How to Copy Files Over to your Android In a Bootloop with No OS using ADB!

For those of you who are installing custom ROMs on your rooted Android smartphones or tablets, there may be a time where you may end up with no OS (Operating System/ROM) booting or a bootloop.

Now, these cases are very easy to solve if you have ROM backups or have custom ROM files on your device.  If you don’t, usually you can use a microSD card to solve the issue and copy over the ROM files you need to get your Android device up and running.

Wait, but what if you have an Android device without external microSD card slot such as a Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, or even Kindle Fire 8.9???

Well, so long as you have CWM or TWRP recovery installed on your device, you can use ADB commands to copy files over.  If you don’t have CWM or TWRP recovery installed, you can use fastboot commands to install that also.

Presuming you have CWM or TWRP recovery installed (since you probably got stuck while installing a new ROM), here’s how to copy files over to your Android in a bootloop with no OS installed using ADB!  This can also be handy when you don’t have a microSD around even if you have a microSD slot.

*Note – With TWRP recovery, you can use an OTG Flash drive if you have one!

Step 1. Boot into your TWRP or CWM Recovery on your Android device.  TWRP or CWM Recovery has recovery ADB functionality, which means ADB commands work while your Android device is recovery mode.

Connect a micro-USB cable from your Android device to your computer.


Step 2. If you have Mac or Linux, skip to Step 3 as you do not need drivers.  If you have Windows, open Device Manager and check for “Android ADB Interface”.

You probably won’t see it, instead you should see your device name (such as Kindle as shown below) or something similar with exclamation mark.

You simply need to update the device with Android ADB drivers.  (See video tutorial above on how to do this)


Download Android ADB Drivers


Once you have correct drivers installed, you should see “Android ADB Interface” like below.


Step 3. Next, downlooad and unzip.  You should get a folder called “fastboot” in your Downloads folder with everything you need for all Windows, Mac, or Linux.




Step 4. Copy the files you want to copy over to your Android device into the fastboot folder.  In this example, I am copying over CM11 ROM for Kindle Fire 8.9, which is the device which got stuck on bootloop and the user who sent me device didn’t know how to copy files over as his Kindle Fire was in a bootloop state.


Step 5. Open a command prompt or terminal and type:

For Windows:

cd Downloads
cd fastboot
adb devices

For Mac:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *
./adb-mac devices

For Linux:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *
sudo ./adb-linux devices

You should see your Android device serial number along with “recovery”.  If you see that, you are good to go.

Next type:

For Windows:

Replace “filename” below with the file you are copying over!!!

adb push filename /sdcard/.

For Mac:
./adb-mac push filename /sdcard/.

For Linux:
sudo ./adb-linux push filename /sdcard/.


Step 6. That’s it!  The files should copy over.  Once that’s done, simply install the ROM zip file on your TWRP/CWM recovery and get your Android device booting again.

Now, sometimes I noticed that the files don’t show up right away on TWRP or CWM recovery.  You may want to try copying it again one more time OR you can also try rebooting recovery and you should be able to see the files.


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  1. Abdusslam says:

    Sorry for that but i think it’s useless.

    Is there to install stock or custom roms without recovery or download mode.
    like (preload mode) i have samsung device doesn’t work because it’s firmware has been damaged.

    I need help.
    Any ideas ?

    • brandon says:

      I have a verizon note 3 and done this myself. It’s fairly easy. Xda developers has a firmware library for your device. Type it in Google to get you there and when you find it download it. You also need odin 3.09. After you find the firmware version that matches your phone (should be around 1.5 gigs) you want to plug your phone into the computer but first get your phone on download mode. Hold volume down home and power and when the screen comes up plug your phone in the computer. In odin click the PA tab and find the firmware you have down loaded on your computer and open it to odin IN THE PA SLOT. Do not make any other changes in odin. Press start and let odin do its magic!!!

  2. brandon says:

    Correction in odin. PDA tab in odin. Load your .tar file or .md5 file in the PDA slot. Also make sure odin recognizes your phone by saying added along with a box on top highlighted in the windows. Something like 0:com.8 or something g

  3. karthik says:

    I had boot loop in my android.I just rooted that and I tried to install fonts using rom tool box.I did nt install cwm or twrp but I have adb side load option in android to fix it

  4. Malik says:

    hey hello
    my problem is a little different. I have installed twrp and tried flashing a cyanogen Mod ROM but something went wrong and now i am unable boot into recovery nor into os and my tab stucks on android logo after turning on. I googled alot but no one answered this question. Thanks in advance
    ******My device*****

    Ainol Novo Spark 9

  5. me says:

    i need help when i try to reboot my phone says no os instaled and install super su

  6. Hassan says:

    thnx a lot .. u r a life saver. same thing happened to me. i applied ur adb codes and copied the rom. now flashing.. 😀

  7. Ankit says:

    I did everything that you described. But my device number is not shown in the command prompt.
    What do I do now? Please help, please!!

