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While Samsung has decided to go with no removable battery, micro-SD card slot, LG has kept its battery/storage advantage in-tact.  This could be number one reason why Samsung users may start using LG G4.


The feel of LG G4 is similar to last year, very good.  The curved back makes it very easy to hold and fits naturally to the curve of your hands and fingers.   There’s nothing we can complain about the feel of this device, and I am looking forward to the leather back also soon.


The G4 has gotten slightly fatter this year.  It is slightly wider and taller than last year’s LG G3 but other than that, the design has remained nearly the same.  I see nothing wrong with this, LG always had good ergonomics and design I couldn’t complain about with very little bezels.


The LG G4 introduces one of the most advanced manual mode for a smart camera.  You can control everything from ISO, shutter speed and white balance manually.  Also the ISO starts at super-low 50 and goes up to 2700.  The shutter speed control will also help you add great effect for night shots by slowing it down.  Did we mention a histogram and on-board exposure meter just like on a DSLR?  Those two features make the manual mode on the G4 most advanced ever.

The only thing missing?

If LG would have added the manual mode to its video recording, it would have put the last nail in the coffin as the best smartphone camera ever.  But no, manual mode only works for photos, you will get automatic ISO/shutter/white balance for video recording.  Still, LG G4 comes out on top probably as the smartphone with best camera this year in my opinion.


LG G4 supposedly comes with the brighter LCD than last year.  Upon actual testing with my LUX light meter, I found that the LG G4 is actually 20-25% less brighter than last year’s LG G3 with brightness of 372 lux at full brightness setting (compared to 422 lux on LG G3). You can check out our HighOnAndroid LUX page here.

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