Android Wear Review! [LG G Watch & Gear Live]


Well for those of you pondering what these watches are like, let me give you the low down on specs for those of you tech noobs.  The LG G watch features 280×280 pixel LCD IPS screen and 400mAh battery while Gear Live feature 320×320 piexl Super AMOLED screen.  To the naked eye, both screens look fairly decent. Gear live is obviously slightly more clearer but I don’t really see any advantages as the pixel difference is not to huge.

Battery life?

Battery life is excellent on both G Watch and Live Gear.  I can do pretty much go full day from 8am until the next morning with a hangover and still have around 20% of battery left.  Definitely, you will be able to use it for full 24 hours no problem.  The G Watch seems to get slightly better battery life as the lower resolution and bigger battery helps but again, both watches do a good full day without needing for a recharge.

Is Android Wear useless?

It’s in the eyes of beholder.  Without a doubt, Android wear watches are 10 times better than any regular digital/analog watches because you can change the watch face; make it digital or analog or even animated with custom backgrounds.  Android Wear watches are great for checking emails in situations where u r not allowed to use smartphone such as… at the doctor’s office, in an important corporate meeting, or even while on an important call.

One of my favorite features is reading SMS.  My phones shows the first few words of a text message.  I would have to swipe my notification bar, then click on my Google Voice or SMS app to actually see the full message.

With Android Wear watches, you can get the full SMS message easily just taking a quick peek at your watch, without taking your phone out.  This is great since you can still receive important or emergency messages even if you are in a corporate meeting with your boss talking about something important or perhaps just walking your dog.

Future of watches?

If you like wearing watches, this is definitely the future of watches. There may be a day we no longer use traditional analog/digital watches just like we don’t use landlines anymore. Everybody has a cellphone.

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Max Lee

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1 Response

  1. Efrain says:

    Hey I agree with your review!, I have the Gear Live and absolutely love it, there are new apps out almost every day and the functionality is getting bigger and bigger. And also love people always asking about it when they see it!!
    High on Android Wear too!