How to Install Flash Player on Android 4.4.2/4.4.3/4.4.4 KitKat!

For those of you who want to enable Adobe Flash Player on your Android smartphone or tablet with latest Android 4.4.2/4.4.3/4.4.4 KitKat, here’s how to do it easily using Flash Player 11.1 APK file and Dolphin Browser.  For Android ICS or Jelly Bean, see How to Install Flash Player on Android ICS Android or Jelly Bean! instead.  For Android 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, and 5.1 Lollipop, see How to Install Flash Player on Android Lollipop! instead.

This will work on any Android smartphone/tablet devices including Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, HTC One, LG G2, LG G3, Sony Xperia, Note 10.1, and much more.

Step 1. Download Flash Player 11.1 APK File and open with file explorer app such as ES File Explorer app.


Download Flash Player 11.1 APK File




Step 2. Install the app.


Step 3. Download and Open Dolphin Browser, which is probably the best browser that also supports Flash Player.

Go to Settings in Dolphin Browser and make sure Flash Player is set to “Always On”.


Step 4. Browse to any Flash-enabled website and you should be able to now have Flash Player working 100%.






Q: Can I use another browser?
A: Yes, you can also use several other browsers that support Flash Player.  But personally, I find Dolphin the best as it’s fast and Flash Player also works well.

Q: Can I use on any Android device?
A: Yup, you can use on any Android smartphone or tablet with Android 4.4.2, 4.4.3 KitKat

Q: If I install Flash Player on my Android, does that make it better than iPhone?
A: Yes, your Android smartphone is way better than iPhone since now you can browse Flash-enabled websites, something iPhone can’t do.

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  • I have tried to use flash on my 4.4.2 HP Slate 7 Extreme but it does not work I have all the dolphin settings correct and have even uninstalled and reinstalled flash 11.1 but it does not work. Please help! Thanks.

    • jorge

      I dawnload “Puffin” this work excellent

      • Leandro

        Puffin Borwser does work great! I had the same problem till find it! Thanks for the tip, Jorge.

  • Bee

    I got it! Just download Hacked Adobe Flash player from link. Make sure u uninstall any current flash player(s) running on your device. Go to settings (security) check allow installations of apps from unknown sources. Go to play store and download Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Jetpack. After installing for to Dolphin Jetpack first and make sue it’s enabled, then open Dolphin Browser go to settings click on Flash player. Set on. ” Always on” . Now go to any flash content website and ” Boooyaaah “. Good luck . I got a Motorola Droid Maxx from Verizon w current 4.4.4 update and I’m back in the game!

    • orlando

      Got it working on Samsung Note 3 🙂

  • mohan v

    I recently upgraded my motog with kitkat 4.4.4 version.Now no video player(mx player etc..) is running on player showing”unsupported andoid version”.
    Please tell me which video player supports in kitkat 4.4.4 android version.

    • Max Lee

      Not sure on Moto G as I don’t support that phone but MX Player should work on all 4.4.4 ROMs. Try another ROM then.

    • viju

      I have downloaded max pro video player I found that is a best video player we can play and kind of file of movies. For the android 4.4.4 just download max pro version(not free apps/you have to buy from Google play store) you’ll find the best.(I have also the same android version 4.4.4

  • tavo

    I download the apk ,went to downloads but it says “cant open file ” . what am i doing wrong?

    • Max Lee

      Check the file, is it 6MB? If not, it’s a bad download, just re-download apk file.

      • peter

        interesting, on the file description page it says 4.5mb and the download size is 4.5mb and the md5 compare is the same (unless I’m doing it wrong) not sure what has changed, but i can’t open the file either. samaung siii and android 4.4.2.

  • Michael

    Is it OK to install Adobe Flash Player with Dolphin Browser already installed on my Galaxy S5 ??

    • Michael

      Or does it matter which one is installed first ???

      • Max Lee

        Nope doe not matter.

  • Brandon

    Hrmmmm….downloaded the Flash Player 11.1, went to security and checked the enable sources, tried to install it but the install button doesn’t want to work. Cancel seems fine but install doesn’t do anything?! Please help.

    Using a Note 3 running 4.4.2.

  • rae

    Did everything & its still not working. No page will load from dolphin browser. Using galaxy tab 3 running 4.4.2

  • ramon

    I am planning to buy the mini pc CS918 to convert tv into smart tv. it’s android base with 4.4 will the adobe flash player support this? thanks.

    • Max Lee

      Yes of course so long as it’s Android.

  • IngeniusGaming

    I juste keep having the same error : They was a problem while parsing the package

    I am using the shield tablet…

    • Gerry

      I’m getting the same error message on Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) Android 4.4.2

  • Danny W

    Installed dolphin. All i get is “page is unresponsive do you want to close and restart?” EVERYTIME. By dolphin

  • Danny W

    Dell venue 8 running kit kat 4.4.2

  • R Lee

    If i have an older version of flash player and want to flash the newer version/update, what are the necessary steps for a safer phone. Do i need to clean install my rom then reflash the new Flash Player? or Can i just reflash over the older version?

