LG V20 Camera Test! (Bokeh & Gimbal, Microphone) [Vlog #2]


In this second VLOG, we test out the bokeh abilities of the LG V20’s back camera, stability using its OIS and with a Feiyu G4 Pro gimbal, and also maximize the microphone abilities using its directional mode along with wind filter.

We should have a full test of its video manual mode soon, which is probably one of the best features of LG V20.

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  1. Mike says:

    I would strongly recommend against getting an LG V20 H990ds (International dual sim)
    LG for some idiotic reason doesn’t allow unlocking bootloader.
    There are a few forums on how to do it, thanks to some fantastic work and persistence from emdroidle on XDA-developers.com But still complicated and a few bugs on it.
    I think if LG doesn’t change their ways I’m going to choose not to purchase another LG product until the world is flooded in urin and they have the only device that can keep me alive.

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