LG G3 Review!


The LG G3 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor at 2.5Ghz with 3GB of memory. This is on-par with Galaxy S5, which has same processor but less memory.  For storage of your apps, photo, videos, and other personal files 32GB of storage is provided as internal storage and up to 128GB of storage via its microSD card slot.

Battery is rated at 3000mAh, that’s slightly bigger than 2800mAh on the Galaxy S5 and slightly smaller than 3200mAh on the Galaxy Note 3.   With a whopping 5.5-inch display, the LG G3 is considered in the “phablet” class along with Note 3, which has slightly bigger 5.7-inch screen.

So how “BIG” is LG G3 compared to the rest of flagship phones on the market today?


The LG G3 is slightly wider and slightly shorter than the Galaxy S5. It is slightly thicker than the Galaxy S5 but it certainly “feels” much thinner and better due to its curved design.  Compared to the Note 3, LG G3 is slightly narrower and much shorter than the Note 3. LG G3 is also slightly thicker than the Note 3 but again, it feels thinner due to its curviness on the edges.


In other words, it’s like sexy booty vs. thin and boring.


LG G3 is slightly shorter and much wider than the HTC One. LG G3 is slightly thinner than the HTC One, and the feel is very similar to the HTC One. I would say the feel thang is awfully close between these two phones.   What I like most about the LG G3 is the design and feels, specifically how it looks and feels in your hands.


LG G3 touts one of the biggest edge-to-edge screens with the LCD covering most of the phone. Also, soft buttons are implemented, resulting in ultra-thin bevels.  Also the LG G3 touts the highest pixel density in the smartphone world right now with 2560×1440 resolution, or also called “1440P”, that’s about 4 times more pixels than a 1080P screen.

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Max Lee

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  1. Nick Summy says:

    Worst review ever. Did a freshman in high school write this for journalism class? I especially like the quote “upon trying myself”

    • Max Lee says:

      This is a transcript of what i said though, not a full written review. I m not a writer i admit but it helps people who cant even read english translate into their language via google.

      • digital | epitome says:

        Ignore the shameless bash attempt. Your reviews and tips are awesome, Max! Thanks for taking the time to review the G3. I get a lot out of your site!

  2. shankar singh says:

    trying myself for download because my play service not working.

  3. Vincent Valentine says:

    Nice review! I really enjoyed watching your reviews on youtube about rooting and roms.

    What about LG G Flex? I’d certainly want to have a review about that!

  4. dave says:

    thanks for the lg reviews i was a long time samsung guy but i love my lg g3