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As many of you probably heard, Google has announced the arrival of next Android M and have released a preview version of it dubbed, “Android M”.  For those of you with a Nexus 5, 6, or 9, you are in luck as you can easily install the Android M Preview.

So, let’s look at some of the new features with Android M Preview over its predecessor Lollipop.


First, you will find the Android version “M” in Settings->About Phone.  While it’s still unclear what “M” stands for, it is crystal clear that Google has made some major changes/upgrades.


When you press the Android version and the M a bunch of times, you no longer get a game like we saw with Lollipop.  This is a bit disappointing but then again, you probably don’t like losing all the time.


The biggest change with Android M is the app drawer, you will find a vertical app drawer instead of horizontal we are used to.


You will also find your most-used apps showing up on top with an alphabetized list of apps and a search bar at the top.


One of the biggest changes I found was with the Calendar app as now it fills my calendar with related images.  I found a scissor picture for my dog’s haircut day, airplane for my flights, photos of my travel destinations, and even street view of my future hotel stays.  I thought this was really cool since it made my calendar automagically awesome like a scrapbook.


With Android M, Google has simplified the volume controls.  Now you can easily access them through a drop down menu to control your notification, media, and alarm sound levels.


For Do Not Disturb/Priority Only modes, Google has really cleaned up a lot of things and also added ability to customize them.

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Max Lee

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    not geting notification pull down how can i fit this