  8. suraj says:

    I have a same problem on my htc desire 616 but it says internal memory 0 … i tried adb push … adb sideload … nothing happens … please help … i have twrp installed …

  9. Ombray says:

    I was using Utube Android FROZE Restarted it Got stuck at first screen Android FROZE many times B4 and Restarted but not this time. This is NOT EASY to Follow I can ONLY Get Into Download Mode and HAVE NOT Got Any CWM or TWRP or Recovery Installed On Android I Hope I Can Get it Booting Up Again. Will I LOSE ALL MY DATA with This Recovery Method. Is it Only to Restore OS and WIPE ALL DATA OR will it SAVE MY DATA. I Should ASK DATA FROM THE ENTERPRISE MAYBE. CAN YOU FIX IF I POST YOU MY PHONE OMBRAY.

  10. Roman says:

    Simply great – thanks a lot for that tutorial!

  11. Jon says:

    where can i find a clean download for current gapps for cm-11
    Thank you,

  12. AD Rehman says:

    hey i m deleted my framework folder from my internal storage what to do? to solve it

    my phone is not opening…it is stuck on boot animation …please tell some thing to do

  13. Adnan says:

    HI, I followed your steps at LG g2 TWRP infinite loop. it works for that problem though. BUT it’s now stuck at FAST BOOT PROCESSING COMMANDS …… Plz HLEP……

  14. pudzian says:

    I <3 You mon! I don't even know is that simple ! 😀

  15. Abhigyan Singh says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help whenever i type cd fastboot it shows me the system cannot find the path specified

  16. GiankulottoGranbiscotto says:

    I need help, when i use adb pus….name sd card ecc ecc give me a error that is “no such file or directory how i can solve?

  17. Ravi Chandran says:

    you are great… thank you very much

  18. red7896 says:

    i did evrything right, but the files i tried to copy just dont appear. My device is samsung galaxy tab 3, i think its 4.4.2 or probably 4.1.2 still, idk cause its been boot looped for quite a while, i didnt have a pc before. You think you can think of something?

  19. Sahil Khiwani says:

    can anyone help me Im stuck on push stage.. no movement further it shows the file name in twrp recovery file manager but in command line it is not showing completed..

  20. Yash Srivastava says:

    plz help me i cant get my one plus one in the command after adb devices where u get

    device name recovery
    plz help plz

  21. Jrinindy says:

    Was wondering if you could help me a little? When I enter adb push cm-9 an tab to get the file there it will give me a long list of code. but Ive noticed also instead where you say “You should see your Android device serial number along with “recovery”. If you see that, you are good to go. instead of recovery mine says sideboot. Please help..Also Im trying this on a rca pro 10 model rct6103w46….and can u recommend a good os or something compatible if thats my issue… im tryin to push this os cm-9.0.0-tf201

  22. Liam Branigan says:

    Thank you so much for this, however I am still having a problem. I have a bootloop error using the note 4 SM-910P. I rooted the device, and installed TWRP but have no OS. I was able to successfully push the stock OS (BOB7) and it says successfully installed – but then it continues to boot loop! Please help!

  23. Mike Collins says:

    Have HTC One M8. S-ON, and cant get to recovery with no OS installed. Only fast boot. No mount, so how do I install OS or get back to recovery?

  24. odame kwabena says:

    i didnt use any codes here.. for twrp u can mount ur internal sd card straight onto ur pc. with ur usb cable.use the “mount” option at the home..for twrp. u can copy what u wnt. datsall

  25. Marjel Erasquin says:

    sir .. i have this problem of “no such file or directory” . but my filename is correct and the file is in the fastboot folder .. any solutions please ? 🙁
    thank you in advance

  26. Nakoruru_Shiranui says:

    This saved my butt. Thank you.

  27. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ says:

    Is there anyway to copy files from android to your PC using this method? Plz reply!

    • Luke Wilson says:

      I copied my whole tablet to my PC using Fastboot.
      > First, create a backup folder on your desktop (or wherever)
      > Launch the ADB command line interface
      > type: adb pull / [your backup dir path here]

      Press enter and then wait for all the files to copy!

  28. Ram Rajbhar says:

    Hey max it worked for me 🙂 I just had to launch the command window from the fastboot folder holding shift key then right click > open command window here and I was able to just put the command to transfer the file…

  29. Ram Rajbhar says:

    Thank you very much for such a life saver video.

  30. Aalay Shah says:

    Hey sir!
    I have this problem with my tab (intex Ibuddy 3),
    I’ve successfully installed CWM recovery but the problem is I can not operate with any of the available commands!
    please help!
    Thank you.

