I do now?

    Kind Regards,

  65. PierFrancesco says:

    After last step, the phone remains locked on the start screen as I do?

  66. sniper says:

    after stage 21 phone show “secured by knox” welcome screen and stay on it.. what can i do ? ? ?

  67. subhash kumar says:

    my fone not root plzz samsung a605g root file send me

  68. omkar says:

    after install twrp and super su all files i click on reboot its restarts many times no result contunusily restarts
    pls help me sir my phone samsung s9 plus sm-g965f

  69. Saumyak says:

    After rooting may I able to change imei sir please tell me….

  70. Yavuz says:

    Hi Max,

    i´ve tried to flash my S9 like you describe.
    I´m now at step 21! Most of it worked.
    Now my Problem: my phone is trying to reboot since more then 5min. The screnn is going black and then it vibrates and the startcreen”SAMSUNG Galaxy S9″ is to see. After 2 seconds it is going black again. It feels like a permant loop.
    The only thing what i can do now is, push volume down+bixby+power-button. So i can switch to the download area.
    Can you help me pleas?

  71. Steven Gillan says:

    Hi, firstly thanks for the information you freely provide, I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels indebted to you.

    I’m trying to root an S9 everything is going well except when I do superSU. When the process is running near the bottom of the script 2/3’s down it says “failure, aborting” but continues to run to completion and at the top of the screen says Install Zip Successful. Can you please advice? I dont want to take the chance to reboot the phone just now until I’m sure.


  72. Roland says:

    hi, cant download any of your files… download option do not apear after 5 secs on your link 😕

  73. blankdsk says:

    will we ever be able to root the s9 (sm-g960u

  74. Paul Curry says:

    Hi Max, Many thanks for the breakdown instructions, things were going great until the time came to copy and paste the files across into ‘named’ Samsung S9, which unfortunately I’d missed was not sitting on my computer (even after installing the drivers file), instead showed an Android application in ‘devices’. This lead me to a position whereby I could not get out of TWRP and resulted in my phone switching constantly between black screen and the initial Samsung Galaxy first page, rendering the phone useless. Is there a way I can resurrect the phone, to start again, or is now dead?

  75. Paul Curry says:

    Hello Max

    If I were to subscribe, could you answer the question please?

  76. Dwayne says:

    I was watching tour video on rooting S9 and you said “go to my site and check compatibility.” I’ll be dammed if I can find anything about compatible model numbers, I’m running the SM-G960U. You think you could link a compatibility list somewhere that’s not buried under ton bullshit I dont need yet.

  77. Yudy says:

    Hey Max, answer those questions.

    We did everything according to your tutorial but now I’m stuck with the “Samsung Galaxy S9+” screen while booting. There is no animation just the font. What should we do now?

    during the installing super SU it says failure aborting. but the rest file are fine/well installed

    you need to answer as we are stuck following your guideline

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