  • marie

    I had the same problem installing. I had to delete reinstall & it still wouldnt work…but i went into file manager & it installed from there it would not install from downloads…but i ended up deleting everything even though it did work slightly & i tried it out on a facebook game…it opened but it took so long that it really isnt worth it & then dolphin just crashed right when the game started…phone metropcs lg optimus l70 android 4.4.2

  • shikhar

    I installed flash player 11.1 for my moto g and also installed dolphin browser but when I click on flash player it opens a web page of settings and nothing happens what should I do

    • Manish thanki

      I have moto g2 and its working fine flash file in dolphin browser.
      you should following given step by step. Go to dolphin browser and setting flash player option set flash player always on. after any swf file open with dolphin browser. if your file does not playing, you can refresh browser address twice.


  • Fay

    I followed all special instructions on my Samsung s5 phone with android 4.4.2 and it doesn’t work on a greeting card I received. What can I do now?

  • Ck

    I downloaded the flash player 11.1 on samsung galaxy pro with android kitkat 4.4, but need the flash player for adobe connect which says that flash player 11.2 or more is required. When I click on any of the other links that are 11.2 or above they save as a zip folder and when I try to unzip it it doesn’t work??

  • Orville

    Worked great for me on Galaxy tab 3 running kit-kat litter.

  • Janne Kantanen

    You need the apk installer from play shop to get this flash app work from link

    • Paul

      Down load dolphin full with jet pack .once u open dolphin there are a few app/icons on main page.can’t remember which 1 but it gives straight link to Adobe flash. No messing only 2day I found it, never looked thru them b4 always typed link for flash to es file explorer and go 2 settings an check apps from unknown

  • masum

    hi friend….how are yoy

  • george

    Nathing worked for me.. i did all the steps and its not working… kit kat 4.4.2 galaxy tab pro 8.4

  • habib ullah

    what about galaxy tab 4 7.0 any link to download flash player for this device , it runs android 4.4.2 kitkat

  • Yuntao

    I did everything but it does not working with dolphin. Dolphin always crashes. I installed Puffin browser and it works great. (4.4.2 tablet)

    • cestlavie

      @Yuntao is right. The procedure works perfectly but only with Puffin browser.
      I tested already Firefox, Maxthon and it doesn’t work; Dolphin Browser neither.

      If anybody else has tried with other browsers it would be cool to let us all know here whether it works or not.
      Thanks every1.

      • Creice

        Same here: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, Android 4.4.2, installed Dolphin Browser and Jetpack with modified FlashPlayer for KitKat – keeps crashing.
        Puffing Browser works great though! My kids are happy!

        • jeannette

          I too have a lenovo yoga tablet 2 but dont seem to be able to get it working. Ive tried puffin but it still doesn’t play. Are there any settings that you changed?

  • MAX

    I want to install adaway apk bit went to settings> security> but there are no options to enable installation from unknown sources. Can anyone help

  • ruhv

    Nhtuiij uufgji iuhbo8nbg ujbh

  • MicheleP

    Okay…would someone please give the instructions in non-tech speak. I am so untechie it is unbelievable. I want to play my games on facebook but they need the flash player. I have the Galaxy tab 4…I see Dolphin, I see Puffin, I see apk…please, please, please…simple directions…

  • Don

    How do I install the flash player. I have a Trio Stealth G4 10.1, android version 4.4.2 . My browser is Chrome

  • Dee

    I have Galaxy tab 4 tAblet running 4.4.2 I did everything and plays video but no sound. I uninstalled and did it several times but always same issue even tired puffin but still no sound. Can anyone help with this issue?

    • DyingSlow

      exactly my problem with my Note 4, no matter the browser…no sound

  • Shiva Kumar

    i am using moto E. but when i open flash player this is going to browser & not opening SWF files

    please help me

  • jennifer

    I did everything on my Galaxy Note 4 but the flash player still not works. Can someone help me?

  • Lisa

    I can’t seem to get dolphin to work it keeps crashing. Is there another browser you recommend?

  • วันเฉลิม

    ดาวโหลดไฟล์เสร็จแล้ว แต่ทำไมกดติดตั้งไม่ได้คับ พอมีวิธีป่าว

  • Phil Lamborne

    Will this solution work with Chrome? I just spent an excesive amount of time getting print functionality with Chrome, Docs, Cloud Drive and Cloud Print Plus. I don’t particularly relish the thought of replacing Chrome after all that work.

    And does Puffin encrypt passwords and ID’s?

  • Phil Lamborne

    BTW: I have a Slatebook 14 with 4.4.2.


  • Anthony I

    Hey I got the tab S with Kit Kat 4.4.2 what should i download…

  • Anthony I

    You would think they have something especially for the newest android version that’s straight from adobe. Why do they make it so hard is apple winning them over or something?

  • Ms.Gwen Pearson

    I have a Trio Stealth G2 10.1 tablet ,and would greatly like to know what flash player I need to play flash supported games? Any ideas ?

  • amanda

    May I know why I do not have the option of using flash and must install silverlight?
    I am using Android so no silverlight.

    Also the site says to disable ‘Disable plug In to save power in safari. Is this the problem?

  • Grace

    Works Amazing. Dolphin didn’t work for me so i uninstalled. I then downloaded the free puffin browser and it works perfectly thank you for your help!!

  • sreenidh

    If i not download dolpin browser,can i use it on uc browser?

  • my 2 cents

    FAKE. Not working for me on note 3 android 4.4.4

  • Giovanny V.

    Its working for me on dolphin browser , htc desire 510

  • Suchada Supon


  • Game Player

    Falcon SWF player you can have a try is works on me