  31. Leo Santos says:

    I was losing my hope when i see this post. Thanks guy, adb push save my bricked G2.

  32. Yusri Amry says:

    my samsung galaxy just boot into recovery not to system please help

  33. Shantanu Kajale says:

    Thanks, This worked !

  34. Jose Luis says:

    it woooorksssss

  35. Chaitanya Thakare says:

    the command “cd fastboot” is not working for me, plz help !!
    it says the system cannot find the path specified

  36. Mumin Emad says:

    awsome dude thx you saved me

  37. ankur das says:

    thanks bro you’re a life saver….

  38. Rashrider says:

    list of devices showing up blank!!! but ADB interface shows – Android Sooner Single ADB Interface.
    (it was earlier providing a serial number)

  39. Chiunti says:

    Thank you so much, you save my phone

  40. Natalyiia-katrazyna kalashniko says:

    it doesnt say recovery next to the device it says its offline

  41. Santiago Clausse says:


  42. Jonathan Salomon says:

    Device list is empty and it said it cannot be found. Any idea?

  43. Navin Kumar says:

    I am getting a serial number but next to that i am not getting “recovery” instead it just says device. am i good to go ?

  44. Mark Forbes says:

    Just tried this and got to the final step my Team Win Recovery Project asking for a password (This was a brand new Nexus 7 and had never had a password set by me)

    If I cancel and goto install I can see folder names but no files in any folder and Storage: Internal Storage is showing as 0MB…

    Please help if you can!

  45. Mario K. says:

    Hi, I’m Mario and I have a problem with my smartphone… My Meizu MX4 stocks in bootloop, my clockworkmod recovery is in chinese and the fastbootmod on my MX4 does nothing.. I also can’t connect my Meizu to pc because my device isn’t shown on the pc… do you know any solution for my problem??? Please help

  46. WicCaesar says:

    I can’t access adb but I can access fastboot. How can I do that through fastboot?

  47. Nick says:

    error: closed
    and everything worked until i went to push rom

  48. Edward Rao says:

    hey man … recently i have deleted my os accidentally and i cant seem to boot my phone… my question is , if i flash a custom rom will it replace a new operating system… im using a asus zenfone 2 selfie by the way

  49. hemant says:

    sir can u help me please, i have huawei honor 6 h60-l04, now i cant boot in recovery mode, and also i cant boot it in installation mode with poser + vollume down + vollume pluse, my android os is currupted, i already toomuch try install android os with fastboot mode, but m fail,

    please help me….

  50. Snow fox says:

    hello sir i have accendently rooted my removed my os without unlocking boootlocker i have teamwin recovry and i cant install any new coustom rom on my device

  51. Snow fox says:

    custom rom not installing

  52. Jacob Zimmerman IV says:

    You just saved my butt! Thanks for such a thorough walk-through. No other site I found explained this quite like you did. Even though I have an sd card, twrp wouldn’t install my ROM from it, so I had to push to the internal sd and viola! I am now loading the os back onto my phone!!


    Well, still didn’t work. Installation said it was ok, but phone still won’t go past bootloader menu.

  53. Brett Fitzner says:


  54. Mjk says:

    Thank for this How to…, my OPO is back on track

  55. Ree Veew says:

    I get stuck on the first part of step 5. I have adb, twrp, and fastboot. I am trying to get cm13 on to my one plus x, and I am using a macbook pro. After using terminal to type in the commands, I get a string of numbers and letters (maybe the serial number?) and then the word unauthorized. If any helpers need more details please ask. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  56. Kiran Dhathri says:

    thank u it worked for me

  57. Mohammad-iDxG says:

    I have oneplus3 i formated everything by mistake the os and all
    evrey thingg

    idid every thing I stopeed ar adb devices
    becaesue it says unthorized

    idid try also otg but didnt apeer on the phone help plzz

  58. Walid MH says:

    Hey sir !
    i have a Accent speed Y2 i watch a video of editing build.prop and i did it this editing to my rooted phone and now he is bootloop and i can’t fing any firmware or usb drivers for him please help me !
    Thank You.

  59. Tibucio Uetela says:

    -I have rooted my htc mini2 and after a while decided to restore the original ROM but everytime i turn on the phone i have that red warning message.
    One day i decided to delete de TWRP backup files bacause it takes a lot of space on my internal memory .
    Yesterday my baterry died so when i was turning my phone it gets stuck on that message screen . So i can’t get through because on my internal memory i don’t have the TWRP files to backup or get into recovery mode.
    Is there any solution? i was thinking about putting those files on my sd card and see if the phone will read them?

