Magisk! – How to Play Pokemon Go on Rooted Android!


With latest Pokemon Go update version 0.37.0, you will not be able to play the game with a rooted Android device.

Instead, what you will get is the following message or it will simply not let you log into the game.


There is a simple fix for this and works for most Android smartphone or tablets out there by using Magisk.

Magisk is a magical little tool that allows you to disable root to play Pokemon Go or even use Android Pay on a rooted Android device.

Now, this will work on most Android devices but please do MAKE A BACKUP of EVERYTHING beforehand.  You may end up in a bootloop or have to try multiple times to get it working correctly!

The best way is to start fresh so we will do a factory reset but if you want to do a dirty flash, MAKE A BACKUP ROM!

Step 1. Download the 3 files you will need, Magisk ZIP file, Magisk SuperSU ZIP file, and Magisk Manager APK.


Download Magisk Manager APK

Download Magisk ZIP

Download Magisk SuperSU ZIP


Step 2. Reboot into TWRP or CWM recovery and do a factory reset.  THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR APPS and SETTINGS but not contents of your internal storage.



Step 3. Tap on “Install”.


Step 4. Tap on Magisk ZIP file.


Step 5. Tap on “Add more Zips”.


Step 6. Tap on SuperSU Magisk ZIP file.


Step 7. Swipe to flash the files.


Step 8. Reboot system.


Step 9. Once booted, sign in.


Step 10. Install Magisk Manager APK using ES File Explorer.


Step 11. Launch Magisk Manager app and it should look like following, which means root is enabled.


Step 12. Anytime you want to play Pokemon Go or use Android Pay, toggle the Root and turn it off.

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  • Raphael

    I tried using MAGISK but when I click to “root toggle” off, it does not leave, back to active.
    what could be done to toggle off the root magisk?

    • GMrMadrigal

      Get into SUperSu and grant access to Magisk Manager. Then it will works.

  • nart daungsing

    how to go step 2

    • ViolentPeaceTreaty

      You need custom recovery. TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). You have to flash to device in download mode via odin. If none of these ring any bells do some research. 😀

  • Asif

    Does it work on custom roms??

  • cazz2

    Do I have to reinstall xposed and it’s modules like framework?

    • ViolentPeaceTreaty

      There is a systemless version of xposed for systemless root. Links can be found in Magisk thread.

  • Deazmont

    Does it works on locked bootloader?

  • Ana Paula

    does it work in bluestacks?

  • Greg Sithole

    Nope.. I quit Pokemon Go! No willing to do this crap!

  • MAJ for SuperSU 2.78 ?

  • Frank Quiroz

    the touchscreen of my moto x (1gen) doesnt work after do this any help?

  • John Francis Gamao

    I am using a Phronesis custom rom for note 3. I have done the steps 1-8. Apparently, my phone wont boot. Anyone knows the fix for this?

  • Ed

    Looks like this just turns off the root so you can play Pokemon. Is there a way to just hide the root so we can still use GPS spoofing?

    • Soumik Pal

      Make the gps app a system app then toggle off root.

  • Miguel torres

    does not start the Galaxy S6 edge. Android 6.0.1, after installing this Magisk. Summary not served.

  • kreedy_pirates

    is magisk work on android 4.4.4?

  • Santiago Camargo Herrera

    plz help me, twrp fails everytime I try to flash magisk 🙁 , what can I do?

  • André Ferreira

    Anyone knows how to use magisk in 4.4.4 (kit kat) or other way to play pokemon go 0.37 in samsung galaxy grand neo plus rooted?
    plz help

    P.s- No compatible or original rom superior for that model… 🙁

  • Marek Jakuš

    I have Xiaomi redmi 3 and i cant tap “wipe” from step 2, i have only “recovery” “fastboot” and “download” there, what should i do please?

  • Ronald Allan Go

    make it work on bluestacks please. TY in advance. :/

  • Eiran Cikgu Low

    installing magisk causes my camera not to work…
    so had to uninstall magisk and just wondering if there is anything else that can be done

  • Mark Acapulco

    This no longer works. Is there an update?

  • haresh sundar

    How to to turn off root in v3.1 magisk manager