Download Android 4.4.4 Gapps!

For those of you installing Android 4.4.4 AOSP ROMs (What is AOSP?), here’s a list of Gapps you can download and should work with any Android 4.4.4 custom ROMs.

If you have an older device, use “micro” version and if you have one of the newer devices (less than 2 years old), then use the “stock” version.

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Download Android 4.4.4 Gapps [Stock]

Download Android 4.4.4 Gapps [Micro]

Also if you need older Gapps:

Download Android 4.4.3 Gapps

Download Android 4.4.2 Gapps

The Stock Android 4.4.4 Gapps includes all default Google apps found on Nexus device including:

  • Google Gallery
  • Sun Beam Live Wallpaper
  • Chrome Browser (replaces stock AOSP Browser)
  • Cloud Print
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Google Calendar (replaces stock AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Camera (replaces stockAOSP Camera)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Earth
  • Google Keep
  • Google Now Launcher (replaces stock AOSP Launcher)
  • Google Text-to-Speech (replaces stock AOSP Pico TTS)
  • Google Keyboard (replaces stock AOSP Keyboard)
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Movies
  • Google Play services
  • Google Search
  • Google Wallet
  • Hangouts (replaces stock AOSP SMS App)
  • Maps
  • Quickoffice
  • Sound Search for Google Play
  • Street View on Google Maps
  • TalkBack
  • YouTube app


If you don’t need all of the Google apps, just want the minimal number of apps, you can install the Micro package which includes the following apps:

  • Google Play Store
  • Google Bookmarks Sync
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar (replaces stock AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Google Play services
  • Google Search
  • Google Text-to-Speech

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    My note 2(7100) is on 4.4.4 with CyanogenMod 11 but gapps keeps on crashing.I would like to install OnePlusOne so can I use Philz 6.0.4. And do I do full wipe/reset and davilk cache while installing OnePlus…?

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    hey max .had another inquiry for ya about the gummy ROM,its not allowing me to use my swiftkey app for mla keyboard..any thoughts? first ROM in ..well…forever I’ve seen that doesnt allow it.

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    Have the Sprint Galaxy note 4. Rooted it and ran this hotspot app all in less 15 mins. Works great. So much easier than my note 3 last year. GOOD LUCK

  • Darrin

    Have the Sprint Galaxy note 4. Rooted it and ran this hotspot app all in less 15 mins. Works great. So much easier than my note 3 last year. GOOD LUCK..OOPS GOT SO EXCITED I POSTED ON THE WRONG BOX… this refers to the Xposed installer and then the hotspot/tether app

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    Please, I need step by step in which to perform the installation and what I need in order to have efficient performance of my tablet. Thanks

  • Donald Grabill

    I am a senior and I bought a used Rooted Note 3 with Galaxy s5 operating system. BTW, I really like my phone. When I turn my phone on, a Safestrap screen comes up with a choice of “Recovery” or “Continue”. I ignore it and go on and everything works but the “Screen Mirror” option. I bought an ALLshare Cast hub and everything works OK except my phone won’t connect. I have Android 4.4.2. Can I load 4.4.4 into my cell phone and will it take it? Any suggestions. Thanks, Don

  • MhikeiMPC

    Any device that has stock android or it might work on your android but idk why it didn’t come with Google apps preinstalled? But if you DO have play store, then look for Google play services on there.

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