  60. xjofficial says:

    plz awnswer (alcatel pop 4)
    i installed a root custom animation app and installed a long boot animation but it freezes half way thru and crashes and my alcatel pop 4 reboots i factory rest and now my computer doesnt recognize it please help

  61. Snehil says:

    hi my phone’s os is not working and i m not able to enter in the recovery mode and while using adb it shows me unauthorized after my list of device
    {s51c1lv1i0149875 unauthorized } what shoud i do now..

  62. Tony says:

    Thank you very much! Thought I’d bricked an old 7510!

  63. Tony says:

    Thank you very much! Thought I’d bricked an old 7510! Excellent.

  64. Brandy says:

    I accidentally screwed up. my usb port does not work.. how can I do this without needidng to hook up to a computer

  65. tjoh says:

    hello each time i try to flash the device from the YWRP this message keeps poping up and flashing fail *meta-inf/com/google/android/update-binary* please help

  66. JH says:

    Max, thanks for the video/ instructions, they saved my old Samsung Tab 10.1 from the junk heap. Now I can donate it somewhere, because even after using your video/instructions and updating the Android OS to 7.1, the old Tab can’t support my newer apps. But, I’ve got newer Tab I am working on, so thanks a lot for your the video/ instructions.

  67. Dryden Bryson says:

    Pretty much shat myself when I wiped the system, but your a lifesaver im flashing now.

  68. Vishal says:

    My HTC ONE not booting, it gets hanged @HTC logo. I tried to use above steps but seems it did not give me list of device in adb command.

  69. Abhishek s says:

    If i try to send zip file, its saying invalid name, but if i extract and try, its going. But how to install ?

  70. Hung says:

    thanks a lot. I helped me to push ROM file to internal disk to be installed.

  71. Ahmad Qureshi says:

    Thank you very much, you have helped me every time in my days whenever i was in problem

  72. dangler says:

    still works and is pure gold! also im extremely grateful for you to consider us linux users.

  73. Vivek says:

    how to pull data from android which is stuck on its logo screen
    please answer me hurry

  74. Linuxfart_18.3 says:

    That was just the video I needed to see. I just applied the 9.0.4 ota update to my rooted OnePlus 6 and got stuck in a bootloop when I was attempting to get back to root access. Even though I still consider myself a noob, your explanation of this entire process was on point to where alot of this stuff just made sense. I use my phone for work and was about to just loose everything before I watched this video on YouTube. Thanks again Max for the tutorials they are awesome!

  75. shawn says:

    hi, i tried the steps but i get a serial number and in front it say sideload, i tried adb push filename /sdcard/. no luck
    lineage-16.0-20190110-UNOFFICIAL-gtaxlwifi (file that i downloaded for samsung galaxt tab A 10.1)

  76. Russinha says:

    Great post!
    I followed your steps and fixed my Android!
    Thanks a lot for the tutorial

  77. Hatem Amer says:

    Hey I really need your help, My Sony Xperia XZ1 went crazy after restarting it normally yesterday it’s been in a bootloop since. The battery is full, can’t get into recovery or safe modes.
    It brings up the Sony logo, powered by android, and then at the Xperia logo screen it freezes & the LED notification light blinks green, blue and green again and restarts again & so on. What does that mean?
    Is there a way I can get into the internal memory to recovery my contacts and whatsapp chats, because stupid me, everything is saved on the internal storage

  78. flashingn00b says:

    This saved my fucking life!

    None of the guides mentioned that I needed on the device before flashing TWRP!

    I was stuck in a bootloop =/

    I love you sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Korea No. 1

  79. Kingsley Lawrence says:

    my samsung note 8 is stock on same screen (no os installed) i have done everything like you did but it didn’t work… please help me thanks and God bless

  80. MyBossTV says:

    I have an Android TV box with Android 7.0 from a small vendor (BossTV) from Hong Kong. I have a bunch of stuff loaded and it was loading with low memory several times until one day it won’t load up except in the loading screen. The display on the front panel displays all the LED that’s available and won’t accept the infrared control to turn on or off.

    Anyway, I tried loading the TV box with a USB data cable. Windows 10 will sound that there is an unknown USB device but once the TV box boots to the loading screen where it is stuck, Windows 10 will sound that the device is removed. So, I put a pin into the reset and then try booting up the TV box with connected to the USB data cable. Windows 10 recognizes the USB device, however, the TV Box has no display. This occurs if I connect the power source with the reset pin pressed and connected to HDMI to the TV – there’s nothing booting. However, with it connected to the Windows 10, the Device Manager will have an unknown device which has the ADB Interface driver attached. I tried using the Fastboot command to detect the devices, but none are found. No matter if I have the reset pressed or not and connect the TV Box connected via USB to a Windows 10 computer, there is no recognition of the device or no connection to the TV box.

    Please help.

  81. Reasco says:

    hi i have a gtel A705s stuck on boot screen will will the above method work for my phone

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