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Apart from all the excellent Moto Mods, the Moto Z and Z Force fairs well with excellent performance and UI rivaling Nexus smartphones without much lag and exceptionally fast speed.   Fingerprint sensor is also one of the fastest I’ve tried and it is much faster than my Galaxy S7 Edge/Note 7.  As for camera, Moto Z offers 13MP F1.8 back camera while Z Fore offers 21MP F1.8 back camera.  Back camera performance keeps up with the best flagships for both photos and videos while front camera is average.  If you need excellent selfies in low-light, you may want to look elsewhere although with the front flash, you may be able to get away.

This is also the first flagship smartphone to not include a headphone jack. (Sorry I don’t consider LeEco or Oppo brands as flagships yet.)  Yes, iPhone 7 wasn’t the first.  This is one feature I don’t like about the Moto Z but you may get used to it.

Overall, Moto Z line of smartphones are very impressive, definitely on another level from LG’s try at modular smartphones with LG G5.  If you are going to pick one up, definitely try to get a bundle deal with a few modules or at the very least grab the battery module.

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